What are some benefits, if any, of central planning, in its varying degrees of application, on geographically large, densely populated and primarily industrialized societies like that of the United States?

behavioralcognivitist 2010/02/20 02:12:20
As always, explain your answers.
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  • paleale 2010/02/20 03:47:39
    The top 5 countries (Russia, Canada, China, USA, and Brazil) represent over 35% of the worlds land mass and roughly 33% of the worlds population. Russia, China, Brazil and Canada each practice a form of central planning. Judge for yourself how successful they are.

    The USA state governors have political power that is similiar to most prime ministers in the world. They create budgets, collect revenue, have state projects (bridges, roads, hydroelectric) set aside land for parks, create and enforce laws, etc.

    In essence, the USA is a society of governance that is a collection of central planners.

    So, given the USA system of governance, a better question might be: What is the maximum number of people that can be effectively governed by this type of central planning?
  • sweetpe... paleale 2010/02/20 15:09:05
    You would hold up China as a model to follow? Oh, my!
  • behavio... sweetpe... 2010/02/20 16:06:44
    He's asking a question, not pushing an agenda. China is a good example of central planning, however. Given that its economy is expanding so rapidly. It's capitalist central planning in a communist country.
  • sweetpe... behavio... 2010/02/21 01:59:59
    What question was he asking? PLEASE! Russia, China, Brazil and Canada, are you freaking kidding me??? I currently enjoy one of the highest standards of living in the world (BECAUSE WE ARE FREE) and you want me to look at how "successful" they are?? Either you are totally clueless OR you have an agenda! Which is it?????
  • sweetpepper 2010/02/20 02:52:21
    Socialism and freedom do not mix. I choose FREEDOM. socialism freedom mix choose freedom
  • behavio... sweetpe... 2010/02/20 03:03:44
    Thankyou for adding nothing to this discussion.
  • sweetpe... behavio... 2010/02/20 03:15:27
    I thought that I got right to the point. "Central planning" as you call it is large controlling government. I want small government and my freedoms.
  • behavio... sweetpe... 2010/02/20 03:19:12 (edited)
    But to take this into more of a debate format, why can't freedoms like the right to plant your vineyard, own as many cars and have as many children as you'd like coincide with large, controlling governments?
  • sweetpe... behavio... 2010/02/20 03:37:23
    Because large controlling governments are just that.......controlling! The more power the government has the less power the people have. I support the American constitution and everything it stands for. Including having the freedom to succeed and the FREEDOM to fail!

    Too many people are dependent on government which gives government power and control.

    By the people for the people....................NOT... By the government TO the people!
  • behavio... sweetpe... 2010/02/20 03:49:59 (edited)
    Doesn't it matter the types of controls massive government has whether or not they're really taking away civil rights and democratic control by the people? The other side, for example, might argue that more government intervention in aspects of life means that people have a chance to vote on the issue, whereas they wouldn't in other circumstances have as much reign over whats going on in, for example, health care premiums.
  • sweetpe... behavio... 2010/02/20 15:06:21
    I do not want to walk the line. Do you trust government with control? Do you trust government with your money? Do you trust government with your health? The government cannot run programs efficiently OR cost effectively. This has been proven. Medicare is broke, social security is bankrupt, welfare is out of control, our debt is unsustainable and the state employee unions are bankrupting our state governments. That is enough of a reason for me to NOT want Uncle Sam to sit in the drivers seat with healthcare.

    My husband works for the state, as a police officer. His department is taking a 10% pay reduction, voluntarily, to decrease the tax burden on the people. Why won't our government do the same? Why won't teachers do the same?? There are still people of integrity who work for state and government. However the unions have become the monster, people feel entitled to more than they deserve. That is welfare for the working. It has to stop! My children should not be burdened with the irresponsible spending.

    The simple fact is that we cannot afford a government takeover of healthcare. We cannot afford what the government has ALREADY committed to. There are other ways to decrease premiums that need to be explored.
  • paleale sweetpe... 2010/02/20 03:53:26
    Central Planning does not necessarily mean large controlling government.
  • sweetpe... paleale 2010/02/20 15:07:48
    Tell me what you think it means......
  • paleale sweetpe... 2010/02/20 18:07:46
    If you live in the USA, look at your county board of supervisors. They are central planners that most affect me. They are not large or controlling.
  • sweetpe... paleale 2010/02/21 01:53:18
    They can be controlling. What about the state then the federal? They have become too large and too controlling!
  • paleale sweetpe... 2010/02/21 03:18:47
    Do you have an example?
  • sweetpe... paleale 2010/02/21 17:37:45
    Yes I do.......Oppressive tax burden. Zoning laws, property taxes, licenses and fees for business owners. Do you have any idea what it will cost us to get our winery license?

    Separation of church and state has been taken to an extreme in this country, dampening freedom of religion and the expression thereof. Gun laws have become oppressive, my husband is a police officer and even he cannot carry in some places, that is against our constitution.

    Ownership of property has become difficult or impossible for many because of high taxes. Many elderly who own their homes and property have it taken away by the government because they cannot afford their taxes, that is oppression! People who work for unions (especially the teachers union) do not keep their job through merit, they can fail at their position and are still paid by the taxpayers. That is corrupt. That is not sustainable!

    Europe and America are building a house of cards that will eventually fall down. Personally, I would rather that the American people who have freedom in their blood be the ones to rebuild our nation, not the Barry Obama's and Nancy Pelosi's! These kind of people have no courage, integrity or faith.
  • paleale sweetpe... 2010/02/21 18:40:06
    Governments are not a for profit operation. So, Property Taxes represent the cost of providing services the community wants. For example, 65 % of property taxes (at least in my county) go to fund the public schools, 20 % goes to police, fire and staff. The remainder funds various projects (mostly road safety). I can see where the money goes and talk to the Board of Supervisors when I disagree or want to provide input. When you go up the government food chain to the state and then federal lelvel it becomes harder to see where the money is going and harder to talk to people.

    It'a all about perspective. When compared to the rest of the world our taxes are the lowest among the industrial nations. I am in the 50% backet when you add Federal, State, Local, etc. together I figured that if I was in Europe (France, England or Sweden), my tax bracket would be 75% or higher.
  • sweetpe... paleale 2010/02/22 23:28:14
    LOL....well that may be fine and dandy where you live, however I live in New York! Do you want to know what my tax dollars gets us? Well, we get our road plowed once in a while and we have about a 20-40 minute emergency response time (that is why we have guns). Our school is pretty good, but not great. We have one of the highest number of welfare recipients in the nation. A large portion of our money goes to people who sit on their asses all day! That makes me angry!

    What did I say above about Europe?? Their house of cards will fall down just before ours does. No friggen thank you!
  • paleale sweetpe... 2010/02/23 01:16:16
    And I thought I had problems with my local supervisors!! You have reason to be upset. Sounds like you have your work cut out to fix that mess.
  • sweetpe... paleale 2010/02/24 00:15:06
    If we could get the liberals out of power that would be a good start.

    PS. Governor Patterson just announced that he will be holding our NYS tax returns until June or July. So all of the working taxpayers in this state will not get their checks for months! That is our money not NYS's. Why not postpone governments paycheck? Why not delay the welfare paychecks? Nope, he punishes the working who are paying the taxes. Liberals tick me off!
  • behavio... sweetpe... 2010/02/23 18:02:25 (edited)
    I agree with paleale. If New Yorkers are suffering from excessive taxation and no incentives to grow jobs, then something needs to happen and New Yorkers need to do something about it. And might I add, per my example earlier, that not all countries in the European Union are dysfunctional welfare states punishing success and running the risk of implosion, as our economy does/has. The EU rakes in the 1st or 2nd highest GDP in the world (depending on either the WTO assessment or CIA Handbook) compared to the US total of all goods and services profited upon. I'm not a EU-lover, I don't think that some EU-like policies could fix everything that's wrong with the American economy. But they are relatively successful socialistic countries, and I think that in and of itself deserves a close look and possibly a reevaluation of how capitalism works in America and what individual states can do to encourage consumers to buy and companies to hire.
  • sweetpe... behavio... 2010/02/24 00:22:27
    Relatively successful is not good enough. I do not trust GDP numbers since debt is mixed in with it, and debt is out of control. Capitalism works very well when the government stays out of it. I believe in transparency and free market. The United States has not been a pure capitalist nation for a long time. That is why it is failing. We were set up to fail by progressives and the scapegoat is capitalism and "capitalist greed".

    There is a way back, but it won't be pretty.
  • Mulder 2010/02/20 02:50:07
    Are you sure you are on the right website?

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