What A Great Question...

BARRY0619 2012/08/08 20:34:18
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  • Pug For Huck 2012/08/14 12:45:57
    Pug For Huck
    VERY good question!!

    Two villages missing their idiots.
  • Phyl *In God i Trust* 2012/08/14 01:19:28
  • texasred 2012/08/14 00:57:21
    Well, damn.... isn't that the truth?
  • marylou5 2012/08/11 04:03:54 (edited)
    America should be ashamed to tolerate this deception!
  • Maddog 2012/08/09 17:11:49 (edited)
    This is indeed disturbing, but not surprising! The Lib media has no interest in revealing anything, even remotely damaging, about their Messiah, since they have become nothing more than the propaganda arm of the Democratic party!

    lib media revealing remotely damaging messiah propaganda arm democratic party
  • ☆stillthe12c☆ 2012/08/09 05:36:15
    Actually that is very disturbing. But if you do not know about Obama you have failed to do any research. But the news has supplied with more info on this young man than it did on Obama.
  • angelbaby 2012/08/08 23:24:15
    I find it very disturbing ..
  • Joe Shwingding BN-ZERO 2012/08/08 22:54:46
    Joe Shwingding BN-ZERO
    nothing to see here
  • lylamerican 2012/08/08 21:13:13
    This is such a sad time in American History. We are the poorest sickest civilized country .
  • Old Salt 2012/08/08 21:11:28
  • Kate 2012/08/08 20:59:09
  • SK-pro impeachment 2012/08/08 20:47:13
    SK-pro impeachment
    We live in an upside down world!
  • JT For Political Reform 2012/08/08 20:45:03
    JT For Political Reform
    We should all be voting for anyone but the incumbents that were in office that let this fraud in through the back door without scrutinizing his whole past. First clue: A president with an alias? Come on people, that should have woke up the whole damn United States. Russia got it, China got it and believe me, the Muslims got it. Liberals and way too many conservatives.....not so much.
  • Allbiz - PWCM - JLA 2012/08/08 20:40:27
    Allbiz - PWCM - JLA
    We'll never learn about Obama. He will lose the election. Become the worst president ever, but he'll still live in luxury by spending the rest of his life giving speeches about great he is and how bad America is.
  • Kate Allbiz ... 2012/08/08 21:01:09
    I'm afraid your are right!
  • seadog6608PWCM 2012/08/08 20:39:34
  • john Kills 2012/08/08 20:38:34
    john Kills
    That is discerning to anyone who can think.

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