U.S. law states that foreign aid cannot be sent to a country where the military has “play[ed] a decisive role” in a “coup d’etat or decree” to remove a “duly elected head of government.” Should the U.S. cut off aid to Egypt?

ABC News U.S. 2013/07/09 11:00:00
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U.S. law states that foreign aid cannot be sent to a country where the military has “play[ed] a decisive role” in a “coup d’etat or decree” to remove a “duly elected head of government.” Should the U.S. cut off aid to Egypt?

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  • TuringsChild 2013/07/09 18:00:41
    The US should cut off aid to ALL foreign countries. We have our OWN poor to deal with. Why should we give free money to foreign dictators who do NOT have our best interests at heart?

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  • jihan.fahmy 2013/10/31 16:46:36 (edited)
    Actually yes and i don't know why you count it NO :) but not because of a coup ( IT IS NOT A COUP )it seems you have problem with hearing 30 million in the streets , screaming LEAVE NOW to Morsi .

    one more thing ...i support many Americans with many financial problems , why should i help foreigners, and my own son is hungry ...we do not need your funds , your help, or anything ...better to help your own homeless people ...
  • BYRON POTTER 2013/08/17 23:05:36
    ABSOLUTLY ' YES '. That country dos not need our money.
  • luay 2013/07/22 08:04:12
    the military has not played a decisive role in a coup d'etat . the Brotherhood and its people are decisive .
  • MisterOriginal 2013/07/19 03:23:53
    It's nothing against the Egyptians. The US should meddle less. Foreign "aid" comes with strings attached that are most likely not supported by the overwhelming majority of American citizens.
  • QUIS EVADET 2013/07/17 05:58:36
    The US has broken almost all of it's own laws in regards to policy and treaties.
    Just ask the native peoples how many times the US has broken it's policies and treaties.
    The US will make an exception to this rule, as it does when it suits it. It will enforce this rule only as long as it suits it. It no big deal really.
  • lemmeknow 2013/07/16 04:35:30
    And the US is guilty trying to remove the head of government for our benefit, even it it takes lies to get what they want, control, natural resources, power, etc.
  • bill.fleming.77 2013/07/16 03:10:03
    but we are anyways since this Administration does not let something like the law stop them plus they funded to coup d 'etat.
  • JEFF 2013/07/16 01:27:29
  • Tombo 2013/07/15 17:46:38
    WE should cut off Foreign Aid to everyone. Foreign Aid is nothing more than buying one's enemies and it doesn't work. It didn't work for the Roman Empire so it won't work for us except to break the treasury. IT'S UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

    Bad government
  • ur XLNC-PWCM 2013/07/15 16:29:29
    ur XLNC-PWCM
    Does anyone believe that our elected ones REPRESENT us? WHY should we PAY for the rest of the worlds nations to continue to exist? We invariably are NOT helping the "people", but we sure are making some reals asswipes filthy rich!
  • Icanbean Arschloch 2013/07/15 11:44:09
    Icanbean  Arschloch
    My Mom never let me play with strangers. John Kerry and his boss, will get in the sand box with anybody.
  • stevmackey 2013/07/15 06:16:32
    And we should stop meddling. Obama killed of the friendly government to install this one.
  • Will 2013/07/15 05:47:48
    The military heard the wishes of nearly 25M Egyptians who were tricked by the Islamic Brotherhood's failure to establish a pluristic government as promised. They have moved quickly to establish a legitimate civilian rule and hold elections ASAP, even offering the Islamists the opportunity to participate, which, in their religious fervor, they have failed to accept. It seems the Islamists cannot be trusted... no surprise there.
  • HOMBRE 2013/07/15 01:48:37
  • Brother 2013/07/14 22:42:15
  • LisaSmith 2013/07/14 22:01:03
    I would be good with not giving one more penny to any of them.
  • Zoomie 2013/07/14 21:53:31
    Not yet...give them a little time to sort things out for themselves. Cutting off our aid (about $1.5 billion annually) too abruptly could contribute to a total breakdown into a civil war, and in Egypt that would be VERY bad news, especially for Israel!
  • Dale Zoomie 2013/07/14 23:58:27
    And the M1A1's and F-15's given to Egypt in the last three months are not giving Israel just a tiny bit of heartburn? Ya' gotta' piss on a fire to start controlling the blaze.
  • Zoomie Dale 2013/07/15 00:53:11
    Right now, I'd say Israel is happy with things as is...

    Morsi was from the Muslim Brotherhood, who are aligned with Hamas in the Gaza Strip, and were always a risk of turning Egypt against Israel militarily.

    But the military coup is anti-Muslim Brotherhood, and very secular, the types of Egyptians that Israel has gotten on well with for the last 20 years.
  • Dale Zoomie 2013/07/15 01:10:34
    Then we, Lame Duck and "His" Secretary of State for the American people, should just start getting a policy together and stating it. Something like; "Write a legitimate all inclusive constitution and stick by it." Or, "One more Christian killed and we will nuke the whole of Egypt and turn it to glass." Duck has no policy, Kerry has no policy, Congress has no policy, EU has no policy, and the only people that benefit with no policy is the, dare I say it, radical Muslims. And they sure do want those M1A1 and F-15's. Piss on the lot of 'em.
  • Zoomie Dale 2013/07/15 01:17:28
    No one has a policy on this right now because:
    a) it's in too much of a state of flux to make a policy (will Morsi return, will the military QUICKLY return civilian control to another person, will the military keep power), and
    b) because right now we're in a damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don't position. Morsi was the leader of the radical Muslims. He's now out (which is theoretically a good thing). But Morsi WAS the democratically elected leader of Egypt, and we, also theoretically, support the results of democracy and oppose military coups.

    So...do we disrupt the place and make it more unstable (which is what happens if you abruptly cut off aid)? Especially when, right now, we're sending that aid to the anti-Muslim side. Or do we proclaim our support for democracy and help put Morsi back in power and send the aid to the Muslim radicals?
  • Dale Zoomie 2013/07/15 01:35:42
    And I take note of your "b)" Hitler was a democratic leader voted in by the populace. See where that got us.
  • Zoomie Dale 2013/07/15 23:20:30
    True, proving no system is ever perfect...
  • Kat ♪ ~ ♪ 2013/07/14 18:24:16
    Kat ♪ ~ ♪
    Cut off all our enemies.
  • Zoomie Kat ♪ ~ ♪ 2013/07/15 01:17:55
    uhh, for about 30 years now Egypt's been our ally...
  • Kat ♪ ~ ♪ Zoomie 2013/07/15 01:47:39
    Kat ♪ ~ ♪
    In name only many times.
  • James Moore 2013/07/14 16:30:43
    James Moore
    Stop sending American tax dollars to foreign shores towards nation building or gifting. We are not making friends or influencing people in foreign countries. Let them earn every drop of blood for their freedoms. Stop allowing Islam to have a toe hold in America because of Big oil deals.

    If other countries need support they need to step up to the plate and offer something of equal value. America is not a doormat and the President of all people should not treat us as such by sending our tax dollars to distant shores. We should not be taxed more like we are now. I didn't vote for American nation building I voted for nations to contribute equally with America. Time to stop the life raft if cooperation cannot be met.

    American money can be used at home to help bailout real Americans in poverty and distress! If America can bail out corporations, then we should bail out individuals as well.
  • Dave 007 2013/07/14 11:50:52
    Dave 007
    Cut them off now. And change the law and keep our money here.
  • Greywolf~In God We Trust~ 2013/07/14 11:27:26
  • Micki 2013/07/14 07:10:01
    People who HATE us should have to hate us for FREE!
  • Raheem Micki 2013/12/25 15:55:53
    Did u ever travel outside of your motorhome parking lot? Who hates us and why?
  • Starchild 2013/07/14 06:20:47
    It is unconstitutional for the U.S. government to give money taken from the taxpayers to other governments to begin with. All "foreign aid" should be abolished. Let it be handled by independent NGOs who get their funds via voluntarily contributions rather than by robbery and extortion.
  • Lorin Johnson 2013/07/14 02:59:51
    Lorin Johnson
  • Raheem Lorin J... 2013/12/25 15:57:46
    Very well said. We could find a better use for that money at home or at least to fight some diseases globally then feeding corrupted dictatorships
  • Just Jenn for Now 2013/07/13 22:25:07
    Just Jenn for Now
    Right now America is in a time where we need to help ourselves and ourselves alone in order to rebuild, and humbly accept any help offered from others.
  • ArisBoch 2013/07/13 21:42:49
    Nope, they removed a Muslim Brotherhood stooge, so it's OK.
  • robert.goldsmith.14 2013/07/13 21:34:06
  • faridcz... robert.... 2013/09/08 13:52:17
    But they r yr ally. The US govt is paying the billions to the Egyptian ARMY to keep Israel's borders safe. Didn't Americans know that. N it doesn't matter that the Egyptian ARMY is breaking every rule wth regards international laws, as long as they keep Israel safe, that's all that matters. Wth apologies but it looks like that's how the secularists n non-Muslims in Egypt see it too.
  • Raheem faridcz... 2013/12/25 15:59:01
    Right and true
  • Marcus O 2013/07/13 21:13:49 (edited)
    Marcus O
    and every other country. Make them earn our money
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