Was 911 planned?

itsalliexx 2010/09/13 02:38:45
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ok, i just wanna kno if 911 whuz planned. i watched this vid nd i said bullshit becuz our government wouldn't plant explosives in the building before the plane chrashed. the heat of theplane melted away the metal in the building causing it to fall nd collapse. gosh, i just wanna know how many ppl belive in that load of shit or how many ppl believe it whuz NOT planned. i believe it whuz not planned becuz our Us would never blow up or own building nd kill 3000 innocent ppl!!! Terrorists would. i meant lyk would the government plan this. i kno the terrorists planned it. its kinda obvious!!

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  • Randomchick85023 2010/09/17 03:23:09
    YES IT WHUZ!! ppl would do that
    Ya it was. There was this whole thing about terrorists attacking and high jacking the planes and killing thousands of people. R.I.P. people. So sad ;(
  • itsalliexx Randomc... 2010/09/17 05:23:35
    yea i kno bout that but i messed up my question. oops i mean lyk whuz it planned by the gov cuz everyone has been saying yes it has been im lyk "what?"
  • Randomc... itsalliexx 2010/09/19 01:57:44
    ohz lolz i dont think so.
  • itsalliexx Randomc... 2010/09/19 02:53:41
    haha kk thats wat ive been wondering lol:) thanx
  • Sniper Charizard 2010/09/14 05:41:47
    YES IT WHUZ!! ppl would do that
    Sniper Charizard
    duh would a person take weapons in their carry ons 4 a diff reason NO!!!!!
  • itsalliexx Sniper ... 2010/09/14 23:04:46
    ok ok i got it
  • Nimara 2010/09/13 04:21:14
    YES IT WHUZ!! ppl would do that
    I think it was part of an inside job.
    Yes, it was planned.
  • itsalliexx 2010/09/13 02:58:24
    It was not planned.
    i believe it whuz not planned.
  • flaca BN-0 2010/09/13 02:51:37
    It was not planned.
    flaca BN-0
    demolition experts have already explained that it takes months to set detonations for such a large building and there's no way it could have been done without people noticing. Then there's the very real question of how could they keep so many people quiet (when any news org would pay good money for a whistleblower: so far none have come forward). Then there's the ultra coincidence that the plane that crashed into the field on the same day was hijacked by middle eastern gentlemen (as told in phone calls to loved ones before it went down). Some people say it's impossible to get a phone call at that altitude, but I have personally received a phone call from a friend flying on a major jet going to Europe, so I guess that was chopped liver.
  • :::toXicbLacK::: 2010/09/13 02:41:09
    YES IT WHUZ!! ppl would do that
    oh...trust me they would! there is a lot of clues out there that say they did it on purpose!
  • itsalliexx :::toXi... 2010/09/15 03:38:01
    ohh yea if u guys dont get my question i meant lyk if it whuz planned by the government. i kno the terrorists planned it but whuz it also planned by the governmnet becuz ppl tell me it whuz
  • Randomc... itsalliexx 2010/09/17 03:23:50
    ohz lolz i dont think so.
  • :::toXi... itsalliexx 2010/09/17 16:22:39
    yes it was!

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