Was Abortion Forced on Woman After She Said ‘Stop’?

Living 2010/06/06 04:22:44
A young Michigan woman who changed her mind about having an abortion while on the doctor's table has accused her doctor of terminating her pregnancy even after she pleaded with him to stop, ABC News reported.

Caitlin Bruce, now 20, walked into Dr. Abraham Hodari’s Feminine Health Care Clinic in Flint, Mich., in April 2008, intending to have an abortion. She claims in an interview with ABCNews.com that she changed her mind, but was pinned down, her mouth covered to muffle her screams, while Hodari forcibly terminated her pregnancy.

Hodari's lawyer called the lawsuit "baseless" and said Bruce changed her mind too late and that the doctor had no choice but to finish what he started.

When a technician performed a sonogram and handed Bruce the picture of her 6-week-old fetus -- even though she had specifically filled out paperwork saying she didn't want to see the ultrasound or any pictures -- she began to seriously question her decision.

What happened next is in dispute.

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  • XxXxX 2010/06/06 15:49:15
    It was probably too late. She either wants some serious lawsuit money, or her conscience got the best of her so she blamed the doctor for what she did.

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  • jimiwhitten 2010/06/08 20:04:26
    Wow - a new version of 'he says, she says' - I thought I had heard them all.
  • LoveEmoz 2010/06/08 02:26:16
    she should of though about it before she went in its sorta like it you are half way through something u have to finish it like suicide if you were going o hang yourself the second u kick the chair away or something you cant change your mind
  • Greetings Chap 2010/06/08 01:53:41
    Greetings Chap
    Ok, if you change your mind DURING the operation, its too late. But let's say you want to cancel maybe even in the room before the procedure starts, then you should be able to but still have to pay, or perhaps a cancellation fee.
  • Ernesto... Greetin... 2010/06/08 03:09:42
    Of course that depends on how far along the operation was. But yeah, I agree completely.
  • ptete i... Greetin... 2010/06/08 16:23:03 (edited)
    ptete in left I trust ~ POTC**FUKU2**
    Joint Commission - the national accrediting agency for medical facilities - requires a "time out" prior to a procedure where the patient and the nurse and the anesthesiologist and the surgeon identify the patient, the procedure and consent. It is when it is verified that the patient knows what is going to happen. It has to be done prior to any surgical procedure in every facility. If a patient wants to change their mind, it is the time when they still have the opportunity to. Once a procedure starts it is impossible to stop it without endangering the patient after a certain point in time.
  • Megan-Elouise 2010/06/08 01:29:55
    omg that is sol horrible
  • ♥♫Kryzten♥♫ 2010/06/07 23:05:54
    i think it was forced, if he wasn't "in" yet, then it wasn't too late
  • coffee man ♥♫Kryzt... 2010/06/08 18:19:43
    coffee man
    well at that point you need to ask yourself what was his motivation for forcing an abortion on this woman.
    It's just insane to believe that someone would force this on an unwilling patient.
  • captkirk999 2010/06/07 22:15:39
    sounds like the rabid dog right are spinning the story for the pro-life false morality nuts. How can you be pro-life and chant drill baby drill with how much life is being killed because of the oil mess in the gulf.
  • coffee man 2010/06/07 21:49:41
    coffee man
    I'm guessing that they were probably too late in the procedure. The way this was written makes it sound like it's from a horror movie and that this was against her will, more than likely there was no chance for the baby at the point they were at and to stop there would have be detrimental for the girl.
  • SeaSparkzz 2010/06/07 21:44:26
    Once they start, they have to finish.

    ALL women considering abortion should do some serious research into what they are doing and what that thing in them looks like. If she'd done her research to begin with, this wouldn't even be an issue now.
  • Gary SeaSparkzz 2010/06/08 03:36:13
    What does it look like the first three weeks or so. A tadpole? A lump of protoplasm?
    Anything at all human?
  • Patric Gary 2010/06/08 12:47:17
    yes, durring the first month, head, hands, legs, are visible.

    it is a child, un born, but a child ...

    abortion ... the liberal spin word for murder...
  • coffee man Patric 2010/06/08 18:21:38
    coffee man
    it's only murder by your definition. You can redefine words all you want, invent your own language, etc. But for the rest of the country it's just abortion.
  • Patric coffee man 2010/06/08 18:30:56
    you may be right, in that I invent my own language....

    killing a human is murder ...

    call it, label it, spin it any way you chose,, murder..

    but then , murder does not sound so clean,, call it abortion, it is soothing to your ears, then you can sleep at night ,,, knowing a woman only abortiion her little child, she did not kill / murder the child, only abortion...

    spin that in your pipe.....
  • SeaSparkzz Patric 2010/06/08 22:24:33 (edited)
    No reasonabl person will deny that abortion is indeed killing something that is alive... but whether or not an embryo or a fetus is currently an individual human being is where the debate really lies.
  • coffee man Patric 2010/06/10 21:00:57
    coffee man
    murder is illegal. Abortion isn't. There is the very simple difference.
    Is it murder when a doctor gives a lethal injection to a man on death row? That is killing a human, but we don't call that murder.
    Why do we use the term "manslaughter" if killing a human is murder and murder is murder?
    Why does out society have different ways of describing that act if it takes place in different situations if it's all the same? The answer is because it ISN'T all the same, this is why we have different words to describe the different situations.
    The only time that abortion "is" murder is when it's convenient for an argument.
  • Patric coffee man 2010/06/11 13:13:49
    well, I agree with some of your reply... abortion is not illegal. we agree on that point.

    in my opinion ,, abortion is murder, the courts and you , and well a lot of people , see it differently than I do.

    to state, " when it is convenient for an argument " sorta minimizes the "grave" importance of taking a childs life,
    the loss of aprox. 24 million, ( wow, lots of death going on here ) children, even if the courts feel it is legal, I feel otherwise.

    It was, it is, it will be MURDER for me, even if I am the only person on this good earth.

    And coffee man, it is not "convenient" to have this position, I am in the minority , and your argument has been much more civil than others that have replied concerning this issue.

    I would rather have my position , and be wrong, than to have the other position and be right.

    ?? your thoughts about partial birth abortion ??
  • jo coffee man 2010/07/03 06:42:31
    here here
  • SeaSparkzz Patric 2010/06/08 22:27:04
    Can you please point out the legs or hands on this 4 week ultrasound? legs hands 4 week ultrasound
    Or that 6 week one I posted above?
  • Patric SeaSparkzz 2010/10/31 13:42:17
    No, I am unable to do what you ask, but then I am a construction worker , not a M.D.

    it seems odd you would request a medical opinion from an unkown person on the internet, odd indeed...
  • GrumpyCat Patric 2010/10/30 18:27:17
    "durring the first month, head, hands, legs, are visible." 0.0

    Are you a nutter? During the fourth week of pregnancy (the end of the 1 month period) the fertilized egg has just entered the uterus and is split into the placenta and the embryo. Far from a developed fetus with arms and legs lol. Someone didn't pass 9th grade biology...

  • Patric GrumpyCat 2010/10/31 13:50:16
    Vivian, ( there is something about the name Vivian that I like ) not sure to what your reply is replying to .

    also, not sure what a "nutter " is, I try to stay away from the name calling, mostly because I do not know what the name means....

    and for the record, I did not take biology in the 9th grade . so, I guess for the record you are correct, I did not pass 9th grade biology, nor did I flunk either...

    thank you for your reply,

    still like the name Vivian, it sorta rolls off the lips... :)
  • SeaSparkzz Gary 2010/06/08 22:22:41
    This is 6 weeks... What does it look like to you?
    6 weeks
  • WankerBait 2010/06/07 21:29:56
  • karmadrome 2010/06/07 21:05:44
    "but was pinned down, her mouth covered to muffle her screams, while Hodari forcibly terminated her pregnancy."

    That makes no logical sense. Do they not use ANY sedatives or anesthesia during abortions? I have never had one, so I honestly don't know, but logically, a procedure such as an abortion would either require one to be knocked out or very heavily sedated.
  • SeaSparkzz karmadrome 2010/06/07 21:47:07 (edited)
    I am kind of surprised that someone was having a surgical abortion at 6 weeks... that's still early enough for the pill.
  • coffee man SeaSparkzz 2010/06/07 21:52:06
    coffee man
    there is a whole lot going on here that's under the surface.
  • SeaSparkzz coffee man 2010/06/07 21:54:08
  • karmadrome SeaSparkzz 2010/06/08 13:12:57
    I don't know anything about abortions other than it is a surgery. Last I checked, people aren't "awake" enough to need to be pinned down and muffled during surgery. None of this makes any sense at all.
  • SeaSparkzz karmadrome 2010/06/08 22:41:03 (edited)
    Not all abortions are surgery... Up to about 7 weeks the pill abortion is effective. It is two pills taken hours apart that expel the uterus.
    Not all surgeries require the person to be put out. Some minor surgeries are done with the patient fully awake.
    I don't know that much about it, so I looked it up...
    "You are sedated and given pain killers during the procedure but you remain awake and conscious during the abortion."
    I also found this....
    "Surgical abortions can not be performed any earlier than 6-7 weeks after the first day of your last regular period"

    So, this girl should not have even been having a surgical abortion at 6 weeks pregnant.
  • karmadrome SeaSparkzz 2010/06/09 13:45:41
    So the bottom line, there are tons of holes in this story.
  • SeaSparkzz karmadrome 2010/06/09 17:14:29
    Pretty much!
  • AmericaIsGoingDownhill 2010/06/07 21:05:26
    If her water had been broken, it was too late-he had to finish.

    She specifically said she didn't want to see the sonogram. Her written wishes should have been respected.
  • Gary 2010/06/07 20:45:02
    Ask Mitt Romney. He's flip-flopped on every political position he's ever held.
    That is the same thing as changing one's mind, nicht whar?
  • moorrbrt1 "In God we Trust" 2010/06/07 20:31:36
    moorrbrt1 "In God we Trust"
    It will be interesting to follow this case and see what happens. If she's telling the truth, then I hope the doctor will be put in prison.
    I wish all states had the mandatory sonogram thing. Once you've seen a picture of your child, all the lies the pro-choice tell go out the window.
  • GoddessMother 2010/06/07 19:48:16
    Very sad.
  • Patric 2010/06/07 19:22:01
    Ok, so the young lady get's drugged up to have her baby cut out of her womb, and then under the drug influence she get's the idea that it is bad to kill her child.
    well, now, a little late isn't it ?

    maybe she should have got drugged prior to making the decision to kill that child.
  • blabla Patric 2010/06/08 03:08:53
    the drug's are probably what led to her being pregnant, did'nt help her on that either eh?
  • Patric blabla 2010/06/08 10:53:26
    and the bottom line ? a child died... sad .
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