U.S. health officials say the flu season is hitting particularly hard this year. Did you get the flu shot?

Fox Report with Shepard Smith 2013/01/09 17:55:29
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Chances are, if you’ve been following the news over the past couple of days, you’ve heard reports that the flu season in the U.S. is off to its earliest start in nearly a decade and it could be the worst we’ve experienced in a while.

During the 2003-2004 flu season, one of the most lethal seasons in the past 35 years, the dominant flu strain was influenza A (H3N2), similar to this year. Historically, flu seasons where H3N2 was the predominant strain have been more severe, with higher numbers of hospitalizations and deaths. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 76 percent of this season’s reported cases have been of the H3N2 strain. So what are you left to do? The best way to avoid getting the flu is to get vaccinated.

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  • Dave 2013/01/26 18:03:16
    No, and I don't plan to
    There are better natural flu prevention things to take that won't kill you
  • What'sIT 2013/01/25 19:20:33
    No, not yet
    No and it's too expensive. Like a lot of things. Especially for something that I might maybe need that might maybe work for a flu that constantly mutates to a degree that might render it ineffective anyway. But I don't need to go outside in the cold weather anyway so I may be fine.
  • SIMPATTYCO 2013/01/25 00:26:42
    every year late September
  • JohnT 2013/01/25 00:25:39
    No, and I don't plan to
    Having only had the flu only a few times in the last 40-50 years I doubt I get it.
  • R.J. 2013/01/14 09:24:55
    Influenza can kill you.
  • Martyr4... R.J. 2013/01/16 08:40:53
  • SIMPATTYCO R.J. 2013/01/25 00:28:30
    twice at 14 and at 27 almost killed me both times
  • Martyr4Christ 2013/01/14 06:02:37
    No, and I don't plan to
    1.) Building an immune system is healthy and NECESSARY. 2.) Flu shots do MUCH more harm than good, and I personally know of 4 people who became permanently disabled because of additives in flu shots. EDUCATE YOURSELF AND LOVED ONES ON THE INGREDIENTS!

  • Loverofcountry 2013/01/14 05:27:25
    yes in December, and I understand they have run out of the vaccine.
  • jtmekjian 2013/01/13 19:46:50
    Your only putting yourself and those around you at risk if you don't get vaccinated. There is no reason not to get it.
  • kat jtmekjian 2013/01/22 19:49:05
    There might be one...

    Some vaccines can cause narcolepsy.

  • jtmekjian kat 2013/01/22 21:58:33
  • abubincrazy 2013/01/13 05:44:06
    No, and I don't plan to
    They say never say never ...
    I never will.
  • NarcolepticGoat 2013/01/13 02:18:01
    When it first became available. October I think.
  • Lonzo 2013/01/12 18:55:11
    But I had the flu anyway during the Christmas break.
  • lucythetooth 2013/01/12 18:50:28
    No, and I don't plan to
    Not gonna get one and you can't make me. XD
  • Bolrog 2013/01/12 10:43:10
  • Michael McFascist 2013/01/12 07:42:59
  • Singerar 2013/01/12 02:21:01
    All of us did. We do every year and knock on wood....we haven't gotten the Flu.
  • Chris 2013/01/11 23:17:01
    No, and I don't plan to
    My immune system needs flu germs to practice on every once in a while.
  • Caedus01 Sith Lord of the P... 2013/01/11 21:40:56
    No, and I don't plan to
    Caedus01 Sith Lord of the PHAET
    I don't like needles. do they have pill?
  • Singerar Caedus0... 2013/01/12 02:21:34
    They have a nasal spray.
  • t.eliot, topbard 2013/01/11 19:23:26
    No, and I don't plan to
    t.eliot, topbard
    Never have, never will.
  • Wretha S 2013/01/11 17:46:27
    No, and I don't plan to
    Wretha S
    I don't trust what they put in those vaccines, it's toxic! No way will I ever get one...
  • Bolrog Wretha S 2013/01/12 10:49:18 (edited)
    they no longer use the mercury compound in the shot...its safer now than in the past...dont play russian roullete with your life. Enfluenza can be extremely deadly as the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1917 proved.
    Now that you had a good laugh. Get that flu shot so you dont sneeze on the food in my favourite buffet restaurant. Don't sling your snot; get a shot.
  • Wretha S Bolrog 2013/01/12 17:44:04
    Wretha S
    I still don't trust what they put in them, "safer"? I don't believe or trust their definition of "safe". Have you read the paperwork that comes with these so called safe vaccines? I will not get another vaccine, no matter how much they try to scare us or threaten us into getting one.

    After doing a little online research, I find that they are still using mercury in vaccines, they are calling it thimerosal, it's a mercury derivative, they are saying it's safe, BUT they still say that fluoride is safe too, I'll not even go into how toxic fluoride is...


  • Martyr4... Wretha S 2013/01/14 05:52:13
    Thimerosal has caused Tourette Disorder and tics in 2 people I know.
  • jtmekjian Wretha S 2013/01/13 19:55:20
    For the love of god! everything is toxic. Toxicity is a universal material property. Even water will poison you if you drink enough of it.
  • Wretha S jtmekjian 2013/01/13 23:39:24
    Wretha S
    So does that mean everyone should just give up and accept any and all toxins without question? I'm smart enough not to drink enough water to be toxic, I also choose not to put other toxins in my body, I can't avoid ALL of them, but I can certainly choose not to purposely put more of them into my body, and the flu shot or any other vaccine are some of the things I choose not to expose myself to.

  • Derbyhat 2013/01/11 16:55:41
    As a healthcare worker, it is required. But It is facinating to me that in almost every season we get the shot and the new strain of virus arrives a month later without a vaccine until that virus has run its course.

    I don't blame others for NOT taking the current trend vaccine for fear of hybriding the virus into something else, but the shot does help keep most a little healthier to get us through another year!
  • Riobhca 2013/01/11 14:51:30
    No, and I don't plan to
    CDC propaganda.

    An excellent doctor of osteopathy told me that 5000 IU of vitamin D3, probiotics, garlic daily and washing your hands like a fiend work far better than any flu shot ever invented. Since I have been following his regimen, I have never been sick in the wintertime, not even with a cold.

    The flu shot is a "best guess" about which influenza virus will makes the rounds each winter and whether or no you meet that particular virus, you might still become ill even having taken the shot. And they contain mercury, formaldehyde and other unmentionable nasties that are toxic to your immune & nervous systems.

    Of course, each individual should make his/her own decision, and I wouldn't criticize anyone who takes the shot, but be informed before you do so.
  • jsd Riobhca 2013/01/11 18:15:34
    Good advice.....
  • jtmekjian Riobhca 2013/01/13 20:11:33
    Osteopathy? That sounds like one of those alternative medicine deals. Of course he's against flu shots he wants you to be what he's selling.
  • Riobhca jtmekjian 2013/01/14 15:51:33 (edited)
    Not true. If you knew what a doctor of osteopathy is, you will realize you statement is unfounded. They are very similar to an M.D. and are not primarily advocates of alternative medicine. They can and do prescribe all the same meds that an M.D. does and are authorized to do everything that an M.D. can do. My D.O. has never suggested an alternative med to treat a medical condition and in fact has increased the traditional meds that,my former M.D. was prescribing me because I wasn't taking enough for them to work well.

    Read this to find out about Doctors of Osteopathy: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...

    and since I know that some scoff at wikipedia, and in case you are one of them, here is one from the Mayo Clinic:

  • Drageona 2013/01/11 14:27:06
    No, and I don't plan to
    Every year my hubby gets the shot and nearly every year he gets sick. No thank you.
    I have not had one in nearly 10 years now and I am doing just fine.
  • Georgia50 2013/01/11 14:01:34
    No, and I don't plan to
    I let my immune system do the heavy lifting. And since I have two nurses in my immediate family, I get lots of passive innoculation anyway.
  • Haole 2013/01/11 13:22:37
    No, and I don't plan to
    When the government encourages people to take a drug I don't trust it. I'll take my chances with the flu thanx
  • SUPREME COSMIC POWER, (SCOPO) 2013/01/11 13:14:42
    No, and I don't plan to
    Supreme Cosmic Power, Scopo, Center's idea is that you should know for sure that it is flu vaccine that they intend to inject in you and not another genetically, man-made, flesh- eating, time-activating virus that will suddenly rear its ugly head in 2-5 yrs and bite you in the butt! Once bitten, twice shy. I am taking a secret supplement and not sick of any flu anymore! Thank you for the flu shot offer!
  • Timothy 2013/01/11 08:35:48
    I got the flu shot in November2012. I got the Flu on January 7th , 2013. told I got the other flu not covered by by flu shot. It's rough.
  • stranger 2013/01/11 06:48:06 (edited)
    No, and I don't plan to
    yaduyadiyada, the same ol story year after year so that pharmaseuticals can earn a dirty buck off injecting you with mercury. i already got the flu just a week from christmas, YES it SUCKS, it sucks big time, but two or three days of throwing up sure as hell beats the mushy brain 40 years down the road. or autism, or other complications mercury causes to the body.
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