Durbin Censorship Doctrine”. Worse than fairness Doctrine

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FROM David Martin, Executive Vice President MEDIA RESEARCH CENTER MARCH 11, 2009 Lee S, The Senate just passed the Durbin Amendment – the “Durbin Censorship Doctrine” — which actually poses a far greater threat to our free speech rights than even the “Fairness” Doctrine because it creates a dangerous new power the FCC can use to silence talk radio. In light of this new threat to free speech, the Media Research Center is rallying our team for an emergency petition delivery next week! Lee S, after the Senate passed the Broadcaster Freedom Act by a vote of 87-11, the liberal media rushed to declare the Fairness Doctrine dead.

What they didn’t report in the passing of the “Durbin Censorship Doctrine” was that it reinforces in law already existing FCC regulatory powers to silence conservative speech – and creates a treacherous new way for the government censors to do so! Instead, the liberal media would have you believe that the Fairness Doctrine is dead—that the threat against conservative talk has been ended once and for all. Nothing could be further from the truth! MRC founder Brent Bozell just addressed members of our Free Speech Alliance and spoke exclusively about this dangerous new threat to our Free Speech Rights. To listen, go here. http://www.mrcaction.org/517/petition.asp?Ref_ID=2248&PID;=18...

A Stealth Attack on Your Free Speech Rights!Lee S, the ”Durbin Censorship Doctrine” requires the FCC to “take actions to encourage and promote diversity in communication media ownership.” Upon closer look, this “stealth” attack on Free Speech Rights is far more insidious because it empowers the government to censor and control the airwaves in an insidious new way. In other words, the ”Durbin Censorship Doctrine” poses a much greater danger to our free speech rights because it expands the FCC censorship threat in ways we never before imagined!

Your Efforts More Important Than Ever Given what just took place on Capitol Hill, there is little doubt in my mind that we are headed for a showdown over our Free Speech Rights. Thank you so much for signing the petition. But the threat is dire — so over the next five days I am urging EVERY ONE to take fast action by alerting friends and family to the real truth about our Free Speech Rights coming under assault. Urge them to join with you in defending this God-given right by clicking below. Now that the liberals in Washington have a yet another new way to muzzle conservative and Christian radio, we anticipate they will waste little time to make this a reality. That’s why it’s imperative that we move boldly to protect our Free Speech Rights by mobilizing as many grassroots Americans as we can in the days ahead.

We cannot allow this backdoor assault to go unchallenged! That’s why I am counting on you to help me rally an additional 20,000 citizen signers of our Free Speech Alliance petition over these next few days leading to our delivery!



Pass this on if you care about free speech. It may be your ideas that are censored next.

write reps httpcongress org pass care free speech ideas censored

write reps httpcongress org pass care free speech ideas censored
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  • Lord Nils 2009/03/12 15:50:36
    Lord Nils
    Done and done! This seems to be the way lil barry does business. Hidden, back door stealth. Look at the Gun Registration proposals. lil barry can have clean hands as he destroys us.

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  • Franklin Tiger A... 2009/03/14 01:50:53
    Actually I don't fish so I will just swim and drive the boat ...I grew up with “fishing” so I got over it. That is why a got a ski boat instead of a bass boat this time.

    Noodling , I have not seen that word in years , lick frog gigging and cat fisting I did everything you can think of LOL
  • Tiger A... Franklin 2009/03/14 04:02:53
    Tiger Annie.  AMERICAN. . waving the flag!
    LOL, I'll bet you have. Now that I can believe.
  • Franklin Tiger A... 2009/03/14 04:15:41
    ...I forget I am new to this sight, LOL I have been called “wild man” and I once gained 1 pound on a survival training exercise ! Two weeks alone in the French national reserve with nothing but a knife! The mountain streams where so small I could grab tout out of them with my hands, and the rabbits there are the size of dogs ! Yummmmmmm
  • Tiger A... Franklin 2009/03/14 04:35:13
    Tiger Annie.  AMERICAN. . waving the flag!
    Wow gaining weight on a survival training exercise is a feat for sure. I gotta ask though, it wasn't one of those fancy French knives have a cork screw on one end and a little white flag that you could pull out to wave when under fire, was it? (LMAO) Sorry, I gave into that little devil on my shoulder that said, ask him, ask him. LOL
  • Franklin Tiger A... 2009/03/14 14:11:19
    To funny, but no it was a “Rambo” kind of thing...the French do not run the commando school themselves it is run by the French Foreign Legion ...those men are among the toughest in the world! Only group I ever saw that I would say is tougher would be the Australian E regulars
  • Forum C... JuJu1 2009/03/12 22:48:55
    Forum Cruiser
    Thanks, I certainly hope it is found unconstitutional.
  • safari Forum C... 2009/03/13 08:16:42
    I do too!!!! What a crock...
  • RhinoRT JuJu1 2009/03/13 05:34:01
    I see the two dimwits of my state voted for it, it doesn't surprise me though
  • safari RhinoRT 2009/03/13 08:16:08
  • safari JuJu1 2009/03/13 08:14:50
    Thanks so much for this - how awesome! I really appreciate it. Thank goodness my guy voted nay and I will tell him so. But I will still write because I want him to know how important this is to me. Anything we can do to fight it is worth the time.

    I like your idea about mentioning transparency and I have been putting that into my letters to Obama especially since he is the one promising it and then totally working behind a smoke screen.
  • JuJu1 safari 2009/03/13 12:22:17
    Hey, no problem, safari. senate.gov is a wealth of information. You can look at every roll call vote and see how your senator voted on anything. You can also see the text of bills, and amendments and you can look at floor actions and debates there as well.
  • safari JuJu1 2009/03/14 01:40:02
    I try to keep up with so many things.. I have that site bookmarked but sporadically use it.. this government is keeping me busy just trying to keep up with all of the crap they are pulling.. lol so I really appreciate that you came along after looking it up and posted it. I would have never got around to that. Everybody has something to offer. I like that. None of us are an island. Thanks again.
  • Franklin 2009/03/12 19:38:35
    ...yea we knew this was coming but at the end of the day B-HO will just pull this one out of his butt and sign it like he did with the “Free Federal money for Embryo harvesters” bill last week, will not get a chance to discus it and we dam sure will not be allowed to vote on it!
    Fact is every “liberal victory” has been out of the hands of voters...they have long history of Ruling from above!
  • safari Franklin 2009/03/13 08:19:11
    Hi Franklin, Yes, I bet he will too. I can see them all now smirking over this one. The word transparency will never be the same again!
  • Franklin safari 2009/03/13 19:59:54
    Words redefined by Obama : transparency , Equality , fair share , bipartisan , ally , lobbyist ...and the list does go on “freedom” will be on it before the end of this year.
  • safari Franklin 2009/03/14 02:36:59
    Typical George Orwell Newspeak I swear the Democratic Party stole that book's premise and made it their agenda.
  • Franklin safari 2009/03/14 03:35:52
    ...well he was called “big brother” and now every time I look at my TV I do see A “brother” brother tv brother
  • Franklin Franklin 2009/03/14 03:41:15
    But seriously they are using Animal farm as a road map to the “Farm house” !
  • safari Franklin 2009/03/14 04:56:16
    LOl your above comment ;-) But it does seem that way. I have that book in my archives. I think I might pull it out and read it on my next travels.
  • GettingItRight 2009/03/12 19:13:36
    This bill has been on the radar screen for weeks and it's passage was all but assured with the near majority in the Senate. I've written to Senators in about 18 different states regarding this Socialist legislation, but they don't give a damn! Here's a tidbit for you Obama supporters, but I wonder how many of you will get it:


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