Was Henry Ford A Socialist, Communist, Facist, or Capitalist?

Masaca 2013/01/30 07:14:39
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  • MatthewPorter723 2014/11/07 22:19:43
    Ford was a GREAT American, and this is why
    He was the ideal American capitalist/industrialist. He promulgated the assembly line in manufacturing. His automobiles were specifically designed for working class American. He was a HUGE proponent of peace, and against WWI and WWII. He did not explicitly support Hitler, but Hitler was infatuated with him. When he and Hitler did correspond, the holocaust was not going on yet. He was not an anti-Semite, but he hated bankers and what they do to common people. Most of the largest bankers in the world were Jews and he almost always specified his disdain for Jewish bankers, not Jews. The Jewish bankers felt threatened by Henry Ford, because he was successful at providing a product that average people could get without going into serious debt, and the ADL ironically went on a defamatory smear campaign against him. He was not a racist nor a robber baron; he paid his workers TWICE the average wage of other manufacturers and at one point hired more black people than any other company in the US, and for the same jobs and same pay as whites during. A very racist part of American history. He was a great American.
  • SenMizeri Matthew... 2014/11/08 14:59:33
    He was antisemitic, read some of his writings... But I'm raving you anyway cos you argued your point well
  • RevJim 2013/01/30 22:57:33
    Ford was a capitalist, and this is why
    He believed that his company should help pay educational costs for his employees, because he was concerned about the quality of future workers. Note, he wasn't asking the government to do this for him.
  • Chaya2010 2013/01/30 15:08:33
    None of the above
    He was an industrial genius and a virulent racist, anti-immigrant, anti-Semite.
  • chucky 2013/01/30 11:41:51
    Although he was a Capitalist he was also supporter of Hitler.A well known Anti - Semite Therefore he was a Capitalist who supported Fascism as long as it had no effect on his business ventures - which means he was also a Hypocrite.
  • ManBearPig 2013/01/30 10:42:08
    Ford was a capitalist, and this is why
    he was the one who created mass production
  • Azazyel's Dragon 2013/01/30 10:22:28
    Ford was a capitalist, and this is why
    Azazyel's Dragon
    Well, duh...
  • RipVanWinkle 2013/01/30 08:30:28
    Ford was a facist, and this is why
  • Stoner 2013/01/30 08:05:55
    Ford was a GREAT American, and this is why
    the first car he built was the smartest one. even to todays standers..of course history is lost.
  • Masaca Stoner 2013/01/30 08:08:54
    So in your opinion, that alone, that makes him a great American?
  • Stoner Masaca 2013/01/30 08:11:10
    that alone after many million have counted on his ideas for generations kinda describes a great American in my book
  • Masaca Stoner 2013/01/30 08:16:49 (edited)
    Well, that's not exactly correct, according to some people's version of history.

    Hemp had been a source of energy as far back as the mid 1800's. Plus, this particular article suggests that Ford's use for Hemp was actually was in the costruction of the vehicle, not a a fuel source.
  • Stoner Masaca 2013/01/30 08:18:32
    read the article
  • Masaca Stoner 2013/01/30 08:19:11
  • Stoner Masaca 2013/01/30 08:21:12
    the first paragraph says what you just said was false
  • Stoner Masaca 2013/01/30 08:21:42 (edited)
    hell the first sentence
  • Stoner Masaca 2013/01/30 08:25:05
    Henry Ford used hemp to not only construct cars but also fuel them.
  • Stoner Masaca 2013/01/30 08:19:13
    Henry Ford's first Model-T was built to run on hemp gasoline and the CAR ITSELF WAS CONSTRUCTED FROM HEMP! On his large estate, Ford was photographed among his hemp fields. The car, 'grown from the soil,' had hemp plastic panels whose impact strength was 10 times stronger than steel; Popular Mechanics, 1941.
  • Masaca Stoner 2013/01/30 08:31:31 (edited)
    WOW, you had a lot to say, didn't you?

    No matter, that doesn't explain why that alone makes Henry Ford a great American. As I pointed out, hemp oil had been used decades before he (discovered) it's practical use(s) So, it seems he was one of at least two (although common sense would dictate many more) who used it as a fuel source. Besides, (your)article points out that hemp was not the only natural grown source (of the earth) as combustible fuel.

    So. tell me again, why exactly was Ford a great American
  • Stoner Masaca 2013/01/30 08:34:04 (edited)
    yeah but he thought and built a car that used that hemp that helped build this nation
  • Masaca Stoner 2013/01/30 08:44:41
    And his raising the wages, and living standards of his workers were great strides for America too? Even though (as a condition of his generosity) he assumed almost total control of their lives?

    If you think that that's what makes a great America that's fine with me.
  • Stoner Masaca 2013/01/30 08:52:09
    what makes a great one is something different, unique, one of a kind one that is still around a idea of something that will never die something that will have America in its history in its story.
  • Masaca Stoner 2013/01/30 08:55:31
  • Stoner Masaca 2013/01/30 08:53:41
    but 100% against the auto bail out crap
  • Masaca Stoner 2013/01/30 08:56:22
    How about the banks?
  • Stoner Masaca 2013/01/30 08:58:31
    all the bail outs
  • Stoner Stoner 2013/01/30 09:01:58
    i just dont see why we are one of the few country s if not the only country that does not grow hemp when its one of the most useful plants on the planet
  • Masaca Stoner 2013/01/30 09:09:40
    Good question

    As far as I can tell Hemp is the most usable natural resource the world has known.
  • Mike 2013/01/30 07:52:24
    Ford was a GREAT American, and this is why
    Ford was a man-child with a seventh grade education, loved machines, and having a compulsive desire to build a reliable affordable car for the masses, and became successful at it, lifting the standard of living in the US. A good part of his success was during a time when the US was following its Constitution, supporting a free market Capitalistic system, where a seventh grade-minded person could become one of the richest in the world.

    Ford knew little about our US history and founding principles, and perhaps, knew little about Socialism, Communism, Fascism, or Capitalism. He had the freedom to build his dream, while his compulsive behavior was one of control like a dictator over his domain.
  • Masaca Mike 2013/01/30 07:57:13 (edited)
    So how does one define a dictator over his/her domain? Is that really the mark of a great person, or is he/she just a dictator?

    Which is it? I don't think we can have it both ways, in America, can we?
  • Mike Masaca 2013/01/30 08:38:33
    “Which is it? I don't think we can have it both ways, in America, can we?”

    Yes, we can have it many ways.

    A man’s home is his castle, implies he is the king of his own domain.

    A corporation’s social character is a function of its leaders and objectives. There are tens of thousands of corporations in the US and no two leaders (CEO, owner, president, board of directors, etc) are alike. The corporate leaders may range from dictators to idols.

    Yes, “in America,” there is a wide spectrum of corporate leaders. In Fords case, he went from idol to dictator during his dynasty.

    “Is that really the mark of a great person, or is he/she just a dictator?”

    Relative to Ford’s customers, he was an idol, a “great person”, because his product has improved their standard of living. Relative to Ford’s employees he was an idol during the beginning, when they were the highest paid in the industry, later his employees came to know him as a dictator (aka terrible working conditions).
  • Masaca Mike 2013/01/30 09:05:56
    Are we angry?

    In my thinking a free country has no room for dictatorship whether it be governmental or corporate. Now as we all know history is rife with people who had the best of intentions, and accomplished great things that eventually (through power,) became dictators (tyrants.) as I understand it those are exactly the kinda people that the U.S.has always fought against in the defense of freedom and democracy. Now are you telling me that just because Henry ford was an American because he invented the automobile? Well, let (me) back track on that one, because he didn't invent the automobile. His accomplishment was actually inventing the assembly line, am I correct? In fact, as I recall, the automobile really wasn't an American invention i the first place, was it?
  • Mike Masaca 2013/01/30 09:30:48
    As I stated earlier, Ford was a man-child with a seventh grade education, loved machines, and having a compulsive desire to build a reliable affordable car for the masses, and became successful at it, lifting the standard of living in the US. He did not invent the car; he made the car reliable and affordable.

    In all civil societies, you have individual personalities that range from dictator like to idols. It’s part of human nature.

    A civil society is where the majority maintains, albeit imperfectly, the social objective of: Greed + Morality = pursuit of Happiness.

    In a civil society, when the moral pursuit of one embraces their neighbor’s Unalienable Rights, promotes “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness”; on the other hand, immoral greed against their neighbor’s Rights, promotes “Death, Tyranny, or the pursuit of Failure.”

    Our Unalienable Rights are part of the Laws of Nature. These Rights are the interface between manmade laws and the Laws of Nature (“Scientific Proof of Our Unalienable Rights, a Road to Utopia”, Takac, 2012).

    Right now, my physical Nature is getting tired and shall return in less than 8 hours. Goodnight!

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