What did God make on the 6th day of Creation in the Bible?

chosenone 2010/01/25 23:48:39
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Man and Beast were made at the same time. What was made on the 6th day of Creation do you know?
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  • The Winter Sodahead 2010/01/26 01:52:35
    Her view
    The Winter Sodahead
    it didn't happen
  • flaca BN-0 2010/01/26 00:26:28
    Her view
    flaca BN-0
    I'm still trying to figure out when the dinosaurs came in.
  • sonofason flaca BN-0 2010/01/26 01:31:54
    The dinosaurs were likely among the beasts as described in genesis.
  • flaca BN-0 sonofason 2010/01/26 02:36:56
    flaca BN-0
    it sounds like the cattle were created on the same day as the dinosaurs though, which is confusing since they came in different geological periods.
  • sonofason flaca BN-0 2010/01/26 02:39:30
    Yes, it was the same day. It was the "day" God created cattle and dinosaurs. Do you remember the "day" when you were a child?
  • flaca BN-0 sonofason 2010/01/26 02:42:11 (edited)
    flaca BN-0
    i wonder what the word "day" meant in the bible. not the time it takes to spin on the axis like it does now then? but then maybe the 3 "days" it took for Jesus to be resurrected was actually thousands of years, or even millions of years, like the number of days between dinosaurs and cattle?
  • sonofason flaca BN-0 2010/01/26 02:43:47
    I doubt it, but you never know. It seems to me that a God could create a world in the middle of time if he so chooses.
  • WGN sonofason 2010/01/26 03:14:27
    Theoretically, according to literal bible believers, time started when God created the world, so, he/she/it could not have created it in the "middle of time" because time did not yet exist.
    But time is, and always shall be, even when we are not here to put our measurement on it.
  • sonofason WGN 2010/01/26 03:20:51
    If a universe can come into existence, it can go out of existence. If there is nothing in a universe, there is nothing to compare anything to, for as you know, via Einsteins theory of relativity, that time is dependent on existing things. It is relative. If it is relative to nothing, then it is nothing.
  • WGN sonofason 2010/01/26 13:04:30
    And nothing then exists, but time.

    BUT what if the universe has always existed and wasn't "created". Just expanding and contracting over time?
  • sonofason WGN 2010/01/27 02:02:31
    You mean kinda like a heart beat. Wow, maybe there is a God.
  • WGN sonofason 2010/01/27 03:58:49
    And maybe there's just a universe!
  • sonofason WGN 2010/01/27 12:10:09
    Why not? I thank the all knowing God of the universe for creating the elements and all life. And I thank Him for His grace, especially in that He gave His only begotten Son Jesus Christ to save us from our sins, and that whosoever believes in Him might have everlasting life through Him. Praise the Universe? Could we please give this universe a name that I might pray to Him at a personal level? It seems a bit cold to simply call God a universe, when He is so much more. There are things in this universe which you know nothing of. There are things which exist outside this universe. One of these things I have within me, which is the Holy Spirit of the universe, which if understood more correctly, is the spirit of God. You do not perceive it because it is not found within the bounds of this universe, nor is it contained within the boundaries of time.
  • WGN sonofason 2010/01/27 12:58:33
    Not quite, I perceive the "spirit of the word of god". For me it is almost a Jungian concept of a universal unconscience that connects all of humanity. But it not necessarily "God", in the common concept, driven.
    AND, of course there are many things that I am not sure of and donot know but I do know what I know.
  • sonofason WGN 2010/01/29 03:51:15
    Make up your mind. Either you believe in God or you do not.
  • WGN sonofason 2010/01/30 02:04:57
    Yes, I do believe in God, but not in the conventional way that you probably do.
    And don't go telling me that there is only one true God and he/she/it is as you perceive him/her/it to be.
  • sonofason WGN 2010/01/30 16:06:36
    So then, if you do not believe in the "conventional way"(whatever way that is) that I probably do, does that mean that you think I have no relationship with God? Do you think God so weak that He can be conformed to the constructs of any particular man? When I tell you that the Holy Spirit is in me, do you think I am lying because this conventional experience of mine is not shared by you, or is it shared by you?
  • WGN sonofason 2010/01/31 03:00:30
    I am a metaphorical/historical interpreter of the bible, (all of the stories have/had a purpose to the time, place and people who wrote them, but they are not the word of God).
    I believe that a God spirit connects all humans.
    I believe in the human values as taught by Jesus.
    I don't believe in religious dogma.
    I don't believe in creationism by a higher power.
    I believe that the God spirit influences people's lives, but does interfere on a micro or macro level.
    I have read the bible(s)[many different versions] many times both from a spiritual point of view and from the point of view as literature.
    AND, I have come to the conclusion that the God of the old testament was a construct of man. (God created in man's image, because that was the only intelligent image man knew.
  • sonofason WGN 2010/01/31 14:14:46
    No Creator?
    No Christ?
    No Salvation!!!
  • WGN sonofason 2010/01/31 18:30:07
    Wrong, that is only one christian view. You see where the heart of my question lies. You have a construct of what it means to be a christian, but not a definition that fits all.

    And while your definition works for you, it does not work for everybody.
    And yes, there was Jesus, a christ. Christ means "anointed one" and Jesus was one of many anointed ones through out the centuries.

    Salvation, of course that depends on your definition of what salvation means.

    For some, having a pure heart, loving thy neighbor as thyself, and loving YOUR god with all YOUR heart, and all YOUR soul and MIND is enough for salvation.

    I fear that you have a very limited and narrow approach to what the term christian means.
  • sonofason WGN 2010/01/31 18:42:02
    Sorry friend, there is only one Christian view. The object is not to find a definition that fits the needs of all people, but all people must follow the definition as it is given by our Lord Jesus Christ. Salvation is made available to everyone, but not everyone shall be saved. It seems you would like a definition of salvation and God that can be molded to suite the needs of each individual as they themselves see fit for their own salvation, a definition which can be conformed to their own lives instead of a necessity to conform your life to the will of God which is quite clearly stated in the bible, and by the words of God's Son Jesus Christ.
  • WGN sonofason 2010/02/01 13:26:02 (edited)
    Sorry, It is not that I mold my views to suit anything. It is that I, and many others, have a different christian faith then you do, and you can't accept that.

    St. Augustine, catholic 354-430 c.e. said it best.
    "There is nothing new about christianity. In its purest form, it has been practiced by the pagans long before Jesus was born."

    Of course he was talking about small "c" christianity. meaning that the teachings, of what we call christian values, has been in existence since man first appeared on this eaarth (the first Adam, the first chapter of Genesis, creation story).

    What we know of as the current christian religion comes out of the hebrew faith and the second Adam (Genesis Chapter 2, Adam and Eve, original sin, etc. creation story). Hence, from that point foward, there is a need for salvation. But original man was not burdened with that sin and lived with his fellow man in what we now call "christian values" before there was a christ to give rise to the term.

    You still don't have a definition of "christian" that encompasses all "christian" faiths.

    There are many that do not believe as you do, and saying that there is only one, and it is as you believe, is really "unchristian".
  • sonofason WGN 2010/02/02 03:12:22
    A Christian is "a follower of Christ" You either believe He was resurrected or you don"t. You either believe He is going to return to gather His own unto Himself, or you don't. Of course being a follower of Christ includes living with "Christian values", but it means much more. You either believe everything He said, or you don't.
  • WGN sonofason 2010/02/02 13:19:26
    I, and many others disagree most strongly with your narrow interpretation of christian.
    If what you claim of christianity is true, then you would also believe that jihad (holy war) has to be believed by all muslums- it isn't.
    Unitarianism is a christian sect yet does not follow your definition. My church is christian, but does not believe exactly as you do.
    "Christ", as the root word of christian, means "anointed one". Jesus was just one "christ" among many throughout history.
    Christianity is not just bout Jesus, a "christ", but about how man treats man and man's relationship with God.
  • sonofason WGN 2010/02/03 01:36:42
    Jesus said that no one comes to the Father except by Him. You can preach Islam all you want, and in the end, you will stand before Christ, and He will decide your fate. You speak as if I care what a Muslim believes or ought to believe. No Muslim is the only begotten son of God. And you are wrong. Christianity is all about Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the only Hope of Salvation for the whole world. If you follow Christ, you will treat your fellow man with love and kindness. If you follow Christ, you will automatically have a relationship with God.
  • WGN sonofason 2010/02/03 01:52:04
    Just because Jesus said it doesn't make it true.
    The bible was never meant to be taken literally.

    My comparison on one definition of "christian" and on one definition of "islam" still stands. There are many sects and branches who are christian and who don't believe as you do. This doesn't make them wrong or you wrong, just different.

    I think that you are afraid to look at anything which might shake your narrow view of "your" definition of christianity. Leaders of the "church" since the time of the counsel of Nicea have known, and used, what I've been talking about.
    It is in the common history of the "christian" religion.

    I will not be replying to any more of your posts because, at the moment, I haven't got the time to pull up hundreds of references for you which you wouldn't read anyway.

  • sonofason WGN 2010/02/03 02:21:49
    If you do not follow Jesus, you are not a Christian.
  • sonofason WGN 2010/02/03 02:24:12
    St. Augustine is awesome. St. John of the Cross is awesome. Send me anything you like. Perhaps you could show me some reference where St. Augustine denies that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.
  • WGN sonofason 2010/01/26 03:15:19
    Time is a constant, only our perception of time is different, based on a common reference point.
  • sonofason WGN 2010/01/26 03:21:47
    If there is no reference point, it does not exist.
  • sonofason flaca BN-0 2010/01/26 02:42:29
    You know, this planet has gone through many changes. God does not work from our time perspective. He exists apart from time. He was there before time began. He will be there when time no longer exists, if there ever is such a day. How long is a day without time?
  • WGN sonofason 2010/01/26 03:10:18
    Not so. Man's stories, even those from other parts of the Middle East, Sumerian, Assyrian, Indian, which predate the bible, give a different account of the ascent of man.
    The christian bible is only one of many religious texts. All claiming to be "true".
  • sonofason WGN 2010/01/26 03:23:06
    I did not say that there is not truth in other religious texts. Certainly there is. But I am content with the teachings of the bible. They have been faithful to me.
  • WGN flaca BN-0 2010/01/26 03:07:12
    About 5-20 million years before man evolved, into a smart enough (but not too smart) being, able to question where he came from and to make up stories to prove it.
  • sonofason WGN 2010/01/26 03:23:54
    They did not make up stories. They described their existence as best they could.
  • Mrs. V WGN 2010/01/26 04:51:45
    Mrs. V
    It would've taken more like 100 Trillion years for any man to evolve into what he is. In other words it just didn't happen that way. Please think. Use your logic instead of letting yourself be told what to believe. Look at every single living creature on the face of the Earth. What do you SEE? How many eyes? Ears? Legs? Teeth? Fingers? Toes? Nostrils? Similar internal organs? Heart? Liver? Stomach? Intestines?
    Get the picture? There is a most intricate design.
    Now, given the gobbledegook they feed you in biology class, why is it that some animals don't have, say, 3, 5, or 10 eyes in varying locations of their body. IF, that is, eyes were just the evolution of some speck upon the body of a primordial creature?

    You just haven't done enough thinking my friend. The stories were handed down year upon year, generation upon generation until they were written down.
  • LinkX Mrs. V 2010/01/26 17:19:11
    Hmm, humans have two eyes, flies have dozens. Bats have superior ears then most animals. Some beasts are two legged, others are four legged. Sharks have multiple rows of teeth, dogs only have one row. Most beings don't have fingers. Some beasts have two toes, some three, some four, some five, some six. Different beasts have different nostrils. Cows internal organs allow them to eat grass, whereas dogs will vomit upon eating grass, due to differences in there internal organs. Some beasts have two hearts, just as some have one liver. Cows have five stomaches, while humans have one. (Sorry, don't know anything of the Intestines. :/ )

    These beings grew from other beings. In fact, archeologists have found the remains of ancient horses, when horses were the size of chickens. If there was intricate design, then why did your deity have to change horses so drastically?

    As for the eyes, why is it that humans have there eyes an inch or two apart, whereas birds have there eyes on opposing sides of there heads? Could it be that Humans need to be able to see distance, whereas birds need to see in front of them and behind them at the same time? This can only be attributed to an evolutionary trait.
  • Mrs. V LinkX 2010/01/26 19:27:00
    Mrs. V
    Actually Flies have 2 compound eyes. Look at the overall design and function. Actually dogs eat smooth grasses because they like it and rough grass to cause vomiting. Predator and Prey. Predators have eyes focused in front. Prey on the sides, these are well known facts. Once again, focus on design and function. No evolution here.
  • LinkX Mrs. V 2010/01/27 17:53:02
    No evolution? Design and function? Look at the world rather then a few tiny specs of it...
  • Mrs. V LinkX 2010/01/27 23:35:35
    Mrs. V
    Everything I see has the Fingerprints of a Loving Creator/GOD.

    No evolution!

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