WATCH> Paul Ryan Says Gay Marriage Is Not An 'American' Or 'Universal Human Value': Do You Agree?

doctorwho_guru.†=♡ 2012/09/25 22:56:31
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  • kitkat42 2012/09/25 23:17:00
    Its no one elses business what two people in love choose to do. Butt out butthead Ryan, and others who think as narrow minded as you.

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  • flrdsgns 2012/09/28 02:19:48
    I don't agree with anything Paul Ryan says or does.
  • Mike 2012/09/26 17:26:03
    it actually is not, it is a personal value that some will not agree with.
  • Alexander T Steward 2012/09/26 15:11:37
  • sjalan 2012/09/26 05:59:25
    These two guys are idiots. They ignore the US Constitution and the very basic point that marriage is a basic civil right of ALL citizens and is NOT a religiously based process. It is as CIVIL LAW CONTRACT!!
  • Guru_T_Firefly 2012/09/26 02:51:46
    Paul Ryan is a jackass.
  • Ravenna Nepenthe 2012/09/26 01:30:06
    Ravenna Nepenthe
    HELL NO. I would never agree to that. Gay marriage is most definitely a universal human value--just one more reason I want Romney and his disastrous vice president nowhere near the White House.
  • Leslie 2012/09/26 01:27:47
    Is he completely unaware that same-sex marriage is legal in eleven other countries or that a lot of past cultures actually embraced homosexuality? When he says he wants "everybody to have a chance," he means if you're straight.
  • Mrkando 2012/09/26 00:06:10
    Gives you some idea of how out of touch with america this man is. We all, no matter of race, sexual affiliation, religion, or political belief have Universal Human Value.
  • Hirnungah Mancandy 2012/09/25 23:56:28
    Hirnungah Mancandy
    some men HAVE a huge one ; others ARE a huge one .
  • joseph digristina 2012/09/25 23:32:43
  • Magus BN-0 joseph ... 2012/09/26 00:39:59
    Magus BN-0
    It'll be hilarious if not only does Romney fail to carry his home state as the VP candidate, but also loses his House reelection bid. Couldn't be a more perfect end to his political career.
  • joseph ... Magus BN-0 2012/09/26 23:06:36
  • Zippcodey joseph ... 2012/09/26 23:27:08
    Gay means happy, you are a homosexual a big difference and so is Obama so it figures why you would back him.
  • joseph ... Zippcodey 2012/09/26 23:31:39
  • Zippcodey joseph ... 2012/09/26 23:36:05
    You will get yours on judgement day, you are sick in the mind. You must be afraid of women or short changed.
  • joseph ... Zippcodey 2012/09/27 00:01:52
  • Zippcodey joseph ... 2012/09/27 14:45:19
    You've got about a foul mouth, no descent girl would want you I can see why you are what you are.

    Faceless internet, aren't you lucky, I'm far from a coward. lol

    I'm a man, I'm heterosexual. You are the boy, boy, why you like being homosexual.
  • joseph ... Zippcodey 2012/09/27 14:54:52
  • Zippcodey joseph ... 2012/09/27 14:58:32
    You are homosexual not GAY, I'm GAY, I'm a happy person.

    You are homosexual because you can't get a woman, and you like doing what is not natural.
  • joseph ... Zippcodey 2012/09/27 15:31:26
  • Zippcodey joseph ... 2012/09/27 22:08:02
    So are you peeing your pants sitting down or standing up,,,, men stand up. lol

    You need to get educated all about homosexuality, if you want the truth to it all just let me know.

    You need to clean up your foul big mouth too. Bet your parents sure are proud of you.
  • Dagon 2012/09/25 23:20:11
  • Guru_T_... Dagon 2012/09/26 02:55:11
    Too bad that the majority of Americans disagree with you.
  • Dagon Guru_T_... 2012/09/26 03:00:34 (edited)
  • Guru_T_... Dagon 2012/09/26 14:50:03
    And still the majority of America supports gay marriage.
  • Dagon Guru_T_... 2012/09/26 15:22:16
  • Guru_T_... Dagon 2012/09/26 15:25:23
    The rights of America's citizens to be equal are everyone's business. If one person's rights are trampled, then everyone's rights become fair game. It iS indeed a right.
  • Dagon Guru_T_... 2012/09/26 15:37:45 (edited)
  • Guru_T_... Dagon 2012/09/26 20:33:53
    It doesn't matter whether we're talking state or federal. If the majority is refusing the minority the same avenues toward achieving their own pursuit of happiness, that's discrimination. I'm talking about human rights, but of course, I don't expect a right-winger to see that. If you can get married to whomever you choose, then why shouldn't they?
  • Dagon Guru_T_... 2012/09/26 20:42:29 (edited)
  • Guru_T_... Dagon 2012/09/26 21:00:08
    It's not about the way things plug in, it's about human rights and dignity. Only an idiot right-winger would equate pedophilia with same sex marriage.
  • Dagon Guru_T_... 2012/09/26 21:29:10
  • Guru_T_... Dagon 2012/09/26 22:31:12
    Where is the dignity of a man shoving his junk up a woman's bun? The point is, that YOU don't have to understand it, you just have to get out of the way and stop trying to legislate your morality onto others. I knew from your first comment that you can't discuss it from my point of view, because I'm open-minded and tolerant of other lifestyles (even yours) and it is clear that you are not. I don't get turned-on watching same-sex sex either, but I'm not willing or eager to discriminate against those individuals just because they have different sexual preferences than I do. It certainly doesn't hurt you or your ideal of marriage if they want to get married.
  • Dagon Guru_T_... 2012/09/26 22:56:47
  • Guru_T_... Dagon 2012/09/26 23:08:26
    I never said that it wasn't, but dignified it ain't. Marriage belongs to any and all who want it. Like I said, you don't have to accept it, you just have to get the f**k out of the way.
  • Dagon Guru_T_... 2012/09/27 01:05:42
  • Guru_T_... Dagon 2012/09/27 01:18:23 (edited)
  • Dagon Guru_T_... 2012/09/27 01:21:51
  • Guru_T_... Dagon 2012/09/27 01:37:57
    No, not over nothing. So, you think that because gays have the right to get married in your state, that they're not being discriminated against elsewhere? Guess again.
  • Dagon Guru_T_... 2012/09/27 03:30:30 (edited)

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