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ABC News U.S. 2013/02/13 03:23:47
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President Obama in his State of the Union address on Tuesday night spoke confidently about what he expects to accomplish his second term, but how he described job creation and a showdown with Congress over automatic sequester cuts in the budget took some economists by surprise.

"The most politically significant part of the address concerned the upcoming showdowns on the fiscal cliff, continued funding of the government and debt ceiling," said Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor during the Clinton administration and Chancellor's Professor of Public Policy at the University of California at Berkeley. "On these, it wasn't so much what the president said -- his calls for cooperation were non-partisan -- but his implicit threat that if Republicans play games of brinksmanship on any of these, he will call them on it, and has the power to get the public behind him."


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  • aguster 2013/02/13 04:11:48
    I did not vote for Obama and hated it.
    It made me sick...Freeloaders clearly loved it! How wonderful for all freeloaders!

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  • J.MaisOui 2013/03/03 06:13:06
    I did not vote for Obama and hated it.
    -Has he learned that we don't have over 57 states yet-??? He never fails to disappoint.
  • NICKI 2013/03/02 08:53:45
    I did not vote for Obama and hated it.
    i did not vote for him and i hated it
  • Frank 2013/02/28 22:25:13
    I did not vote for Obama and hated it.
    Lets just say I don't think Obama likes white people to well, just my opinion, Oh, and I don't think his wife does either. Just a feeling I have watching and listening to them............
  • Sam 2013/02/24 23:28:09 (edited)
    I did not vote for Obama and hated it.
    Frankly ... its the same speech he gave in 2008 with the updated English. Though i am sure most right wingers were watching Sienfield or Wings or even WWE. Spending time eating popcorn and being with family.
    Me- I got desperate and lonely so i chose to watch your speech. Then i threw up after 10-15 minutes of it.
    I am sorry Mr. President...i cannot and have not claimed to be a fan of yours.You bullied Republicans around for two long years. You are incapable of compromise. You know why that is...your a liberal.
    Plus you like doing everything for me.I see no job creation. I have been looking and looking and turning application...after application...praying to. Apparently God is a good Republican...and really lets talk about your choice in Vice President...him again?
    You would have been better off chosing Hilary Clinton...at least i can take her serious.Mr. President Mr. President making promises and not keeping them....Your worse far worse then even Hugo Chavez and that is no compliment. You need to run cuba not America..you don't care about us white americans at all.
  • Pecos Sal 2013/02/21 22:05:58
    I did not vote for Obama and hated it.
    Pecos Sal
    He always talks on both sides of his lips; 1) there is NOT tax loophole for business moving over seas 2) ALL spendin and government programs add to the debt 3)ALL government spending prolongs the "lack of growth" in the GDP 4) Affordable energy helps conomy growth, a tax on energy Stops growth, and harms the poor making all essential more expensive. 5) None of the programs have been cut a penny, if he is going to cut services it is his own doing. 6) Minimum Wage is so he can collect MORE taxes from the poor, REMEMBER FICA, is a percentage of everyone working.
  • Mamaknows 2013/02/15 19:48:44
    I did not vote for Obama and hated it.
    If they want to help the US citizens that is not what they should be up to BUT with those people it's just what they plan to SHOVE down peoples throats and they could care less if it's constitutional...or what people need/want.
  • Not A Crybaby Richard <3Fre... 2013/02/15 17:46:46 (edited)
    I did not vote for Obama but he made some good points.
    Not A Crybaby Richard <3Freedom!
    He barely made any good points but I think people don't need to have 3 jobs to keep themselves alive.

    That's why I think raising the minimum income is fine.

    But I'm sure he was just lying again, like he always does!
  • Princess 2013/02/15 14:39:30
    I did not vote for Obama and hated it.
    More political rhetoric from the biggest POS on the planet earth.
  • jdemme 2013/02/15 04:01:38
  • BornToBeWild 2013/02/15 03:57:56 (edited)
    I did not vote for Obama and hated it.
    All I hear is the same-o Obamagate blah blah blah! And as for his Gun Control BS...funny how he supports selling them to his brotherhood and foreigners but wants to ban Americans! Just who's side is he really on?
  • MissAshley BornToB... 2013/02/15 14:07:16
    Just like Hitler, disarming the people
  • Diana 2013/02/15 02:40:50
    I did not vote for Obama and hated it.
    I'm still waiting for him to accomplish what he promised in his first term.Now he promised to build roads and bridges to put people back to work.Most Americans are not construction workers.I would have been happy,if he made a New Years resolution
    not to lie anymore.
  • CKarliner 2013/02/15 02:20:17
    I did not vote for Obama and hated it.
    Obama sucked. he's no messiah, no leader, just an empty chair fools and cools think is bitchin' cause his mom jeans looks so hot on him.
  • Boyosemu 2013/02/15 02:13:47
    I did not vote for Obama and hated it.
    Raising the minimum wages to 9 dollars, sounds great but Americans once again FAILED to look at the bigger picture like they always do. Bigger business, this won't be a much of a problem but this would hurt smaller businesses. They have to work to make payroll and when they can't pay their employees they fire them and can't hire people either. HE KNOWS THIS WON'T PASS CONGRESS! OH HE KNOWS, HE'S NOT DUMB! HE'S KNOWS! but yet in his speech was like "when it's on my desk I'll pass it right away!" It's another set up to make him look like he's for the American public when he's not. He's manipulating the American public, he's doing things to please people so that people would love him and it's working. This is a set up. When Congress doesn't pass it, which he knew the chances of it being passed is slim, he's going to blame Congress and the republicans. The republicans would be in the hot seat and will have compromise and negotiate with Obama. He wins again by manipulation.
  • DDogbreath 2013/02/15 02:07:48 (edited)
    I did not vote for Obama and hated it.
    He is a full of crap as ever, no surprises here.

    Full of crap Obama
  • Ryan Young 2013/02/15 01:59:09
    I did not vote for Obama and hated it.
    Ryan Young
    Obama is a man of pathetic moral value, most likely caused by his poor upbringing. He lies, cheats, and steals from the American public while in the process fooling some of the most hypocritical consumerist fools who barely have enough brain cells left to kill. I'd say that if we look back we can relate this to another time in history. It was the 1930's in Germany. A magnificent orator with a vision manifested in hatred and intolerance wanted to be supreme ruler of a dying German people. And these people so despaired were willing to believe anything. These people submitted themselves to a man who killed 7,000,000 innocent human being, of them were men, women, and children, and in the most gruesome and horrifying of ways. This is the damage blind faith can do. And this is the damage that will be done if the true patriots of this nation do not take the reigns of the government from the hands of the corrupt. You may read this and agree with me, but you are just as guilty as the liberal cockroach is you do not act upon this call to defense. Your Liberties are at stake. Go and take them back.
  • CKarliner Ryan Young 2013/02/15 02:21:01
    Nice, couldn't have written better.
  • Angus 2013/02/15 00:32:19
    I did not vote for Obama and hated it.
    The State of Confusion address given by Dictator Obama just proofed how disconnected this fraud is from reality. How does this moron expect to fund his 29 new programs? In addition, there was not one piece of fact in his teleprompter recital. Just left wing, socialist rhetoric, class warfare and lies. And to see that his minions still believe everything he says just shows what happens when one replaces his/ her brain with Obama Kool Aid.
  • A Carpenter 2013/02/14 23:43:49
    I did not vote for Obama and hated it.
    A Carpenter
    such an unimaginative list of answers.
    I Tried ........ again, to listen to the state of the union address, and I heard the same used car pitch this time as i have heard every time.
    I tuned out after 30 minutes of him telling us how we just needed to pony up more tax dollars and everything will be alright as soon as the evil rich and the republicans stop opposing my divine will!

    Bush on his worst day never sounded that arrogant.
  • johnc 2013/02/14 23:07:36
    I did not vote for Obama and hated it.
    I did not vote for Obie, but hate is exclusive to the left, Obama thrill between the legs followers.

    I heard the same empty words, from the empty man, in the empty suit. Too bad, he owes so much to his bundlers and demands we pay for his payback, I see he is still anal about pouring more $$$ down the green energy septic tank, where he big doners are.
  • Jackie G - Poker Playing Pa... 2013/02/14 21:28:02 (edited)
    I'm a disappointed Obama voter.
    Jackie G - Poker Playing Patriot

    Delivery, as usual, very good. Substance - zip. AP fact checked and found him wanting on several 'points" (some might say lies, some might say distortions ) AP kindly called it cherry picking.

  • johnc Jackie ... 2013/02/14 23:08:44
    I call it Obamaism , very dishonest, very destructive
  • CoinOperatedJoy 2013/02/14 21:27:33
    I'm an Obama voter and loved it.
    Fantastic! Just...Fantastic! I'm so proud of our president. :o)
  • hippycat CoinOpe... 2013/02/14 21:43:39
  • Bill hippycat 2013/02/14 22:21:04
    He would have been dead already if they were truly out there. People are mad and upset but not willing to kill. It would be UN-AMERICAN to do that.
  • hippycat Bill 2013/02/14 22:53:42
  • johnc hippycat 2013/02/14 23:23:47
    One of Obies followers, admires was killing police, and children of police, cannot follow the dots to what you wrote about the NRA, but we do know in Wednesday Feb 13, 2013 one of obies personally ordered drone stikes killed 10 children, now that is scary, Hippycat should be concerned that Obie might decide, since he declared himself judge jury and executioner that you should die.
    be careful when Obie says he has yo back, you might want to reconsider, so far his record is not so good there,
    Have to admit while the economy is in the tank, the debt increasing by $6,000,000,000,000, unemployment new norm 8% he did demand others pay for the Fluke things 3 condom a day habit. what a dude.
  • hippycat johnc 2013/02/14 23:30:27
  • johnc hippycat 2013/02/14 23:32:40
    you are idiot enough, thanks for confirming that. glad you understand what you are.

  • hippycat johnc 2013/02/14 23:35:31
  • johnc hippycat 2013/02/14 23:36:05
    dis be yo daddy?
  • hippycat johnc 2013/02/15 00:11:16
  • johnc hippycat 2013/02/15 01:33:19
    read the weather underground manifest. weather underground of the 60 headed by Billy Ayers. Now we know Obie claims billy the bomber ayers was just a guy in the hood and thier children went to school together. In billy the bombers manifest, (billy Ayers home is where Obie held his first political event. . just a guy in the hood? thier children went to school together,? do you know how old billy the bombers ayers kids are? how old Obies are? and I am sure you bought into that. when you described yo self to be an idiot, I have to agree with you. I do not recall mentioning internment camps. but since you brought it up. Billy the bomber, aka: Obama advisor and mentor , his manifest calls for iternment of Americans that needed reinstruction, it calculates that up to 30,000,000 would not conform and would have to be murdered. read it, see who Obama hangs with, remember in 08 he said to judge him by the company he keeps. who in the crowd did you like?
  • Angus hippycat 2013/02/15 00:43:51
    Boy oh boy. How about putting up some actual proof?
  • hippycat Angus 2013/02/15 00:48:24
  • Angus hippycat 2013/02/15 00:53:59
    You need to do better than that. You have to include links for your sources so one can actually verify their legitimacy.
  • hippycat Angus 2013/02/15 01:01:02
  • hippycat Angus 2013/02/15 01:02:02
  • Angus hippycat 2013/02/19 16:51:52
    I see that people

  • Prettie... hippycat 2013/02/15 05:19:46
    Sorry but I don't believe your story. That does not sound like something anyone from the NRA would say. Do you have something legtimate to back up this claim?
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