What did Albert Einstein win the Nobel Prize for?

B 2007/07/04 22:16:27
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Albert Einstein won a Nobel Prize. I've found that *most* people don't know why he won it. I'm curious to see what fellow Sodaheads think is the reason!
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  • The Electrician 2008/11/11 15:38:28
    The Photo-electric Effect
    The Electrician
    1921 in Physics - Photo-electric effect to be specific ! Look it up. In 1905 He was reviewing a patent for a magnetic induction device and needed an explaination of how it worked and devised a theory E=MC2. The device is thought to be based on Nikola Tesla's work. Look up Tesla greatest inventor in the HISTORY OF MANKIND.
  • skeeter2 2008/11/07 10:45:17
    None of the above. He won it for ... (please comment)
    Physics. I didn not feel like writing everything out. Too early.
  • Delete 2008/03/19 03:23:40 (edited)
    The Theory of Relativity
    I got it wrong lol, photo-electric effect is the answer, but he is known best for his theory of relativity!

    The question is how many people looked it up before they answered lol!
  • sweetpeachie 2007/07/08 15:37:36
    I've no idea!
    An amazing man who hated school and got horrible grades. Unfortunately, I'm surprised if it's not Relativity. But then again, even without a nobel prize for all of them, that's a pretty broad range of accomplishments. A genius of a man.
  • Delete sweetpe... 2008/03/19 03:28:47
    Another thing that is funny is as smart as he trully was, he couldnt tie his own shoes lol!
  • The Ele... sweetpe... 2008/11/11 15:45:00
    The Electrician
    If you think He was something, You'll really apprieciate Nikola Tesla ! !
  • Joker 2... The Ele... 2008/12/04 20:59:47
    Joker 23 *I AM THE LAW*
    Tesla was great but I feel Einstein made bigger contributions to the physics world.
  • Kari 2007/07/08 02:53:51
    I've no idea!
    If I'm being completely honest, I don't have any clue!
  • Magzilla 2007/07/05 21:18:18
    The Theory of Relativity
    I think
  • jackrorabbit 2007/07/05 16:44:58
    The Photo-electric Effect
    But he deserved one for most of the others as well.
  • ddpd 2007/07/05 12:32:46
    The Photo-electric Effect
    I'm willing to bet you didn't think I knew that......:) He also came close to winning another in physics for his work with beans giving you gas....:-o
  • Ant~ All Woman All Amazing~ 2007/07/05 11:49:13
    The Photo-electric Effect
    Ant~ All Woman All Amazing~
    He actually was awarded it for his work on the photo-electric
    effect, which is a very obvious manifestation of the quantum
    nature of light (light comes in and electrons get ejected
    from a material). It was convincing prove, before quantum
    mechanics had even been developed, that light is in some
    sense quantized. Of course, he is remembered for his work
    on relativity and gravity, but that is what he got the Nobel
    prize for.

    Here is a little Lesa known fact:-
    There is a crater on the Moon named after Albert Einstein.
  • <--That... Ant~ Al... 2007/07/05 12:43:39
    <--That guy
    Oh yeah, that's right. He began his presentation by talking about the theory of relativity, but that wasn't the focus of his research.
  • shirlstermcg 2007/07/05 02:54:36
    The Photo-electric Effect
    Nobel prize in the Physics category, for his work in theorhetical physics but mostly for his discovery of the law of photoelectric effect. Good question.
  • spider_brad 2007/07/05 00:49:12
    None of the above. He won it for ... (please comment)
    Highest score on Frogger.

    I honestly didn't know that. Thought it was the Theory of Relativity. Didn't seem appropriate to give it to him for inventing the nuke.
  • RIC HARD 2007/07/05 00:19:18
    The Photo-electric Effect
    I cheated!
  • jackror... RIC HARD 2007/07/05 16:45:59
    Me too, I thought it was relativity.
  • RIC HARD jackror... 2007/07/06 20:58:09
    Me too.....
  • jackror... RIC HARD 2007/07/07 16:12:17
    BTW, I love the simpson fish much better as your ICON. I need to find
    one I like better than the happy face, but i haven't as of yet.
  • Ihr Hase ~ Radix Libertas 2007/07/05 00:15:38
    The Photo-electric Effect
    Ihr Hase ~ Radix Libertas
    I am a bounty of useless facts all strung together....

    1921... if I recall.....
  • The Ele... Ihr Has... 2008/11/11 15:49:15
    The Electrician
    Try Wikipedia
  • Juli 2007/07/04 23:08:07
    I've no idea!
    I actually don't know and I didn't want to cheat. I know he was extremely smart.
  • Cacheman 2007/07/04 22:42:17
    The Photo-electric Effect
    trivia doesn't really work for a poll. not with google on the next screen
  • Joey 2.0 2007/07/04 22:26:16
    The Photo-electric Effect
    Joey 2.0
    At least not for his hairstyle. *lol*
  • Regulus [99 - INSHALLAH] 2007/07/04 22:18:43
    The Photo-electric Effect
    Regulus [99 - INSHALLAH]

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