What did Obama know and when did he know it as it pertains to Fast and Furious?

CCRNRT 2012/06/22 00:06:21
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office suggested Obama's assertion of executive privilege indicates
that the president himself may have known about Fast and Furious,
because the privilege applies only when the president has direct
involvement in the matter. Obama has denied knowing about the operation,
in which U.S. agents allowed thousands of guns to be sold across the
Mexican border.

Boehner's office noted that the courts could still reject Obama's assertion of privilege.

"The White House spinners face a difficult choice," a Boehner aide said. "Either this privilege claim
is a specious political stunt that the courts will reject, or top White
House aides were involved either in Fast and Furious itself or the
cover-up. Not a good choice."


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  • Balladeer-PWCM-POTL 2012/06/22 05:00:03
    He was probably involve during the planning stages
    given the track record of THIS admin he was there at the start
  • CCRNRT Ballade... 2012/06/22 05:02:14
    I believe that
  • Jester M.S. 2012/06/22 00:10:17
    None of the above
    Jester M.S.
    I have been giving this a great deal of thought of late, and have come to some of the same conclusions that you have. The Nixonian styled rebuffs used by the administration seems to suggest that somebody that frequents the President's inner circle, or the president himself, had a direct role in the events. They will likely do everything in their power to prevent this from being public knowledge (especially with the election right around the corner).
  • CCRNRT Jester ... 2012/06/22 00:14:16
    I really believe the it escalates to the oval Office at some point.
  • Jester ... CCRNRT 2012/06/22 00:24:06
    Jester M.S.
    I think the cursory evidence certainly points in that direction. I am trained investigator, both by education and experience, and this raises several red flags that are impossible to ignore.
  • CCRNRT Jester ... 2012/06/22 00:25:59
    It definitely does

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