US/Nato Freedom for Libya and Syria

Daniel S 2012/07/05 11:04:13
Before the west destroyed Libya, murdering thousands of civilians and bombing their water supply with depleted uranium, Libya was the most prosperous nation in Africa with the highest living standard. (Down after the conflict.) Gaddafi built infrastructure, schools, hospitals, and housing for Libya. He built the Great Man-Made River to supply water for Libya, it is a man-made wonder of the world. Farmers were given houses, land, and farming equipment. Everyone had free water. The exact polar opposite of what the US does to it's farmers. The hallmark of an oppressive terror regime. There was freedom of religion. (The west only attacks the secular states in the Middle East while being allied with the most oppressive regimes like Saudi Arabia.) Gaddafi provided higher education for Libyans. During the monarchy that Gaddafi overthrew in a bloodless coupe, Libya was nomadic and the literacy rate was 20%. Gaddafi raised this above 80%. Gaddafi spent tens of billions in oil money every year building Libya to the height of it's civilization.

Such a sovereign, nationalist state is anathema to the corporate monopoly men, the colonialists. Gaddafi was industrializing the region and providing an example of what nationalization of oil used properly looks like. (Better than corporations stealing a nation's resources.) The oligarchs do not want Africa, or any country for that matter, developed and using it's own resources. They want it undeveloped and destroyed while they suck the resources out of it.

"The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries."

- David Rockefeller, Bilderberg meeting Baden, Germany 1991

Oil discovered in Uganda
US Troops to Uganda

Cue al Qaeda. And cue the western media making up stories about Gaddafi attacking protesters, then rinse and repeat with Assad. Since the western media considers rebels with rocket launchers to be protesters. War is always based on lies. Lies such as The Gulf on Tonkin, Serbian camps, throwing babies out of incubators, and yellow cake. In both Libya and Syria the terrorists started the provocations by attacking the police. Gaddafi said that al Qaeda was attacking him. Assad said that Syria is fighting a terrorist insurgency. Using this same logic the US should have declared those anarchists to be the legitimate government of the US and give them air support and an embassy.

Rebels resort to guerrilla tactics in western Libya
Syria claims that 120 police killed in anti-regime ambush
Syria rebels kill judicial officials in bold ambush

What does US/Nato Freedom look like?

In Libya, there was a minority population of sub-Saharans that were migrant workers due to Libya's industry and prosperity. Al Qaeda terrorists are mass murdering them, with the western media accusing them of being mercenaries. There is always a cover, an excuse for everything. Just like the western media makes excuses for the despotism in the US. Africans were arrested, largely African populated cities like Tawergha are empty, and Africans have been found bound and murdered. Just as some of the victims in the recent Syrian massacres were bound. The same western backed al Qaeda.

Now in Syria Assad's Alawite minority and the country's 10% Christian population face the same fate as the Africans in Libya. As well as the Christians in Libya, and anyone else in either country deemed a loyalist to the old regimes. This kind of discrimination did not happen under Gaddafi or Assad, as everyone was protected under rule of law. They were secular arab states.

Professionally armed and trained al Qaeda in Libya
Blacks in Libya face danger from rebels
Displaced black Libyans tell of beatings, expulsion at gun point
Rebels pursue their enemies, questions arise about the missing
Church fears ethnic cleansing of Christians in Homs, Syria
Egypt Coptic Christians dismayed but determined after Morsi win

Al Qaeda is the sword of the west. It is the destabilization mechanism of the west. It can be used as the pretext to take any country, to start any wars and bomb any country. The government says terrorists, the government is free to start more wars and/or bomb another country. Very elementary. It is so simple that it is complicated. Just as the US is now building drone bases all over Africa. A destabilized country is destroyed, it is weak and vulnerable to any attack, to any military or financial action used against it. And contrary to wild hysteria probably cooked up by the western media, this is not putting Israel in danger. A destabilized country is no threat whatsoever militarily to the US and Israel in it's destroyed state. Just as Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Syria, and Yemen are now. Suppose someone in a destabilized state wants to retaliate with a real terror attack against the west for destroying their country. The government would probably like this, and even give them support. The government could use this for more war hysteria and propaganda, and to decimate our former liberties further with this nightmare police state.

I see what US/Nato "freedom" is, it is destruction and genocide.

Libya: the west and al Qaeda on the same side
Freelance Jihadists join Libyan rebels
US may supply Gaddafi rebels with weapons
Arm the Libyan rebels to fight Gadhafi
Shock: America fighting on the same side of al Qaeda in Libya
Islamists are elated by revolts says al Qaeda cleric
Libyan rebel leader reportedly has al Qaeda ties
Al Qaeda bomber was CIA informant
Al Qaeda bomber worked for British Intelligence
Nightmare in Libya: thousands of AA weapons unaccounted for
Arms smuggling explodes across Egypt-Libya border
Leading Libyan Islamist met Free Syrian Army opposition group
Syrian rebels ransack Christian churches
Jihadists claim Syria attacks
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