We Petition Obama To Go F_*_c_k Himself, Twice! Will You Sign The Petition?

☆WILLIAM☆ 2012/12/29 03:44:00
Yes, Ill Sign The Petition!
NO! I will Not Sign That Beastly Petition!
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We the American people are tired of the political games exercised by the Obama administration with regards to the second amendment.The Second Amendment was designated as a safeguard of our freedoms. To protect oneself is a natural, instinctive right exercised by all creatures.To deny one that right is not just a violation of a historical document, but it is a human rights violation. Instead of becoming further desensitized by the partisan political arena, we say to hell with you, along with anyone with your sentiments. We hold fast to our second amendment right, and will do so until death takes them from us.

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  • THE LIB HATER 2012/12/30 18:13:34 (edited)
    Yes, Ill Sign The Petition!
    William is right, and like the rest of us, has every right to speak out against the enemy within. See libs, if you only care about partial birth abortions AS MUCH AS YOU DO GUN CONTROL, if you only shed a tear, for those little lifes that are lost in masses everyday. This phony outrage, and the fake indignation you libs have is just sickening. Now, you don't like the blog because it speaks the truth of what we think of a man who thinks he is Henry the 8th. You double standard communist should all be banned because most of you insult without debate, I insult, and debate both because I love it both ways. It's a damn shame when you liberals can't curtail your behavior being the irresponsible, and no common sense children that you are. I also love how you filths has a Complete Ignorance when it comes to the Constitution. You try to package it as some form of social philosophy. You try to break it down into two choices, Nihilism, and central planning. LOL, ya I love politics, you leeches of life, LIBS. I'm sure I'll get all those little stupid insults from you nobodies in life, and I LOVE IT. That's the reason I come here, just to see how many I can work up with the facts and the truth that you parasites seem to hate so much.

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