US Servicemen wearing non-sanctioned 'My Little Pony' rainbow patch?

~ The Rebel ~ 2012/07/19 16:20:11

There's a new insignia showing up on the sleeves of a small group of military men, but instead of denoting rank, it advertises their love for a cartoon inspired by the girlish 1980s plastic toy called "My Little Pony."

So-called "Bronies," adult men who are fans of the TV show "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic," have apparently been around at least since 2010, when the Hasbro-owned cartoon first aired. Within their ranks are "Military Bronies," service members from all branches of the military who share their love of the show and wear the "cutie mark" -- a Rainbow

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  • Yoru 2012/07/19 16:27:45
    Dont be fooled that rainbow patch is what really separates the men from the boys.

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  • Platinum Fangs 2012/07/24 09:58:07
  • Metaldane 2012/07/19 17:13:55
    Whatever floats your boat specially if your boat is getting shot at lol.
  • Cal 2012/07/19 16:45:27 (edited)
    That's sad and pathetic on their part. I'm not going to bash their likes, even though I really really want to call their mental state into question, and I'm going to go a different route.

    That patch does not belong on the uniform. It's a disrespect against what that uniform represents. It's against regulation and you can bet these soldiers will be disciplined. The uniform is not there for you to customize as you please, it's to send a message, and to represent that America's military is strong and united.

    These soldiers have no integrity.
  • Copper ... Cal 2015/05/03 09:01:47 (edited)
    Copper head
    Why you no good, I'm a lance corporal in the United States Marine corp. and I'm a brony and guess what? I have a patch just like that on my Marpat uniform. Also I don't think you've been to Iraq lately, you know being shot at, friends getting killed and injured by I.E.D's not to mention the stress put on you making sure you and your buddies make it back to base uninjured, I have friends who serve with me with mlp patches on their uniforms to.
  • Cal Copper ... 2015/05/03 15:00:29 (edited)
    Wonderful. An marine with a mental problem. Whatever battlefield you end up on...warn me advance. I don't need your magical friendly fire. Seek behavioral health while it's still free because once you get out...it's all over. The VA sucks.

    By the way. Your profile is brand new. You revived a year old thread. Your location says Canada. Try harder next time. I call stolen valor on this.
  • Copper ... Copper ... 2015/05/13 05:58:53
  • Jiorgia 2012/07/19 16:30:09
    Troops could wear evening gowns and heels on the front line for all I care, although I wouldn't recommend it.
  • LibertyCaroline 2012/07/19 16:29:14
    Love it, kiss off Brass!
  • Yoru 2012/07/19 16:27:45
    Dont be fooled that rainbow patch is what really separates the men from the boys.
  • IC Freeley 2012/07/19 16:26:52
    IC Freeley
    Whatever helps them take the stress off.

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