We’re now heading for a Dictatorship & merging of the Three Branches of power

irish 2012/03/08 14:16:04

We’re now heading for a Dictatorship & merging of the Three Branches of power

by Brian D. Hill uswgo.com

March 7, 2012
Credit is believed to be from
http://radiopatriot.wordpress.com/2012/01/05/all-hail-king-ob... - If
you feel we may have incorrectly attributed this satire then send us an
email and we will correct the attribution on it.

There are definite signs all over the country that America
is heading for a tyrannical dictatorship and it is becoming apparent
that the three branches of Government have slowly merged into the all
powerful Executive Branch in the Federal Government level. I will
explain and provide links within parts of this article explaining why
America is turning into a one branch Military Police State and the
courts will no doubt become kangaroo courts that will always rule in
favor of the Commander in chief aka the President of the United States
of America.

First of all I will start with the passing of the National Defense
Authorization Act of 2012 (NDAA). The Obama Administration earlier in
December of last year threatened to veto the legislation, then it was admitted in The Raw Story
that “The White House on Wednesday said it would not veto the
controversial National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)” bill that he
signed into law, and then to add insult to injury Obama signed the NDAA bill into law right on News Years Eve in 2011 while everyone was out partying and then added a signing statement
saying that even though he signed the bill into law he doesn’t agree
with everything in it according to the White House Press Release. If he
didn’t agree with certain provisions the president is suppose to veto
the bill and get the senate to change certain provisions within the bill
but he didn’t do it which proves what a liar he is and trying to pass a
Unconstitutional bill while spinning things around to make the
president look like the hero.

Then onto the George Eligibility Trial [1][2][3]
under Judge Michael Malihi with the plaintiffs Dr. Orly Taitz, David
Farrar, Van R. Ilion, and J. Mark Hatfield. The facts were presented in
the entire case that the Birth Certificate uses multiple layers due to
Multilayer photo editing software such as PhotoShop or GIMP,
Testimony and records indicate that Obama’s father has never been a
U.S. citizen even after and before the time of Obama’s birth, both Obama
and his attorney Michael Jablonski never even shown up, Obama and his
attorney never provided any evidence or documentation or even witnesses
to prove that the plaintiffs were wrong, and that there is clearly a
legal difference between a citizen and a natural born citizen.

Despite everything that has been done properly in court, the Judge
ruled in favor of Obama despite the evidence by plaintiffs against the
defendant and actions taken by the defendant and his attorney, Georgia
Secretary of State Brian Kemp faltered/caved and ruled in favor of the
Malihi ruling, and then Liberty Legal Foundation went to the Superior
Court of Georgia which also is looking shaky and won’t lead to any good
ruling to overturn Malihi’s ruling. So not only is the entire court
system is Georgia and it’s superior court corrupt enough to let fraud
slip by, then you have a judge that ruled in favor of a religious Muslim
having the right to beat up and assault somebody who is critical of
that persons religion despite our Freedom of Speech rights and assault
being illegal for everybody. Nobody is exempt from the law and that
includes Christians, Jews, Muslims, and even Buddhists. It is unlawful
to just assault somebody for their Freedom of Speech no matter what
religion you follow because Sharia Law is not law in the United States.
Our country is governed under a Constitution, Bill of Rights, and even
the Declaration of Independence. No laws shall be valid that is in
respect of an establishment of religion. No laws shall violate our
Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press.

Then to add another fact based insult to the already corrupt and
bloated Justice System, Bradley Manning a man that was under arrest for
extracting classified Military documents then leaking to Wikileaks, was
being denied his basic Due Process simply because the President of the
United States announced that Bradley Manning is guilty and so the courts are going along with it according to information found on Russia Today.

It is under the fact of our law system that not even the President can
decide the fate of military members arrested by military police. All
three branches of Government are limited in their powers, are suppose
to stay separate, and have to follow their Oath to the Constitution and
Bill of Rights included in the Constitution. The commander in chief
cannot simply declare somebody to be guilty without a right to a judge
and jury and even the right to remain silent. The right to a trial is
indisputable in the land of the free. Simply being a commander in chief
in America does not give the President unlimited authority even on
Military Bases. Even to start a war requires congressional approval. If a
war with a certain country has to be done then the congress will do
their job to make sure that the president is legally authorized to go to
war with a certain country with a majority of approval from the
Congress and so having checks and balances does not threaten our national security. We can protect our national security and protect every basic liberty guaranteed in the Bill of Rights.

The facts I have just presented you is proof that the judicial branch
is now officially a corrupt apparatus that is serving the best
interests of the Executive Branch of this country. Also the fact that
the President of the United States can even appoint
justices in the Supreme Court, appoint Federal Judges anywhere across
the country, and even Federal appeals court judges means that he likely
will only appoint judges that will serve the President and not the law
of the land which is the Constitution and then the laws passed by the

So now that the Judicial Branch is now a monkey coocoo crazy kangaroo
court working with the Executive Branch then what about the Legislative

Well it was the Legislative Branch that overwhelmingly passed the NDAA
into law. It was the majority of the Congress that passed a bill that
makes peaceful protesting within a certain proximity of any politician
that is granted any forms of secret service protection to be a federal offense.
It was the legislative branch that has passed the Patriot Act and
helped with the bailouts that has done nothing but hurt our country as a

Then of course you would expect our military to be our last hope to
follow their Oaths to protect and defend the Constitution against all
enemies foreign and domestic. Well for marines, NAVY, and Air Force
military men and women that decide to do what is right there are nasty
surprises heading for them by President Barack Hussein Obama or Barry

Click the image to view the full size! Image Credit to their respected copyright and trademark owners. Released under Fair Use!
Image Credit to Fox News
Tea Party Camp Pendleton Marine named Gary Stein that simply
criticized the President on his Facebook profile is being put under an
official investigation and may lead to some kind of punishment even
though in complete violation of his first Amendment rights under the
Bill of Rights under the U.S. Constitution. The Armed Forces Tea Party
is the Facebook page that uploaded a newspaper article about this
incident by posting a newspaper photograph on their Facebook page which I
have post on this article for people to read for Informational
purposes. The investigation is regarding whether Mr. Stein is considered
to be making disloyal comments about Obama. Simply criticizing Obama
is protected under the Constitution and does not mean an act of
sedition or high treason.

“Stein created the Armed Forces Tea Party Facebook page in April of
2010 as a way to make public his opposition to Obamacare. In response
to superior officers asking Stein to review Department of Defense
directives on political activities, the Marine removed the page. It was
revived hours later by a civilian member of a local Tea Party group.”
reported by Infowars, “The Armed Forces Tea Party Facebook page explains that Stein is being charged under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, Article 134,
which “authorizes the prosecution of offenses not specifically
detailed by any other article: all disorders and neglects to the
prejudice of good order and discipline in the armed forces, all conduct
of a nature to bring discredit upon the armed forces, and crimes and
offenses not capital, of which persons subject to this chapter may be
guilty,” according to Wikipedia.”

Even the U.S. Army considered Reprimanding Corporal Jesse Thorsen who
Appeared with Ron Paul simply because he appeared in uniform and has
publicly declared his support for republican presidential candidate Ron
Paul. They wish to discipline Corporal Jesse Thorsen simply for
violating the Department of Defense Directive 1344.10 which permits troops to attend political activities only when they are not in uniform.

Even CNN had cut off Mr. Thorsen while being interviewed at Ron Paul’s post-Iowa caucuses rally.

“If there’s any man out there that’s had a vision out there, it’s
definitely Ron Paul,” Thorsen said. “His foreign policy is by far,
hands down better than any other candidate’s out there, and I’m sure
you all know that. We don’t need to be picking fights overseas and I
think everybody else knows that, too.”

The U.S. Army even went as far as silencing
the Catholic churches from not following what Obama thinks is best for
the church which is forced tax payers funding of abortions,
sterilizations, and certain health acts. The Army Office of the Chief of
Chaplains considered any action against Obama’s Unconstitutional acts
of dictatorship type plans a possible seditious against the
Commander-in-Chief,” Business Insider‘s
Michael Dougherty reports as it encourages civil disobedience. The
commander in chief can only give orders during war and what is permitted
to the executive branch by both the judicial and legislative branch.
The Executive Branch cannot function beyond it’s power limitations or
else it will set the precedent for a Military Dictatorship and a very dangerous one at that.

Image Credit to WorldNetDaily.
According to the WorldNetDaily
Boston Bruins hockey goalie Tim Thomas exercised his rights to refuse
to attend a White House Photo Op because he stated the reason is and I
quote “I believe the federal government has grown out of control,
threatening the rights, liberties, and property of the people. This is
being done at the executive, legislative, and judicial level. This is
in direct opposition to the Constitution and the Founding Fathers’
vision for the federal government. Because I believe this, today I
exercised my right as a free citizen, and did not visit the White
House. This was not about politics or party, as in my opinion both
parties are responsible for the situation we are in as a country. This
was about a choice I had to make as an INDIVIDUAL. This is the only
public statement I will be making on this topic. TT.” Then those who
worship Obama and believe the president should have the power to boss us
around said in a public comment for the hockey player that “When the
president of the United States invites you to the White House, ‘you go’”
and blasted him for his statement even though there is no law forcing
anyone to do a photo op with the President. Some ignorant people
believes that the presidents word is LAW and that anybody disobeying the
presidents orders is an act of high treason when in reality we are all
governed under a Constitution which is where the real loyalty is
suppose to be.

So there you have it overwhelming evidence that the legislative and
judicial branch has transferred most of their power to the executive
branch and that the President is becoming a puppet dictatorship run by
the special interests that buy and pay for the best president money can
buy in the elections with election fraud. We are no longer a democracy
or even a republic. Military all have to obey orders by the commander
if chief whether it be legal or illegal or else suffer the consequences
of a Military Prison or worse. That is the new AmeriKa with a big K.
In a nation of freedom and liberty the president cannot enact laws and
have to go through the congress to do it. Now in the new AmeriKa or
USSR the President can use executive orders to circumvent Congressional
approval of laws even though that’s entirely unlawful and a abuse of
power. The President can even sign executive orders as though they are
laws as if the President and his small Cabinet of czars decides what
becomes law in this country. The three branches were here for a reason
and even at the U.S. Capitol building has a presentation for tourists
that explain why three branches of government is important and that we
are suppose to have representatives that represent our country and
listen to their Constituents within their district. Now we have
misrepresentatives that aren’t even following the guidelines of the
Constitution and the President can make his laws through signing
statements, executive orders, and executive agreements like with
signing the ACTA treaty without Senate approval even though the U.S.
Constitution has a Treaty clause which states that the President has to
work with the Senate before a treaty can be ratified in the United

How far has America fallen from the three separate Branches of government into a one branch executive dictator-state?

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  • DefendnProtect 2012/03/08 15:11:51
    The Hitler comparison is good on the civil rights elimination part, but sucks on some other parts. Hitler was for his people, against bankers extraction cartel and against communist oppression. The opposite of Obama.

    How Hitler defied the bankers

    More fitting is this...
    stalin obama

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  • Gary F. 2012/03/12 18:47:16
    Gary F.
    We Ned to vote Obama out of office before it's to late.
  • irish Gary F. 2012/03/13 12:53:02
    how about remove by force?
  • Aahz_OneAndOnly 2012/03/09 06:40:54
    "History does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or the timid"
    ~Dwight D. Eisenhower~

    When Do We Stand And Say No More?
  • irish Aahz_On... 2012/03/09 12:31:05
    good question,i have been waiting.
  • Aahz_On... irish 2012/03/11 08:10:04
    Me Too
  • DefendnProtect 2012/03/08 15:11:51
    The Hitler comparison is good on the civil rights elimination part, but sucks on some other parts. Hitler was for his people, against bankers extraction cartel and against communist oppression. The opposite of Obama.

    How Hitler defied the bankers

    More fitting is this...
    stalin obama
  • irish Defendn... 2012/03/08 15:13:41
    very true. unfortunately for the dumbed down sheeple its the only dictator they know of that has been demonized for the past 6o + yrs.
  • Defendn... irish 2012/03/08 15:23:49
    the money elites have good reasons to dumb down the masses and demonize Hitler.

    For what will happen if people really know the truth behind their treacherous deeds?
  • irish Defendn... 2012/03/08 15:31:41
    i have said this over and over too. and get callednames for it. a study of true ,actual history proves we have all been lied to . over and over!

  • Defendn... irish 2012/03/08 15:57:58
    Some people defend themselves by calling names, because they don´t have arguments.

    . Anti semitism
  • irish Defendn... 2012/03/08 16:02:46
    isn't that the truth?
  • irish Defendn... 2012/03/09 12:32:27
    by the way my frined sh doesn't like this poll. they sent me one of their idiotic messages about copy and paste. they seem to forget they do it daily with their idiotic fluff polls. methinks they don't like the topic.
  • Defendn... irish 2012/03/09 13:08:28
    I don´t like their topics. Three on celebs, one on porn, one on alleged election victories not mentioning the fraud. The one on Kony is a naive initiative to get the US military in Uganda...

    I always hate their pushpolls making people choose between the ´front runners´ (never Paul of course). Their categories is a setup to dumb down too. Games, sports, entertainment, living and fashion, nothing on economy...
  • irish Defendn... 2012/03/09 13:10:00
    exactly. this is the 3rd poll topic of mine they didn't like, citing copy and paste crap. as long as the author and source is posted whats the problem? and note the bottom of the article says "share and enjoy"!
  • Defendn... irish 2012/03/09 13:24:15
    It´s one of the greatest thing in human nature to share the stories we like or find useful with each other.

    I guess SH should be in the business of telling parents they may not tell their kids the story about Snow White because it infringes copyrights.
  • irish Defendn... 2012/03/09 13:26:16
    LOL well said! well said. i always write back that it doesn't seem to bother them when they do it. idiots. they fear the topic.
  • Dagon 2012/03/08 14:44:00
  • irish Dagon 2012/03/08 14:59:04
  • Risk 2012/03/08 14:26:21
    Good morning and .. " Sieg Heil ! " I know nothing " !
  • irish Risk 2012/03/08 14:27:35
    and i will be sure to change that for ya!LOL school teacher
  • Someone Else 2012/03/08 14:25:32
    Someone Else
    Seriously they will push the issue until they meet the opposition on the battlefield then run like scared little girls back to their ivory towers.There are still way to many of us alive to silence. When they make their move we will be ready.
  • irish Someone... 2012/03/08 14:26:52
    i hope so,we seem to be in the minority though. i would hope perhaps the military will mutiny!
  • Someone... irish 2012/03/08 14:33:17
    Someone Else
    They have too it is law
  • irish Someone... 2012/03/08 14:37:34
    thats true,the wussie in chief is NOT upholding the constitution.
  • historian Someone... 2012/03/08 15:47:46
    It's also supposedly law to disobey unlawful orders, and they're not doing that.
  • irish historian 2012/03/08 15:49:20
    not yet. i am still waiting.
  • mal irish 2012/03/08 14:55:32
    they will.
  • irish mal 2012/03/08 14:59:16
    i hope so.

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