U.S. Postal Service Default Looming. Are You Worried About Getting Your Mail?

Fox Report with Shepard Smith 2012/08/01 14:00:00
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  • texasred 2012/08/02 20:14:03
    This is so stupid. They know they need to stop Saturday delivery. They've known it for quite a while. But, even that's short term. Privatize it and get it over with.

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  • S* 2012/08/02 05:02:34
    I am worried for the postal employees.
  • Wahvlvke 2012/08/02 04:55:04
    Free enterprise will conceive an alternative that will be the last nail in the coffin for the USPS.
  • mikeeonly 2012/08/02 04:25:25
    as of now, I have excellent service
  • dandieselonian 2012/08/02 04:23:51
    My mail service is lousey I have to take pictures of my outgoing mail in the box so that the mailman knows I can prove he took it out of my box . Sometime the mailman will skip our whole subdivision so he can knock off early. My mailman will lose his temper and cuss me if he thinks I have complained to the postmaster its a dissaster. . angry mailman
  • Wahvlvke dandies... 2012/08/02 04:57:31
    My favorite was a note from the mailman saying he couldn't get to my mail box to deliver my mail. I lit up the post office on that one.
  • Lanikai Wahvlvke 2012/08/02 19:30:42
    Our mailman often just puts the mail in every third or fourth box, we have to sort each others mail, and take it to the correct house.

    Time to END the postal service.
  • Wahvlvke Lanikai 2012/08/03 13:02:37
    No argument here. But all those union members and their pensions ... oh dear ... oh dear ... lost crat campaign contributions ... oh dear ... oh dear. Need I go on?
  • luis 2012/08/02 04:15:22
    A LOT of my mail is either the wrong address or it's junk mail. I'm worried the bill is sent to sum1 else's address.
  • malikasecrets 2012/08/02 03:16:27
    I think the fact that kids don't know how to send thank you notes and personal letters is a shame. love letters
  • luis malikas... 2012/08/02 04:12:51
    I don't think so cus they're kids like u mentioned.
  • kevjon 2012/08/02 03:13:38
    I'm more worried about my postal carrier, out here in the country we get a much more personalized service. She calls my cell phone when she thinks there is an important piece of mail.
    Now if we are worried about a simple operation like the postal service can a liberal explain to me how the government is going to manage health care?
  • MOMMA THOMAS 2012/08/02 03:11:24
  • Redneck 2012/08/02 03:10:08
    FedEx or UPS will do a better job.
  • SOUL4REAL 2012/08/02 03:06:05
    NO! They only deliver "Junk" mail anyway!! :)))
  • the_old... SOUL4REAL 2012/08/02 03:16:08 (edited)
    And somehow that is the fault of the USPS? THEY don't send it, BIG BUSINESS sends it.

    If you want to blame someone, blame BIG BUSINESS for sending SPAM.
  • SOUL4REAL the_old... 2012/08/02 03:57:22
    I know that,it was only a joke. :)
  • Wahvlvke the_old... 2012/08/02 05:01:08
    Ooooooooooooooo! Biiiiiig Businesssssssssss. You do know they are (1) not all big ... and (2) they pay to send it.
  • the_old... Wahvlvke 2012/08/02 18:11:00
    Hey: Read AND comprehend. I see very little from small businesses in my mailbox: it's almost entirely big-chain spam.

    That wasn't even the debate: It was over the USPS DELIVERING the spam. I don't CARE that they paid for it, I CARE about people BLAMING the USPS for simply doing their job.

    Come on, man. Think.
  • Wahvlvke the_old... 2012/08/03 13:10:58
    Say what you mean ... mean what you say. And, oh yeah, those dealing in service to customers need to render customer service for even captive customers will find their way around you. Right now these rude and ill mannered EOEs are not helping their cause ... typical for those who know they cannot and will not be fired.
  • ZenerSix 2012/08/02 02:44:51 (edited)
    My bills are all emailed so junk is the only snail mail I get. I only worry when I'm expecting a package but, so far, USPS has been just as prompt and reliable as FedEx and UPS.
  • Olive Oil 2012/08/02 02:38:29
    Olive Oil
    I pay all my bills online, communicate electronically, and shop department stores-(I do not receive many purchases by mail order.) Most everything I receive by mail is junk, magazines and freebies.
  • Kigan 2012/08/02 02:32:34
    The only thing worth getting is the monthly gaming magazine I got after upgrading my rewards card at Gamestop.

    I don't care what happens to the unsolicited junk mail - especially that garbage the RNC sends me which I never signed up for in the first place.
  • lolo 2012/08/02 02:26:47
    All I really get in the mail is junk and sales ads. I do everything on line.
  • fisherman 2012/08/02 02:14:14
    the only way it could get worse around here is if it stopped completly .
  • Al B Thayer 2012/08/02 02:14:07
    Al B Thayer
    Whats with the post. Cut Saturday delieveries and reduce employment by 15%. Take a look at how UPS and FedX do it.
  • thє вluє wαndєrєr 2012/08/02 02:09:39
  • Marshall Maxwell 2012/08/02 02:08:22
    Marshall Maxwell
    The Postal service is highly mis-managed. Why do I need to go to the post office and wait in line for an hour to pick up my package when everyone else leaves it at the door without problems. My mailman also takes an hour break after he puts the mail in the community mail boxes. Is this his break time or is he malingering? Who knows but it does't look professional. One person should be able to do the job of 10 because there isn't any door to door delivery in subdivisions anymore.
  • Rock 2012/08/02 01:29:36
    To tell you the truth, I'd like it if junk mail stopped showing up in my mailbox! All my bills are available online, so what else is there? Nobody just sends "how you doing" letters anymore.
  • American 2012/08/02 01:23:46
  • thє вlu... American 2012/08/02 02:13:54 (edited)
  • American thє вlu... 2012/08/02 02:17:06
  • Redneck thє вlu... 2012/08/02 03:12:43
    The reason USPS charges less is because of government subsidies. If the USPS had to stand on their own, their prices would be the same as the others. Either way, you're paying the full price.
  • Ahzz Redneck 2012/08/02 07:01:13
    The USPS is 100% self funded. It does not get a single dime from the USA federal or state government, unless said government sends a piece of mail.

    The USPS would be profitable at it's current rate and employee costs if congress had not forced the USPS to fund 30 years of retirement for every single employee within 10 years, even if said employee wouldn't be retiring for another 40 years. No private business thinks that this level of retirement funding is reasonable. One only has to look at which party controlled the House, the Senate, and the Presidency to get an idea of why this was done.

    The USPS "crisis" was manufactured in 2006 by the Republican party. Bitch at them for screwing things up.
  • Michael S. thє вlu... 2012/08/02 11:44:48 (edited)
    Michael S.
    The USPS has much better economies of scale than UPS/FedEx/DHL, because each of them maintain facilities for full national distribution, yet they're all legally barred from competing in the delivery of first-class (etc.) mail, which comprises the vast majority of deliveries in the United States. If full competition were permitted by the federal government, their greatly increased volume would cause their prices to plummet, and it would finally be possible to make a fair comparison. (Interesting historical note: Back in the 19th century, Lysander Spooner started up a successful competing mail delivery service, the American Letter Mail Company. He was shut down of course for violating the law and embarrassing the USPS by undercutting their 12 cent stamps with 5 cent stamps. ;))

    All that said, the USPS still does enjoy certain benefits that private companies do not. Using the language from Wikipedia:
    The USPS has not directly received taxpayer-dollars since the early 1980s with the minor exception of subsidies for costs associated with the disabled and overseas voters. However, it does receive tens to hundreds of millions per year in "implicit subsidies", such as breaks on property tax, vehicle registration, and sales tax, in addition to subsidized government loans.[6]

    6. ^ [www.ftc.gov/os/2008/01/08011... Federal Trade Commission. Accessed: 26 April 2012.
  • Active Dolphin61 2012/08/02 01:14:27
    Active Dolphin61
    But then again I have always been worried about getting my mail. LOL
  • Cliff 2012/08/02 01:14:16
  • chas 2012/08/02 01:12:22
    I still my "main" expenses via USPS. NO online banking for me.
  • richwright 2012/08/02 00:52:59 (edited)
    No like the Pug fanatics say let the "private free market" do it's job. there are plenty of unemployed people out there that will trudge around town delivering letters. What? No one will deliver a letter for 45 cents. boy are we in trouble!
  • Odinsown 2012/08/02 00:21:56
    I use email, UPS, and FedEx, I'm not worried at all.
  • God bless American freedom 2012/08/02 00:20:04
    God bless American freedom
    I reside in Jacksonville Florida... You can verify yourself the information I gleaned from the internnet a couple of years ago .. our post master gave himself ? cannot recall the amount now ... a huge bonus for himself .. but I noted with my own eyes .. my postwomans tires on her vehicle were balding and frayed literally.

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