U.S. Schools Drop Handwriting Requirement: Sensible or Foolish?

News 2011/07/13 13:36:10
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Indiana is the latest U.S. state to drop a handwriting requirement from their curriculum, citing that there simply isn't enough time to teach both handwriting and basic typing skills.

Under the core standards - which were released in June 2010 and have been adopted by nearly all U.S. states - there is no requirement for them to [teach handwriting].

Dr Scott Hamilton, an Indiana clinical psychologist, said the time children spend labouring over script could be better used: "From an intuitive standpoint, this makes sense, based on the increasingly digital world into which this generation of children is growing up."

But some would argue there is a direct link between the way people learn and writing. And then there is the obvious:

"How are [children] supposed to know how to sign their names?”

It's a fair question, do you think it's sensible to drop handwriting from our children's school curriculum?

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  • Kigan 2011/07/13 16:34:48
    Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic.

    Reading is being heavily cut out, now writing as well. Arithmetic is still there, though the level is dropping.

    Honestly, what idiot actually thinks we've phased writing out SO MUCH that it can be dropped from school curriculums? I use it most days in leisure time alone.

    If nothing else, you have a bunch of people who can't even sign their names. Not to mention takes tests, write essays on paper...this is so absurd.

    Dr. Scott Hamilton is an idiot, and I bet he writes daily.

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  • Molly Kelchen 2011/11/28 22:38:36
    Molly Kelchen
    It's a tough call, really. Some students benefit from learning cursive, but the frustration of learning it can really hinder learning for other students, too.
  • Liberty Blade 2011/11/15 01:17:23
    Liberty Blade
  • *Big-Bro* 2011/10/08 16:40:34
    it stupid that schools dropped handwriting requirements. at less half of the kids in my high school can't write at all let alone read what other students and teachers write
  • Paulette Buche 2011/08/27 21:30:57
    Paulette Buche
    sensible or foolish doesnt matter. Its a done deal that as teachers, parents, employers we have to deal with because we didnt stand up and stop this trend. Parents have no idea whats going on in education. Pay attention parents.
  • martalucialovesmj4ever 2011/08/03 05:26:17 (edited)
    There is nothing wrong with learning to have good

  • Art 2011/07/30 03:53:27
    Just another indication of the dumming down of American students. Not every child is going to have constant access to a keyboard. How are those students expected to complete an assignment so that a teacher can read it. In my opinion this ranks right up there with allowing students to do all of their math assignments on a calculator.
  • martin28 2011/07/28 01:01:30
    Even though texting and other forms of electronic writing is commonly done, physical hand writing is very important in numerous situations. Besides it not like it puts students in a near death ordeal to learn good handwriting.
  • Jeremy J 2011/07/25 09:42:20
    Jeremy J
    I hate writing but you need it to live a normal life. Cutting it out is absurd
  • Stephaniee 2011/07/24 08:46:47
    Laziess -___-
  • Barbara Fernandez 2011/07/23 20:53:35
    Barbara Fernandez
    The basis of education is to address fundamental skills required in life to achieve success. Success doesn't equate to having the ability to learn to "push buttons" the fastest or negate the importance of communication skills and human experience. Speech is important and the ability to convey that to our children is even more important. Writing allows us to develop relationships and understand deeper meanings. I find it shocking to say the least. North America prides itself on being the "land of the free" however, be removing the skills and tools required to sustain our freedoms we are constantly having them removed. Systematically everyday more and more personal freedoms are being infringed on and being abused.This won't stop until people unite together and make a stand. If "we the people" refuse to fight for these rights and realize why they cost so many their lives to guarantee then we won't be able to apologize to them latter for their sacrifice. For God's sake stop standing back and watching our society disintegrate before our very eyes.
  • Tori 2011/07/23 01:39:40
    I'm sure teachers would love to grade work by students when they can't even read it.
  • Diane 2011/07/21 23:41:38
    Absolutely 100% ridiculous.
  • Andrew 2011/07/21 20:42:47
    Of course they need to know how to write.
  • mivic 2011/07/21 17:36:25
    Digital age or not, writing develops also other things. Plus, the computers might not be here forever. What if the person goes on a trip to some 3rd world country? Or what if his battery is dead and he needs to write something? So many downsides to that one.
  • gc 2011/07/21 11:47:07
    How well thought-out is THIS ... "NOT"!???! What happens when there is a MAJOR black-out (power outage of weeks OR MORE length!!!) ?
  • YoYoPotato 2011/07/20 17:41:32
    It is foolish, but as long as kids are still learning how to eligably write, it is okay. I always used to get annoyed when we took a full week of language arts class learning how to eligably write, when that should've been taught in kindergarden. Just because it is not neccessary doesn't mean that is isn't going to be taught. Lattice was not supposed to be taught in math class, but almost every kid knew how to use the lattice method at the end of 4th grade.
  • Erii 2011/07/20 05:03:02
    This is just absurd. There are people who can't afford the schooling and would give anything to learn basic writing and reading, and yet this Dr. Hamilton thinks it'd be okay to drop writing. Kids learn a hell of alot of stuff just by picking up a crayon and using it on paper. It develops motor skills and hand eye corrodination that typing can't do. Not to mention the ink it costs to type out something costs more then a pen and paper ever would.
  • Allison Delaney 2011/07/20 03:36:14
    Allison Delaney
  • Wutnagkillabeeontheswarm 2011/07/19 10:33:20
  • Cathy 2011/07/18 20:48:06
    I learned to write when I was very young. I still write letters today. It's important to learn to write.
    What signing documents with your signature on it. What are they going to do...print it? What they should do is cut out Algebra for kids who don't need it unless they are going to become a doctor, engineer or scientist; of cause keep the basic math like addition, subtracting, multiplication, fraction and division because they will need this mostly in their life.
  • Baby Vada 2011/07/18 10:29:18
    Baby Vada
    If this happens in the UK any time in the future, I can guarantee that when I have children they WILL be having reading and writing lessons at home, as I want my children to use their brains and not just auto correct etc. Yes, things are becoming more digital, but please do not wipe out writing and reading. Books and hand writing are still important as far as I am concerned. I will be teaching my children to read and write myself if I must. They are skills they need. Even if they use computers etc, they still need to be able to actually bloody read to use them! Damn. I want my children to use their brains. Gah. How stupid can you be. Hand writing is used in everday life. What, are we supposed to leave a computer or ipad on all day incase someone phones and we need to jot dwn a name or number and details? I think not. Also, it kind of goes against the whole 'not wasting electricity.' thing, does it not?
  • GeorgeAMartini 2011/07/18 08:23:51
    Grocery lists, note taking in meetings? Hello??? What is wrong with these people?! If you can't jot down thoughts etc. what are you supposed to do? Are they going to teach some super memory techniques or something? Issue every child a voice recorder or iPad? Most of the middle east has populations unable to read or write. Look how they are manipulated by their leaders. Is that what this is all about? They don't have time for the basics? Drop condom usage and other garbage from the curriculum. Teach the basics, the other stuff can wait. We need to be demanding MORE from our children, not less. Demand more and guess what? You'll get more.
  • fasco 2011/07/17 23:08:32
    i hated working on handwriting but it is important
  • GaolBlaze 2011/07/17 22:42:28
    We may be going further and further into technology, but writing is such a nicer and more personal form of communication, and in some situations writing is just best/easiest.
  • Debbie 2011/07/17 18:08:33
    Wow, no writing. With a little more progress we could drop reading too and school could be a complete waste of time. Shameful. Embarrassing, really.
  • JK 2011/07/17 08:15:55
    How many signatures have you read that were legible. I know mine isn't. My J is backwards, the K is minature and you can bearly make out the Y and G in my last name. Maybe a week on it later, but overall it's kind of pointless.
  • shanky 2011/07/17 07:41:49
  • studiobrat PWCM AFCL 2011/07/17 07:01:57
    studiobrat  PWCM AFCL
    Penmanship is extremely important, and it is very foolish for schools to drop it! penmanship extremely important foolish schools drop penmanship
  • Bryan the Salted Cracker 2011/07/17 03:58:42
    Bryan the Salted Cracker
    Ok when these kids apply for a job application and our system is down and they have to write for a change I don't want to be guessing at what they wrote.....
  • pyroboy4206 2011/07/17 03:55:30
    incredible. why would this happen?
  • FreedomFighter 2011/07/16 21:50:42
    Dear lord, what is this generation (my generation, and newer ones) going to do if the power goes out. I know too many, far too many kids who can not live without their phone, laptop, or iPad. And when the power goes out (Which it has while they were over once) it was pathetic. It was so sad to watch. I may be a techno geek/nerd but I love to write, I love to draw, and I can live without power. With this "Digital Generation" all it will take is one good storm to wipe out their lives. Just imagine if lightning struck the facebook servers. It is insane how many people would be lost without it. And you know what, all the social people never leave their homes in this messed up world, they just sit on the computer all daylong looking for status updates and tweets, while all the sociopaths are outside with their friends, riding bikes, in the forests, or indoors at least playing games with people who are actually there next to them. This generation is just messed up.
  • Ozzyboy 2011/07/16 21:35:55
    It is yet another wY to control the population. The elitist really can't have the new generations think or read for themselves now can they? In a few generations, curcive will be the code for the elite.
  • Mike Miller 2011/07/16 21:15:38
    Mike Miller
    ..and if the power goes out and we can't use our computers or smart phones it would be pretty sorry if our kids couldn't even write notes to one another. Writing reinforces language skills and helps people learn proper English. What a mistake dropping it would be.
  • mm 2011/07/16 15:16:47
    I think beautiful handwriting is going to be a lost art...for that I grieve.
  • Wabbleyuw 2011/07/16 13:15:04
    Writing for school work if so last century. But writing won't die.
  • Mary-Joe meaganasfree2rhyme00 2011/07/16 13:09:49
    Mary-Joe meaganasfree2rhyme00
    printing is in at all cost
  • Little Lulu 2011/07/16 06:51:32
    Little Lulu
    Everyone needs to sign their name.
  • atamsmom 2011/07/16 04:26:13 (edited)
    There are enough people out there with illegible handwritting, and that happened WITH the requirement in place. Can you imagine the amount of unreadable papers that will soon be floating around? Hey a new peofession in the making handwriting analysis and deciphering? Yet another STUPID move, what is it against the Obama's religion? Also, in response to the statement that there just isn't enough time to teach both handwriting and basic typing: They did it at EVERY school I ever attended of which there were quite a few. So, what are they trying to say that teachers are lazy? I'd have to disagree with that I think that most teachers try to do the best they can. The problem is having 30 students per teacher or too much focus on sports and extracurricular activities.
    I seem to remember a time when it was against the law for certain classes to know how to read and write dating all the way back to the Roman Empire. Dark Ages here we come!!!! Again!
  • Mikel_mad2002 2011/07/16 03:33:26
    Definitely not, in fact more support should be given to children who have difficulty in writing ledgibly through physical impairment.
  • bigbear 2011/07/16 02:32:12
    They really need to drop algebra and anything over that!!!!!! It's useless in life!!!!!!!!
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