Washington DC Navy Yard shooting linked to CID investigation and attempted arrest of Obama for treason

Yo'Adrienne..AFCL 2013/12/26 14:34:25

obama investigation.

The United States Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) is the primary law enforcement agency of the United States Department of the Navy. It investigates activities concerning crimes against or by United States Navy and United States Marine Corps personnel, along with national security, counter-intelligence, and counter-terrorism cases. A false flag is the crime of treason – levying war against the United States. If United States Navy or United States Marine Corps personnel are involved in planning for and preparing a false flag event in Washington DC or anywhere else in the United States, NCIS and its agents (CID Agents assigned to NCIS are normally dressed in appropriate civilian attire) are duty bound to investigate and take action to counter those terrorist acts against the United States.

Prior to the Washington DC Navy Yard shooting the Joint Chief of Staff and Provost Marshals were reportedly planning and preparing to arrest Obama for treason. For levying war against the United States after a planned false flag in Washington DC on the anniversary of 9/11 – a nuclear detonation.

In the United States the Office of the Provost has the authority to arrest the President if he or she violates the terms of his/her employment, or commits an act that is detrimental to the United States. He/she can be held liable, arrested, imprisoned etc., depending on the depth of the violation, by the Provost Marshal.

If it has been determined that the president of the United States has committed treason in a manner unmistakable to all, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff convenes a covert meeting (in this case the Washington DC Navy Yard) to get a vote of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The Provost Marshall General of the Army and/or Marines will usually be in attendance. Remember that a military officer takes an oath of office to do one thing and one thing only – “……. to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies, foreign OR DOMESTIC.” They must determine above a reasonable doubt that the enemy domestic is the treasonous president before they can attempt to arrest him or her.

Once the Joint Chiefs of Staff have determined beyond a reasonable doubt that the president has committed treason a convoy of 10 to 12 HIGH ranking officers
(13 killed at the Navy Yard) depart the Pentagon, accompanied by a large contingency of Military Police (Provost Marshals, NCIS agents) and all necessary armament and provisions to enter the grounds of the White House, by FORCE if necessary, and proceed to the location of the president and put him under arrest. Then, The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff would advise the Speaker of The House, The President of the Senate, The Attorney General and the Secretary of State of their actions. Obama’s response to the threat of arrest was a assault against NCIS civilian clad agents who uncovered the false flag plot against the United States and Provost Marshals who threatened to arrest Obama at the Washington DC Navy Yard.

Don’t be fooled by reports stating that the shooter targeted and killed civilians. Those killed were all members of the U.S. military’s Criminal Investigation Command (CID). The White House (Obama) purposely left this fact out of incident reports and news media reports as it would raise alarm bells in Washington DC should the public know Joint Chiefs of Staff members, Provost Marshals and NCIS agents (normally wear civilian attire) were targeted and killed for investigating Obama and threatening to arrest him for treason.

On September 28, 2009 the History Channel released a movie titled “Day After Disaster“. The entire movie is about Washington DC being the target and victim of a nuclear detonation. The movie also features Obama talking about nuclear detonations in the U.S. Movie 0.50 time stamp – “One terrorist, one nuclear weapon could unleash massive destruction” ~ Obama says. Last year PRESS Core wrote an article titled “COG planning for and preparing Washington DC nuclear detonation false flag event.” after receiving information that September 30, 2012 was the day “Day after Disaster” was to executed in real-time. Obama’s planned false flag attack for September 30, 2012 was averted after the public was made aware of the false flag beginning August 18th, 2012.

Obama’s 9/11 anniversary false flag was thwarted when the Joint Chief of Staff and the Provost Marshals from the Washington DC Navy Yard confronted Obama and threatened to arrest him for treason for planning to detonate one or more nukes in the nation’s capitol – Washington DC.

The EU Times reported June 27, 2013 – “Obama Requests 15,000 Russian Troops For “Upcoming” Disaster“ In that story it claims Obama “has requested at least 15,000 Russian troops trained in disaster relief and “crowd functions” [i.e. riot control] be pre-positioned to respond to FEMA Region III during an unspecified “upcoming” disaster. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Region III includes Delaware,Washington, D.C (formally the District of Columbia) , Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia areas.

According to this report, this unprecedented request was made directly to Minister Vladimir Puchkov by US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Director Janet Napolitano (now retired) who said these Russian troops would work “directly and jointly” with her Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), part of whose mission is to secure the continuity of the US government in the event of natural disasters or war.

According to this report, this unprecedented request was made directly to Minister Vladimir Puchkov by US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Director Janet Napolitano (now retired) who said these Russian troops would work “directly and jointly” with her Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), part of whose mission is to secure the continuity of the US government in the event of natural disasters or war.

Please follow up....and read more.
Short URL: http://presscore.ca/2012/?p=9197

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  • keeper 2013/12/27 03:55:17
  • sean.lance.7 2013/12/27 01:54:57
    What utter nonsense! If you actually believe this tripe, you can check yourself right into a rubber room.
  • Compassionate Christian 2013/12/26 23:53:36
    Compassionate Christian
    Some unnamed person said something to some other unnamed person who told whozit who then passed it along to what's his name who told some unknown blogger.

    If it doesn't name names then it isn't worth considering seriously.
  • Guru Shel SHP 2013/12/26 21:36:02 (edited)
    Guru Shel SHP
    still haven't made the arrest...........
  • Zombie Saddam 2013/12/26 19:49:42
  • evangelism_vision 2013/12/26 19:38:17
  • Bob, the reasonable one 2013/12/26 18:02:26
    Bob, the reasonable one
    NCIS is a joke...run by morons and is nothing like the tv show. I'm a 20 year veteran of the Navy and I can't tell you how many times we had to prod the NCIS folks to pick up their investigation photos. They are the most complacent, sitting on their asses, lethargic, steeped in crap of their importance. They are simply tools of the officers above them who use them to results that the leadership wants....They have screwed the pooch on more investigations than can be counted.
  • Yo'Adri... Bob, th... 2013/12/26 22:13:14
    They are part of the network of Government Bureaucracy......I worked for the government
    when I got out of school...........I know exactly what you are saying.....besides..nothing is as it seems, these days, are they!????
  • Tombo 2013/12/26 17:36:45
    There's no way that anyone, at anyplace or anytime will arrest this president for anything. And think about this. If Obama would go to jail, this clown would be POTUS.
    Biden Clown

    That should scare the hell out of anyone.
  • Yo'Adri... Tombo 2013/12/26 17:54:29 (edited)
    But we could, no doubt "BAKER ACT" him in a hot New York Minute.......! The man is
    feeble...as they used to say, back "in the day".! looney Joe Biden
  • Hawkeye Tombo 2013/12/26 17:57:25
    I'm not saying that this report is true but I wll say this.. Biden is NO longer the insurance policy against an Obama Impeachment that he was put on the ticket to be..

    People are beginning to see that even utter STUPIDITY might take a back seat to intelligent subversion of the nation..

    Biden would be a STUPID President but he would ALSO be impotent and powerless to actually DO anything....
  • Tombo Hawkeye 2013/12/26 19:34:08
    I'll give you a "maybe" on that. I won't rest easy until this regime has vacated the White House...permanently.
  • Yo'Adri... Tombo 2013/12/28 19:25:49
    I don't even know if I buy it...All I did was post it...for everyone's information and
    immediately eople charge me with creating and authoring the piece.! However, I do agree that we should BE ALERT until the day that man vacates the Whitehouse.
  • Yo'Adri... Hawkeye 2013/12/26 22:13:51
    Oh yeah!
  • Yo'Adri... Hawkeye 2013/12/28 19:24:01
    INDEED! booom
  • Mike Wind 2013/12/26 17:28:44
  • Yo'Adri... Mike Wind 2013/12/26 17:56:15
    A  and rave rave rave.....! Great job!
  • 2spooku - Guru of many things 2013/12/26 17:08:51
    2spooku - Guru of many things
  • Scott 2013/12/26 16:30:39
    Adrienne - I'm normally right there in your corner. But this website link you provided is kind a whacky, "Art Bell" kind of place. Is there any one else, a little more down to earth making similar claims?
  • Yo'Adri... Scott 2013/12/26 17:25:53 (edited)
    I just posted it...I didn't write it.....Thought the concept was "fascinating"..... WHO KNOWS
  • Scott Yo'Adri... 2013/12/26 19:54:50
    Well, I'm with you on that! Sounds like a plot for a Vince Flynn book!
  • Mike Wind Scott 2013/12/26 17:34:36
  • Scott Mike Wind 2013/12/26 19:56:28
    Amen! Put them on defense for once, eh?
  • Mike Wind Scott 2013/12/26 22:00:43 (edited)
  • Yo'Adri... Mike Wind 2013/12/26 22:15:06
  • Scott Yo'Adri... 2013/12/27 13:56:11
    Did you see what Mike had said? It was moderated before I saw it.
  • Yo'Adri... Scott 2013/12/28 19:29:22
    I did...cannot recall exactly...I know I rated it an A+++ and I at the time thought it was
    a great reply......When I checked back....found out he was deactivated.! Do you recall what he wrote?
    Another one bites the dust.!
  • Scott Yo'Adri... 2013/12/30 14:11:48
    Nope, never saw a word of what he had written.
  • beachbum 2013/12/26 15:51:24
    I put absolutely NOTHING past this admin.
  • Yo'Adri... beachbum 2013/12/26 18:00:11 (edited)
    You can say that again!
  • krayzrick 2013/12/26 14:43:25
    Can't use the American military against Americans, but anothers?
    When the shooting starts, aim for center mass...
  • Yo'Adri... krayzrick 2013/12/26 14:45:02
    Who said you're KRAZY????? I love it
  • Yo'Adrienne..AFCL 2013/12/26 14:38:26 (edited)
    According to this report, this unprecedented request was made directly to Minister Vladimir Puchkov by US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Director Janet Napolitano (now retired) who said these Russian troops would work “directly and jointly” with her Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), part of whose mission is to secure the continuity of the US government in the event of natural disasters or war. https   upload wikimedia org wikipedia commons f f0 FEMA_regions png
  • sean Yo'Adri... 2013/12/26 16:41:18
    Connect the dots: what area were they talking about ? number 3..there is a poll about a nuke being exploded in the ocean and not in south carolina to be blamed on syria or iran, the American military would not go along with it so they dropped it in the ocean..RUSSIA AND CHINA ALL IN ON IT ALSO..all have Rothschilds central banks..China under Mao..Russia under the Bolsheviks..us in 1913, all a game being played on the humans.
  • Yo'Adri... sean 2013/12/26 17:27:28
    connect the dots map of usa

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