VICTORY in New Mexico! No drivers licenses for illegal aliens

tncdel 2011/02/12 03:29:31
We have a victory to report! Thanks
in part to your calls, emails, faxes, and letters, New Mexico
lawmakers just narrowly defeated special driving permits for illegal
aliens. From the comments of Governor Martinez's office, it would
appear she is hearing us!

"I'm not concerned about what's popular with the Legislature. What's most important is what's popular with the public. And more than 80 percent of the public in New Mexico does not want to be issuing driver's licenses to illegal immigrants." -- NM Governor Susana Martinez (505-476-2200)

Victory in New Mexico! Legislature defeats Special Driving Permits for illegals!

Please continue your calls into Washington state as the battle there continues... (activism details at)



We are very happy to see that citizens in Utah now have motion on a bill to stop the final state officially giving licenses to illegal aliens.


Step 1: Read, understand, and circulate this article on our homepage at alipac.us

Utah Close to Eliminating licenses for illegal immigrants!

Step 2: Click on these links to access names, phone numbers, emails,
and addresses for Utah state legislators. (Focus on the senate first.)

Utah State Senate

Utah State House

Step 3: Pick up your phone. If you are trying to save money, get a Vonage line or cell phone with unlimited calling plans for under $30 per month.

Call as many Utah lawmakers as you can and ask to speak with them
directly. If you cannot do so, leave messages in voice mail and with

Create your own distinct and personalized version of this message.

"I'm calling to ask you to support and pass SB138 to stop illegal
aliens from receiving licenses in Utah. It is embarrassing that Utah
is almost the last state in America to continue giving illegals a
permit or license to drive! Official polls show that almost 80% of
American citizens do not want illegal aliens to receive licenses or any
taxpayer benefits. Please support SB 138 and stop illegal immigrants
from receiving any licenses or permits in Utah!"

Once you
have made your call, then follow-up with a written version of your
message. A written letter, fax, or email will reinforce your message.
Calls have the most impact followed by letters, followed by faxes,
followed by emails.

If you take the easy road and just send emails, your impact will be minimal.

Please follow ALIPAC's activism advice closely as our strategies are tested and proven effective.

If you have any suggestions, receive any feedback or push-back from
Utah lawmakers, or have any questions... ALIPAC Activists will be
monitoring this link 24/7 for your comments.

Comments on Utah effort link...

Let's shut down one of the final license points for illegals in America! Let's pile on Utah ASAP!

Let's make 2011 the year ALIPAC can proclaim that there are no more states openly giving licenses to illegal aliens.

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  • RageFury 2011/02/13 22:02:42
    One big step for Citizens across the nation.
    More states need to join in this.
    My problem here, unless I misread it, is the first article you posted says they have Drivers Licenses, those need to be canceled and denied to Illegal Aliens as well.
  • Patriot Unit 2011/02/13 00:22:51 (edited)
    Patriot Unit
    Good for the new governor, and her legislature. I never did think that Illegal Aliens deserved a DL or anything else that we citizens should be the only ones getting .

    I say that is you come here legally, and follow all the rules, and regulations, to be a documented worker, or student, or to become a legal citizen, Then you are most welcome, by me and millions of other US Citizens. But to circumvent our laws, disrespect our sovereignty. and try to change our way of life, and the laws we have is a No Go. That dog just don't hunt for me.

    This country is and always has been the great melting pot of the world. The problem is that somebody keeps steering the pot, every time we try to let it gel. Immigration is an honor granted by any country. To me it is a good thing, as long as it is done legally, and that the government supports it. I don't know any other countries that condone illegal immigration. Do you? And I don't know any other Central Government that allows it to happen to gain votes. or that looks the other way, until the invaders grow into the millions, and become an unsustainable sub culture, that the government gives them Amnesty, rather than dealing with them from the get go, like ours does.
  • none 2011/02/12 18:42:34
  • 2010now 2011/02/12 15:01:54
    Another incidence of liberal policies having to be reversed because of the harm to society. Good show NM.
  • Lady Whitewolf 2011/02/12 09:53:14
    Lady Whitewolf
  • Captain Kirk~POTL 2011/02/12 08:03:56
    Captain Kirk~POTL
    Excellent,that`s a start!!
  • Ken 2011/02/12 05:37:33
  • sglmom 2011/02/12 05:15:49
    Good for the People of New Mexico!
  • BlacK ReBEL $$oulja 2011/02/12 04:15:57
    BlacK ReBEL $$oulja
    I understand they come here work hard but do it legally do it right even if your illegal be a bout your check son..even employers I blame them as much as I blame illegals they work em like dogs know their illegal. Well if they value their work help em become legal make em citizens don;t dodge the law the rules for personal gain and prophet this to is huge problem ..
  • Farnsworth 2011/02/12 04:05:22
    That is a victory! 3 cheers for New Mexico... the people (citizens) have spoken!
  • MARCY Farnsworth 2011/02/12 05:52:30
  • Farnsworth MARCY 2011/02/12 11:24:16
    the republican governors, that have republican majorities, need to come up with an "illegal alien" law package, like no DL, no spanish language documents, residency checks and heavy fines for hiring illegals. then pass the same laws in there respective states, making the environment more hostile for them to live.

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