Was an All-You-Can-Eat Fish Fry Right to Cut This Guy Off?

News 2012/05/17 13:00:00
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All Bill Wisth wanted was a couple of pieces of fried fish. Is that so much to ask? OK, so it was more like... over a dozen pieces. But hey, the sign said "all-you-can-eat"! The 6 foot 6 inch, 350 pound customer is accusing Chuck's Place in Thiensville, Wisconsin, of false advertising after a waitress refused to bring him a 13th piece of fish. (Although, they reportedly gave him eight more pieces to-go.)

Wisth told a local news station, "We asked for more fish and they refused to give us any more fish. I think that people have to stand up for consumers." And stand up he did. He called the police, then started picketing the restaurant. But apparently Wisth has been a problem in the past. A waitress there says they've dealt with him for years, and that he still hasn't paid off his tab. In their defense, Wisth added, "They do have like some of the best pizza in town." Do you think the all-you-can-eat restaurant was right to refuse this guy more fish?

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  • Just Jenn for Now 2012/05/17 16:41:17 (edited)
    Just Jenn for Now
    ... It's called ALL YOU CAN EAT.

    Not all we THINK you SHOULD eat

    If you're going to put a limit, then don't advertise your special as "All you can eat", or at least put finer print that says the limit.

    If the restaurant can't afford the hungriest of patrons, then by all means, just CANCEL the "all you can eat" special.

    EDIT: Since some are under the impression I didn't read the article; yes, I did. No, I'm not defending this guy. HOWEVER, the restaurant IS at fault for not practicing PROPER refusal of service.

    Instead of refusing him from the get-go - which they had EVERY RIGHT TO DO since he'd been causing problems before - they didn't, welcomes him in, and LET him order the ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT.

    With that, since he was welcomed and allowed to order what he wanted, they HAVE to see that service through - all he CAN eat, or rather all he wanted to.

    Case in point: The restaurant did NOT practice their right to refusal PROPERLY, and thus are unfortunately the ones at fault here. Lesson learned, I should hope.

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  • Epistemically Justified -- BN7 2012/05/18 05:13:00
    Epistemically Justified -- BN7
    He still has a tab at this place...

    I think "all you can eat" should only apply for PAYING customers. Fair?
  • Just Je... Epistem... 2012/05/18 06:21:03
    Just Jenn for Now
    Yes.... but it was done IMPROPERLY. They welcomed him in and let him order.

    If he had a tab due, then service should have been refused LONG before that eleventh piece. Penalty to the business for that one.
  • Epistem... Just Je... 2012/05/18 06:31:56 (edited)
    Epistemically Justified -- BN7
    That's fair. I do think that after all of this, the restaurant should ban him -- wash their hands of this guy.

    Here's the scenario as I understand it: He paid for all you can eat, and then the restaurant the restaurant was running out of that certain fried fish, though there was still other food options available. They refused to serve him more of the fish he wanted, and instead gave Wisth 8 pieces of a different type of fish (one that was not a part of the all you can eat buffet) to mollify him. He was still upset with this and proceeded to make a public fuss.

    I completely side with the restaurant on this. All you can eat does not mean unlimited -- all you can eat as long as supplies last sounds a lot more fair. Additionally, they tried to make amends by giving him a different type of fish (and not just one piece... EIGHT) and this man (who still owes the restaurant money) is still not happy? I don't see how his position is defensible in the least.
  • Epistem... Just Je... 2012/05/18 06:47:23
    Epistemically Justified -- BN7
    Wanted to add: it looks like the restaurant has, in fact, banned him. Seems a little late, but at least this ridiculousness won't happen again.
  • being me 2012/05/18 05:11:07
    being me
    I understand his point but I wish people would think about others as well and keep in mind that they aren't the only ones there and others would like to have some to eat as well. I guess some people just choose to take advantage of the situation. I'm sure when people plan for how much food they need, they supply an ample amount that would be enough for the average appetite.
  • Common ... being me 2012/05/18 05:16:16
    Common Sense Conservative
    Then it shouldn't say all you can eat.
  • being me Common ... 2012/05/18 05:24:43
    being me
    I guess common courtesy no longer exists.
  • Common ... being me 2012/05/19 21:47:41
    Common Sense Conservative
    Common courtesy? If you read a sign that says all the gas you can put in your tank for the same price, would you fill up your tank to the full level or leave some for the next guy?
  • Pele Emerging 2012/05/18 05:05:50
    Pele Emerging
    First, they gave the guy more food. There is undoubtedly more to the story. For one thing, it appears the guy doesn't always pay for what he snarfs. Next, the fact that they gave him food to take home, makes it appear that the place was possibly closing for the evening. All you can eat doesn't mean that the restaurant has to stay open forever so you can eat and eat and eat. Most all you can eat places or buffets do NOT allow you to take food with you, so I think the jerk has little about which to complain.
  • Red_Horse 2012/05/18 05:05:50
  • Sandy Buttler 2012/05/18 05:02:29
    Sandy Buttler
    This guy is only 350... I've seen some 500+ pounders mutilate the local Chinese buffet. either way it says all you can eat- not all that a normal person can eat.
  • Beltazar Sandy B... 2012/05/18 05:06:05
    LMAO.. OH so funny, I am laughing so hard.. Mutilate the local Chinese buffet.. Yeah, I have seen a few of these... Sometimes that is why I go there to begin w/..
  • Lorelei Lee 2012/05/18 04:52:23
    Lorelei Lee
    It is all-you-can-eat, but don't be a pig. Plus they said he has a tab he is not paying. So I would cut him off.
  • Just Je... Lorelei... 2012/05/18 06:22:03
    Just Jenn for Now
    The right action to take would have been refusing service the minute he walked in, not when he ordered and started to chow down.
  • MistyFay8879 2012/05/18 04:40:54
    He's obviously a jerk who likes to make a stink but the restaurant should hold up to what they were advertising.
  • Bob, the reasonable one 2012/05/18 04:37:56
    Bob, the reasonable one
    He's the kind of scum sucking a-hole that nobody wants to associate with
  • Kozman Bob, th... 2012/05/18 05:05:15
    Only Pigs.
  • Common ... Bob, th... 2012/05/18 05:17:14
    Common Sense Conservative
    Really? Why?
  • Kozman Common ... 2012/05/19 04:39:21
    Is he the kind of guy you want to hang with?
  • Common ... Kozman 2012/05/19 21:48:35
    Common Sense Conservative
    What's hanging out with a guy have to do with this story. It's an all you can eat buffet. Eat till you can't if you'd like.
  • Kozman Common ... 2012/05/19 23:16:07
    Why don't YOU read all my reply's and my comment. This "guy" was not only
    feeding himself but the other guy that was with him. I don't know why this is so hard to explain to some people. I live not to far away from Chuck's. This guy
    ran food tab's he a joke. Now he will never get a food tab and Chuck's business
    is doing even better. By the way it's all you can eat NOT all you can GORGE...
    Trust me, HOGZILLA is joke...
  • Common ... Kozman 2012/05/19 23:30:05
    Common Sense Conservative
    The man was allowed to sit down and eat all he can eat, correct? If he was he should be allowed to eat all he can. If he didn't pay a bill he should have never been allowed to start eating to begin with.
  • Kozman Common ... 2012/05/19 23:45:56
    Can you give your fish or food to other people at the table. Now those people didn't order the fish fry. They did order food NOT the all you can eat.
    So can he order more fish and then distribute? Answer me that. Please.
  • Common ... Kozman 2012/05/20 00:13:36
    Common Sense Conservative
    That's up to the business. But this story doesn't say this.
  • Kozman Common ... 2012/05/20 05:11:18
  • Common ... Kozman 2012/05/20 21:48:28
    Common Sense Conservative
    The story doesn't say that.
  • Common ... Kozman 2012/05/20 21:51:03
    Common Sense Conservative
    I wouldn't feed other no, but this story does not tell us that. Please show me a link to the real story with these facts.

  • Kozman Common ... 2012/05/21 00:11:27
    Go to JS Online. Like I said many other times I live in the area.
    I know what happened. If you chose to defend the PIGMAN MAN.
    Good. That's if for some odd reason you don't find it. To bad.
    It's been in the JS new's paper and on the local new's. You must have an issue with me telling the truth. I don't really care. The
    Pig is what he is . Look under Stingle when you go to JS online.
    Now damit do it NOW. Again the best part is HOGZILLA can't eat
    at CHUCK'S anymore. And CHUCK'S Business is doing even better.
    By the way the wife and I had a sandwich there today.
  • Common ... Kozman 2012/05/21 06:03:54
    Common Sense Conservative
    Hey, if you say so I believe you. Have fun eating the buffet.
  • Kozman Common ... 2012/05/21 14:41:25
    Cool. That's what made this VERY interesting. I have only been to Chuck's 3 times in my life. The last 1 for support. Just so you know I don't EAT at buffet's. I watch what I eat. Nice shot tho with buffet thing. Work out and eat right. Just so you know I
    have a hard time watching Man vs food.
  • Common ... Kozman 2012/05/21 19:42:21
    Common Sense Conservative
    I agree, I order off the menu myself.
  • Eccles 2012/05/18 04:24:05
    A chazer bleibt a chazer - A pig remains a pig.
  • Yes
    Jersey Roze ♥Jwon's Cyar'ika ♥
    I would say yes, simply because they say he hasn't paid his tab. If you don't pay, don't expect to keep getting food...
  • Marcus ... Jersey ... 2012/05/19 00:47:58
    Marcus Clark
    Once they let him order though, the tab becomes a non-issue. If they want to make that an issue then refuse service before letting him order.
  • Jersey ... Marcus ... 2012/05/19 01:14:04
    Jersey Roze ♥Jwon's Cyar'ika ♥
    I think that would've been the smart thing to do...
  • WilliamThomasLongJr. 2012/05/18 04:12:24
    The boy was hungry!
  • Kozman William... 2012/05/18 04:20:10
    NO, he's called HOGZILLA!!!!! Trust me. I know.
  • Jersey ... William... 2012/05/19 01:14:29
    Jersey Roze ♥Jwon's Cyar'ika ♥
    Far from a boy! Lol!! ;D...
  • Peewee ~PWCM~ 2012/05/18 04:11:48
    Peewee ~PWCM~
    what a disgusting slob who's clearly milking it. He doesn't look like he's homeless and needy or something. He's just a glutton. There's nothing more gross than watching some big fat slob eat plate after plate after plate at a buffet. Pay your tab, dude.
  • Kigan 2012/05/18 04:02:45
    It states he has been an issue for years and has an unpaid tab.

    If you do not pay off your tab, they can and will cut you off. They aren't just giving this food away.

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