Vacation Question. My dad just announced we are going to Colorado for Christmas. Should I protest?

CornerBlitz 2008/11/28 18:28:21
Grin and bear it dude.
Protest, you can Snowboard without em.
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The time share does not suck, but since they insist on driving and not flying,I am gonna be stuck in the car with them for a significant time, and San Francisco to Aspen is not exactly a hop, skip and a jump.

Sure, I can play my PSP, or jam out to my Ipod, but the situation is a tad on the "weird me out" side.

Protest ya think?

jump play psp jam ipod situation tad weird protest yajump play psp jam ipod situation tad weird protest yajump play psp jam ipod situation tad weird protest ya
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  • Outtolunch 2008/12/02 17:00:58
    I'll tell you what. You fly over to Scotland for the holidays and I will go to Colorado with your parent. How's that sound??
  • iSupportAdam 2008/12/02 02:12:37
    Grin and bear it dude.
    at least u have the opportunity to go somewhere cool for christmas! i have to stay here in NY, o great
    grin bear dude opportunity cool christmas stay ny
  • Kyuketsuki 2008/12/01 22:07:47
    Grin and bear it dude.
    Hey! I live in Colorado, and it is brilliant. I would never leave here if it were up to me but mine parents hath forced me to endureth the too hot climates of Florida and Alabama....
  • Ellen Zee 2008/12/01 16:32:22
    Grin and bear it dude.
    Ellen Zee
    Get in the Spirit and go with the flow!!! or you could stay "Home Alone" hehe
  • Mike (the original sodahead... 2008/12/01 16:26:05
    Grin and bear it dude.
    Mike (the original sodahead 'Mike')
    Who knows? Maybe they have some cool plans in store.
  • chrissy~in ky,chris,nick,ka... 2008/11/29 17:12:12
    Protest, you can Snowboard without em.
    chrissy~in ky,chris,nick,kadellashell, alyssa, and sty i trust ~
    have fun without them
  • Lynn \m/ 2008/11/29 09:05:54
    Lynn \m/
    so where do you think protesting will get you?
  • ☮~♥ashley nicole♥~☮ 2008/11/29 05:19:27
    Grin and bear it dude.
    ☮~♥ashley nicole♥~☮
    i was born there
  • NuddaBlackGuy 2008/11/28 19:39:12
    Protest, you can Snowboard without em.
    Protest, throw a temper tantrum and INSIST that you have the RIGHT to a family trip to ALASKA !! Tell them that you want to find out on your own how Sarah Palin lives so you can report back to the rest of the SH'ers here with the gospel truth. Now go and stomp your feet, throwing yourself on the floor and don't stop screaming till they agree.
  • CornerB... NuddaBl... 2008/11/28 20:53:31
    Not the coolest answer in the world, but you got style like no other Bro.
  • NuddaBl... CornerB... 2008/11/28 20:55:22
    That bad, eh ? ( heavy sigh )
  • The Sane One 2008/11/28 18:58:29
    Grin and bear it dude.
    The Sane One
    Cheer up-- there are lots of things to amuse yourself with on the trip.

    For instance, you can insist on stopping in Winnemuca or Wells-- they have legal brothels there (if you're old enough to indulge).

    You can drive through Salt Lake City and play 'try to find the black guy'.

    Or-- god forbid-- you might actually read a book on the trip. Compare the movie version of 'Twilight' against the written version-- and see where the differences are.

    Above all else-- enjoy your family while you can. Once they are gone, you're screwed.
  • OZ151 2008/11/28 18:41:37
    Grin and bear it dude.
    Spend time with them while you can... And colorado is beautiful. grin bear dude spend colorado beautiful
  • ~lilttle Miss.devil~ 2008/11/28 18:38:35
    ~lilttle Miss.devil~
    i dont no i live in colorado and its nice here but thats all up to u
  • ὤTṻnde΄ӂ 2008/11/28 18:38:16
    Grin and bear it dude.
    I'll trade places with you. I LOVE Colorado. Went to school at CSU Ft. Collins. I am leaving instructions to scatter my remains there in the Rockies.
  • Tab Bear[: 2008/11/28 18:35:01
    Tab Bear[:
    I dont know my dad wanted me to up north but i am not going cuz i dont want to my friends want to see me and i really dont know anyone there so i am staying and i will miss ya cuz you probably wont be able to talk to me
  • Self - Deactivation. 2008/11/28 18:33:53
    Grin and bear it dude.
    Self - Deactivation.
    spending some time with family is a great thing
  • ~*Shayli*~ 2008/11/28 18:31:26
    Grin and bear it dude.
    I live in colorado so come down

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