Unemployment goes up to 8.3%. When do you feel the unemployment numbers will start going down?

Drue-AFCL 2012/08/03 22:54:35
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  • Alaydown 2012/08/13 19:51:44
    If Obama is reelected, they will go down only because either people gave up looking for work or because he manipulated the numbers to lie about the unemployment. Otherwise, they will drop when he is voted out this November. Obama said that he should be a one term president if unemployment is above 8 percent after 3 years. Well, it is time everyone accept that and vote him out.
  • Kuruptsoul 2012/08/09 17:47:39
    When unemployment compensation runs out, the numbers will drop, which will result in false unemployment statistics.
  • beebizzy books 2012/08/08 01:20:57 (edited)
    beebizzy books
    They will not go down until we reset the economy and get a new dollar. This new dollar will be backed by gold & and a basket of currencies. The two banks of holding will be the IMF and BIS. First recession, then a short depression, then a quick hyper-inflation, then somewhere in-between a war; this is the plan. The President has nothing to do with running the country, it's all planned way ahead of time by the people that run the world.
  • Drue-AFCL beebizz... 2012/08/08 01:51:09
    Are you talking about the Bilderberg Group?
  • beebizz... Drue-AFCL 2012/08/08 01:53:41
    beebizzy books
    more like the Club of Rome.....yes, you know the peeps ?
  • KoAm 2012/08/08 01:09:58
    After Obama is voted out of office.

    It should be obvious by now, three and a half years on, that the private sector has no confidence in Obama or his policies.

    If a company were peforming as badly as the country has performed for the past three years, it would have fired its CEO by now. Well, it's time for us to "fire" ours. Time to replace Obama.
  • mwg0735 2012/08/07 15:39:36
  • bman~AVA~BTTB 2012/08/07 06:25:02
    My guess is when we get a real president back in office that loves the country.
  • Charles R. Anderson 2012/08/07 05:52:11
    Charles R. Anderson
    When Romney wins the election in November or slightly before if Romney looks like a clear winner, companies will start investing in new plant, facilities, R&D;, more product development, and buy more equipment. This will start to add more jobs and the pace of new job additions will speed up over the next 6 to 12 months. The economy will begin to produce real per capita GDP gains and companies will gain the confidence to hire more people. The People will gain confidence and will begin spending somewhat more.

    If Obama is re-elected, the economic doldrums will continue for 5 more years, at least. A second deep round of unemployment may well result as companies go into a deep despair. Small businesses that have struggled to stay alive these last 4 years will simply give up the struggle. Many will no longer have the resources to survive another 5 years of depression and will simply close their doors. Unemployment will go above 10% and remain there for the next 5 years.
  • princess 2012/08/06 08:42:21
    NEVER EVER under this Dictator-In-Chief and his communist regime.
  • Claybern 2012/08/06 00:35:05
    When Mitt Romney gets elected.
  • DuncanONeil 2012/08/05 19:23:00
    After Obama is fired!
  • OPOA912 2012/08/05 16:07:50
  • Tony 2012/08/05 14:48:08
    At the rate we are going and considering who our current choices are, I'd say sometime starting in 2017.
  • kcoat 2012/08/05 04:11:44
  • konalimu 2012/08/04 21:41:44
    When Romeny is elected!
  • Transquesta 2012/08/04 19:30:58
    When socialists are no longer in power.
  • Alexander 2012/08/04 19:30:54
    When Obama is thrown out of office.
  • Fred Rogers 2012/08/04 18:52:35
    Fred Rogers
    Probably as soon as politics becomes less about pandering to the uneducated masses by providing scapegoats and more about working together to solve problems. Simply saying "they're the problem" is the actual problem.
  • red 2012/08/04 18:28:55
    When our country decides its had enough, and citizens decide to revolt. (Peacefully) We need someone in office who will have the courage to rescind NAFTA, HAFTA and all the other "TA", programs which send American jobs off-shore. We also need to guard our boarders. If people want to come here to live, they need to come here and go through the same process OUR ansestors did.
  • SiliconSorcerer 2012/08/04 18:27:12
    Welcome to the new norm....
    There just isn't (many) jobs for the uneducated unless we kick all the illegals out.
  • red Silicon... 2012/08/06 18:13:27
    Most everyone I know has a college education, and there really aren't that many good jobs out there any more. Hospitals are even importing nurses from other countries to fill the demand for "cheaper" labor, so they can make a bigger profit. I talked to an owner of an electronics plant who was told they "HAD" to build a new factory in Mexico or India if they wanted to keep thier Government contracts. Do you think most Americans know that, or wouldn't fight to keep that from happening? OUR own government is hurting U.S....Time for a "Change" in Washington!!!!
  • pops 2012/08/04 18:01:27
    When we get the communist out of office.
  • Wahvlvke 2012/08/04 17:49:03
    The minute it is evident that he will not be reelected ... the minute he loses his job the recoery will start.
  • M A 2012/08/04 17:37:48
    M A
    October, just before the election
  • Claybern M A 2012/08/06 00:51:02
    I don't think so. That is a pipe dream
  • ☆astac☆~PWCM 2012/08/04 16:56:55
    After obama is in Gitmo charged with being the terrorist he really is
  • L1 2012/08/04 16:47:28
    When people are able to get jobs without trying for years and house foreclosures go down significantly.
  • Claybern L1 2012/08/06 00:56:51
    Your right, there are 3000 forclosures of homes every day in this country.
  • Minarchist 2012/08/04 16:45:35
    When we repeal the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and reclaim our property.
  • MR. 2012/08/04 16:37:14
  • Charge 2012/08/04 15:30:24
    When Romney is sworn in.
    romney sworn
  • BifDaddy 2012/08/04 15:26:02
    In November when Americans return the White House to those Conservative values that built this Nation.

    And Barack hits the unemployment line.
  • susan 2012/08/04 14:54:47
    After Obama is defeated.
  • Charles Braley 2012/08/04 14:40:38 (edited)
  • La Bef 2012/08/04 13:31:59
    La Bef
    Right after the clown in chief we have presently occupying the whitehouse gets kicked out
  • Don 2012/08/04 13:19:43
    November 5th after Romney wins.
  • Charles... Don 2012/08/04 14:42:16
    Charles Braley
    A little overly optimistic, aren't we? lol
  • Don Charles... 2012/08/04 15:50:00
    Book it.
    How could anyone with a brain vote for 4 more years of corruption from the democraps?
  • Charles... Don 2012/08/04 16:30:15
    Charles Braley
    Yeah, I know - that's what I'm sayin'! :)

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