US for Palin SarahPAC 2012 Q2 Money Bomb

US for Palin 2012/06/28 10:25:55

Ed. Note: This Money Bomb is a grassroots effort to ensure SarahPAC
has the funds it needs to help elect more common-sense Bold Colors
Reagan-Palin conservatives in 2012, including candidates in critical
state races, special elections, and run-offs. SarahPAC has neither
reviewed nor authorized this US for Palin Money Bomb.

Do you support Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin? Donate to SarahPAC.

Do you look to Gov. Palin for leadership and inspiration? Donate to SarahPAC.

you ready to revive, renew, and restore Reagan Conservatism and rebuild
the Republican Party with candidates who will "raise a banner of Bold
Colors - no Pale Pastels - a banner instantly recognizable as standing
for values which will not be compromised?"* Donate to SarahPAC.

Are you ready to join Gov. Palin - Our Sarah and make a difference without a title? Donate to SarahPAC.

you fed up with crony capitalism, power broking, earmarks,
Congressional insider trading, backroom deals, reg negs, favoritism,
patronage and the same tired old song from the same old career
politicians? Stop financing and supporting them! Donate to SarahPAC.

Do you like Gov. Palin's 100% success rate on candidate endorsements for 2012**? Don't just thank and congratulate Gov. Palin for her success. Donate to SarahPAC.

Want to see your money yield 99, 900% ROI in real world positive political results?

Donate to SarahPAC.

Don't blow your money on yet another "I ♥ Sarah" tee shirt Show her you mean it. Donate to SarahPAC.

The time is now.

Please visit SarahPAC and make a donation: $5, $10, $20, $25, $50, $100, $200, $250, $500, $1,000 - whatever you can afford - or have fun and go with a symbolic amount.

and load those debit and credit cards and let's help Sarah advance her
message of Reagan Conservatism and American Exceptionalism and finish
the second quarter with strong numbers! The Second Quarter Ends June 30,

to kick it up old school and send a check or money order? (Note, if you
want to get it in time for Q2 and are using a paper instrument, only
USPS will deliver to PO Boxes!)

Make the instrument payable to: “SarahPAC.”

Mail checks to:

P.O. Box 7711
Arlington, VA 22207

include your complete name, address, occupation and name of your
employer information. Federal Election laws require best effort
collection of this information. Donations over $200 in any reporting
period are disclosed to the FEC in accordance with federal laws.
Donations must originate from personal funds, and be made by US citizens
or permanent residents. SarahPAC can accept up to $5,000 annually from

*Quoted material: President Ronald Reagan at 1975 Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) conference.

**2012 Endorsements Success Rate:
100% of endorsed candidates in which an election has been held. In
cases involving a runoff, we are counting the runoff as the election
having been held for purposes of calculating the success rate of Gov.
Palin’s endorsements.

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