Union bosses thrwart children's education

millermedia 2012/09/11 03:17:24
Unions have become corrupt
Unions should do whatever they wish
None of the above
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"When schoolchildren start paying union dues, that's when I'll start
representing the interests of schoolchildren."

That's a statement
long-attributed to the late American Federation of Teachers union boss Al
Shanker, first quoted in a Mississippi newspaper in 1985.

The reality of
where teacher union-boss interests lie is as true today as it was then, according to a column in the Washington

The fact
is that teachers union officials, armed with monopoly-bargaining privileges,
often fail to represent the interests of many talented and hardworking teachers
as well as the interests of schoolchildren.

We've seen new powerful examples
in recent weeks.

New York teacher union bosses have teamed up with
union-label Governor Andrew Cuomo to keep parents and students in the dark and
prevent teacher evaluations from
seeing the light of day.

Meanwhile, the South Dakota Education
Association union hierarchy is scheming to repeal the state's
new merit pay law.

Clearly, teacher union bosses continue to put their
own power ahead of the interests of children and parents.
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  • heirsoftheking 2012/09/11 11:56:04
    None of the above
    Andrew Cuomo is the Jackass of jackasses.
  • Philo® ~PWCM~JLA ✩ 2012/09/11 11:29:25
  • I. Car Rus 2012/09/11 04:36:55
    None of the above
    I. Car Rus
    They must have "thrwart"ed yours as well.
  • 3052457 2012/09/11 04:31:15
  • Marc m 2012/09/11 04:07:30
    Unions have become corrupt
    Marc m
    I was in Nalc & I know (national assn. of letter carriers)
  • Zervur 2012/09/11 03:41:16
    None of the above
    Teachers Unions are Thugs.
  • tommyg - POTL- PWCM-JLA 2012/09/11 03:40:49
    Unions have become corrupt
    tommyg - POTL- PWCM-JLA
    History has shown us that is the evolution of unions.
  • Bill 2012/09/11 03:40:43
    Unions have become corrupt
    Unions, in most cases, makes things worse. They encourage workers to do the bare minimum instead of pushing them to their best, to do an OK job instead of a great job. We shouldn't have to accept average teachers, or in most cases below average teachers. When we accept average to below average teachers we get average or below average students, who move on to do the bare minimum in their own lives when they could have extraordinary lives!
  • Prime T... Bill 2012/09/11 03:48:33
    Prime Time Lime
    That is not true and a generalization. In my union we work long hard hours and have very strict deadlines to meet.There is not added on time,the schedule will not allow it.
  • Bill Prime T... 2012/09/11 03:51:46
    It is a fact with our teachers unions and many machinists jobs.
  • Bill Prime T... 2012/09/11 04:07:22
    All you have to do is go to your union and tell them that you are being over worked and under paid and they will get you both a raise and a cut in work load
  • Prime T... Bill 2012/09/11 04:09:48 (edited)
    Prime Time Lime
    Actually it does not work that way.There needs to be a committee,then they have to meet with the management and discuss it.There is bartering back and forth until there is a mutual agreement between management and the union.It is mutual aggreement that is fair for both parties.
    If the union asks for too much the company would go out of business and there would be no union at that place of business.So obviously have to be an agree proposal that suits both parties.
    Secondly it would be deprimental for the union members to stand around and not work, for productivity would go down and the company would again go out of business and the union would be again gone.
  • All American 2012/09/11 03:30:26
    Unions have become corrupt
    All American
    I think they've been corrupt from day one. Is there anything in the union contract about actually teaching the kids something? Are they even mentioned?
  • Balladeer-PWCM-POTL 2012/09/11 03:25:58
    Unions have become corrupt
    Top Down..Bottom up......Alinsky style .... keep the pressure on until the system collapses...then replace it with soviet style socialism with the elite socialists in charge of the rest of us
  • Prime Time Lime 2012/09/11 03:24:46 (edited)
    None of the above
    Prime Time Lime
    This is a biased statement from one person and by any iota of common sense unions should not be judged on what this person has said.It is tiring the badgering of unions on this site.With little knowledge comes bias without meaning.Unions help people to live a decent life.What is wrong with a fair pay for a days work.I think it ironic for no one would turn down an increase in their own wages if they had a union to back them up.Be honest about it.If your boss comes into your office and says to everyone you have a 16% pay raise he would be boood out of the office.Don't think so.
  • Bill Prime T... 2012/09/11 03:33:33
    You are so right. I don't judge them on any statements made by any union boss. I judge them on their actions and their actions have backed up the statement that was mad by one union boss a long time ago. The teacher's union cares nothing about properly educating our children. No one has to say anything, I can see it in their actions. Unions, for the most part, are out dated and unnecessary.
  • Prime T... Bill 2012/09/11 03:38:04 (edited)
    Prime Time Lime
    I disagree,there is desparately,and I mean a desparate need for a mediator between company and employee,which is a union.People need loyality from the company with retirement benefits,good wages,safe working conditions,medicare. Companies without unions give the employees nothing.
    Could you honestly say you would deny an increase in your wages and additional benefits if your company offered it?
  • Bill Prime T... 2012/09/11 03:48:18 (edited)
    "Companies without unions give the employees nothing."
    This is a lie. I am currently working in a non-union job. My benefits are good. I get pay raises only if I deserve it, which cause me to want to perform the best I can. That may mean I perform better than the other guy and he gets paid what he deserves and that is how it should be. If you have a problem with your benefits at work or your pay then you ask for more, if you don't get what you think you deserve then you find another job. Simple as that. If the pay and benefits is really that bad then everyone can leave and the business will suffer for it. Don't need unions.
  • Prime T... Bill 2012/09/11 03:50:49 (edited)
    Prime Time Lime
    The reason why unions need to stand there ground is that concessions will continually chip away at everything the unions stands for,so there is very little room for unions to move.Wages will go down and benifits will slowly be gone.Stand there gound is the only way.

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