We Need Better Liberal Control!

☆astac☆~PWCM 2012/12/19 04:52:02

What this country needs is not better gun control, it’s better liberal control.

Imagine if we quit caving into their endless bleating about guns and we instead set about doing away with the most dangerous places in the United States: Gun Free Zones.

Liberals just loved the idea of designated peace and love zones. It was like a version of a DMZ, liberal style where everyone would play nicely.

Coincidentally, the two largest gun free zones in the nation are where the mass shootings keep happening: schools and post offices, although post offices have fallen from favor as lacking the emotional impact of schools, malls and movie theaters.

We also should be getting troubled kids into appropriate psychiatric care, in patient when necessary to keep them on their meds until they are stable.

But, liberals will have none of that. It’s close to impossible to keep someone hospitalized past a 72 hour hold, thanks to the ACLU. The Newtown shooter’s mother was scared to death of her son. He needed to be confined to a mental institution and kept on the proper meds until he was stable enough to reliably take his meds and rejoin society. Liberals have made sure that couldn’t happen.

All we’re left with now is hardening the targets. We know where they are, we are going to have to put trained shooters in those idyllic Gun Free Zones. It’s the best liberal control we’ve got.

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