WATCH > Spike's 'Poll Position' Episode 4: Did SodaHeads Get It Right?

Spike 2011/09/02 19:00:00
Another week of news, another week of opinions.

More havoc on the East Coast with Hurricane Irene, though you probably heard about it in all its brutal detail while the media tried to make sure it didn't turn into another Katrina.

But that's not all we asked about. Lindsay Lohan's rib cage got an update courtesy of Billy Joel, Beyonce's sister got in a heated debate with a police officer over a giant inflatable banana, and some schmuck returned Chris Brown's $22,000 watch.

Now all we need is a breaking Bat Boy exclusive, and it's like the Weekly World News up in here. Only this stuff's for real.

You voted, and it sounds like, for the most part, you were as weirded out by last week's news as we were.

Here's last week's episode of Poll Position, thanks in large part to your votes. Be sure to catch the series on Spike every Friday to see your opinions at work!

Read More: http://www.spike.com/video-clips/z4o43m/poll-posit...

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