And another thing. The American Military will be withdrawn from all Foreign Countries in the World. It is the plan that we are all in this World, so we are all involved for the security of our own country. America will help other countries to reach their security needs, but we are neither baby sitters, or looking for terrorists. We look for positive change, we believe in dialogue, and all OPTIONS ARE OFF THE TABLE. Because we are a Nation who does not believe in deadly FORCE OR THREATS. In Fact that is against the Law of Humanity.

America also believes in absolving past wrongs, and misunderstandings. We look to make it right to people we have hurt, because of poor leadership in the past.

We also have thrown the use of sanctions in the proverbial trash can. It does not work, and rightly so. If we are not an example of doing right, how in the world do we expect others to recognize what is right? How ridiculous to think we can have nuclear weapons but other countries can't. Stop wasting time BIG Media, and focus on the Goal. And that is my Goal for America.

This map will change significantly, with more from coast to coast up into Canada, and into Mexico and South America.
Speed Train around the world Photo