UN welcomes abolition of death penalty in US state of Connecticut

Samantha 2012/04/28 18:42:32
27 April 2012 – The United Nations human rights office today welcomed a new law in the state of Connecticut, in the United States, that abolishes the death penalty and urged other states to follow suit.

With the signing of the new law on Wednesday, Connecticut became the 17th US state to formally repeal capital punishment, according to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR).

California will consider a similar measure in November, and OHCHR urged the authorities there to follow the Connecticut example.

Read More: http://www.un.org/apps/news/story.asp?NewsID=41879...

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  • ehrhornp 2012/04/29 02:25:30
    This is good news. Death penalty should have been done away with decades ago.
  • Samantha ehrhornp 2012/04/29 15:16:46
    I agree; it has no useful purpose.
  • bob 2012/04/28 19:18:05
    If the UN supports it, you know its bad for America
  • Samantha bob 2012/04/28 19:30:20
    You remind me of Farmer Boy whose worldview stops at the county line.
  • bob Samantha 2012/04/28 20:29:33
    which world view is that?
  • Samantha bob 2012/04/29 15:17:02
    The one that's very limited and narrow minded.
  • bob Samantha 2012/04/30 00:44:25
    I prefer to accept the truth, but you are free to believe what you wish. The UN is a very UnAmerican anti liberty organization
  • Samantha bob 2012/05/01 22:42:55
    Very funny.
  • ehrhornp bob 2012/04/29 02:27:14
    lol, why is it bad for America? Don't like the idea of your government not being able to kill its own citizens? I don't believe in giving my government that type of power but then again I don't believe in big government like cheap labor conservatives.
  • bob ehrhornp 2012/04/29 03:11:33
    UN is for World Government, you must like that idea.
    I believe in Liberty under the US constitution, I will say you sure know how to come up with a twisted view of conservatives. nice job
  • ehrhornp bob 2012/04/29 04:35:30
    Thank you but my view of conservatism is not twisted, it is what conservatism should be and is practiced by some. In the republican party Ron Paul probably comes closest but too many of his views are just out to lunch.

    UN has helped the United States in numerous occasions. We sponsored it after all.
  • Samantha bob 2012/04/29 15:18:27
    How many times has the U.S. run to the United Nations for support when it wants to invade another country. The U.S. was one of the primary supporters at the creation of the United Nations. Why do you oppose it now? Is it because so many countries in the world oppose U.S. imperialism?
  • ehrhornp Samantha 2012/04/29 15:59:11
    Just love the fact that some will support the UN when it supports us but then call it pinko commie or something if it doesn't.
  • Stacie 2012/04/28 19:10:04
    Isn't that special?

    Isn't it nice to get cheering, encouragement and vindication from a source OUTSIDE of our nation every time we trample the the rights of American murder victims in the rush to to meet and increase the rights of their murderers?

    What is happening to the rights of our country's murder victims and their family members, is not only an atrocity, but also nothing to be proud of or congratulated for.
  • Samantha Stacie 2012/04/28 19:14:40 (edited)
    The death penalty is barbaric and isn't even closely related to justice. Considering they have rights at a murder trial, in many states, to testify during the sentencing phase in capital murder trials, the rights of family members aren't denied. Contrast that with the fact many defendants in capital murder trials don't have competent attorneys.

    Those accused of crimes, especially capital murder crimes, do have constitutional rights provided to all Americans.
  • Stacie Samantha 2012/04/28 21:58:08
    Once someone chooses to take the life of another person - or persons - in cold blood they no longer deserve, nor should they have, the same constitutional rights that are provided to all Americans.
  • Samantha Stacie 2012/04/29 15:19:13
    A person accused of a crime in the United States, no matter how heinous, has the same constitutional protections as you.
  • ehrhornp Samantha 2012/04/29 16:04:27
    And they should have a fair trial, not a kangaroo court trial like that person in Texas had.
  • Stacie Samantha 2012/04/29 18:38:01 (edited)
    They do have fair trials, as well as entirely too many chances to appeal. Which results not only in 15 year waiting periods between a sentencing and a execution, but also a higher number of deaths from natural causes while on death row than executions as well.

    Once a person's guilt in committing a cold blooded murder(s) - WHICH, BY THE WAY, RIPS AWAY ANY AND ALL CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS THAT THE VICTIM HAS - has been established, they NO LONGER RETAIN A CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO LIVE. The act of cold blooded murder leaves the murderer's right to live forfeit, end of story.
  • Samantha Stacie 2012/05/01 22:43:42
    Your last statement is wrong and immoral.
  • Stacie Samantha 2012/05/02 06:26:18
    I beg to differ.

    Killing an innocent person, or persons, with malice and aforethought in a heinous and barbaric manner completely devoid of any compassion and mercy is wrong and immoral.

    Executing a convicted murderer who has been allowed a numerous amount of appeals, in a pain free and humane manner is not.
  • Samantha Stacie 2012/05/02 20:05:50
    Use of the death penalty places the U.S. in the unenviable position of being in the same category as China and Saudi Arabia.
  • ehrhornp Stacie 2012/04/29 16:03:27
    And how do you know if someone takes the life of another person in cold blood? Do they wear a sign saying they just killed someone? No guilt can only be determined by a trial which often is not concerned with justice but to get a case off some prosecutor's desk. Texas just had a case where someone was in jail for something like 25 years for a crime he didn't commit. DNA evidence which the prosecution fought was finally allowed which showed his innocence. Thank God he wasn't killed by GW or Perry.
  • Stacie ehrhornp 2012/04/29 19:09:58 (edited)
    The legal definition of "in cold blood" is -

    cold blood

    cold blood [kōld-bləd] n
    : a state of mind marked by premeditation, deliberateness and heinousness usually used in the phrase in cold blood [killed the victim in cold blood] compare cool state of blood, heat of passion

    cold-blood·ed [kōld-blə-dəd]

    The very motives and/or actions committed by murderers say if their crimes are committed in cold blood or not.

    As tragic as serving 25 years for a crime that someone did not commit is, it is not an excuse to allowed convicted murderers to either have lenient punishment or no punishment at all. Add to that the proven fact that cold blooded murderers do not stop killing until any and all ability to kill has been taken away from them, you would have to be completely obtuse to not see what the only credible solution is.

    Taking the life of a cold blooded murderer stops them from ever murdering again. There may be things that I loose sleep over, or have doubt about, but this will never be one of them.
  • ehrhornp Stacie 2012/04/30 17:06:32
    All I know is that we have more crime than most industrialized countries. They don't have the problem with killing as the US does. When you take the life of someone, you are putting a lot of trust into government that they are right and have proven guilt. I don't share this trust. I believe the system is not interested in justice but in just moving cases off the docket. The system is overworked and underpaid and it is only the rich, like OJ who can make a case. We may have the best judicial system but it is the best judicial system money can buy. Putting live and death into such a system is obscene.
  • Samantha ehrhornp 2012/05/01 22:45:33
    The United States has always been a very violent country whether it's Americans killing each other, Americans killing indigenous people, or whether it's Americans invading other countries to overthrow democratically elected governments. The death penalty is barbaric and completely unnecessary.
  • ehrhornp Samantha 2012/05/02 04:18:05
    Most Americans refuse to recognize this basic fact. They need to.
  • Samantha Stacie 2012/05/01 22:46:07 (edited)
    "Taking the life of a cold blooded murderer stops them from ever murdering again."

    The simplistic workings of the conservative mind.
  • Schläue~© 2012/04/28 18:50:15
    What.... the UN is more interested in not properly punishing those who commit the crimes than protecting the innocent and seeking justice?

    Absolutely SHOCKING !!!
  • Samantha Schläue~© 2012/04/28 19:02:16
    The death penalty doesn't have anything to do with justice.
  • Schläue~© Samantha 2012/04/28 19:23:32
    It has EVERYTHING to do with justice.
    If one decides to rape another human being, molest a child in any way or commit a premeditated murder, the only justice for those crimes is to end their pathetic existence and remove the cancer from society.
    Preferably, in a very unpleasant manner.
  • Samantha Schläue~© 2012/04/28 19:30:47
    No, it doesn't have anything to do with justice. It's revenge and revenge has nothing to do with justice.
  • Schläue~© Samantha 2012/04/28 19:43:12
    I'd like to see you explain that to parents and siblings who just had a closed casket service for their 5 year old who was so horrifically raped, dismembered and stuffed in a trash can that they couldn't even view them for one last time.

    Wrap that vision around your mind and sympathetic bleeding heart.
  • Samantha Schläue~© 2012/04/28 19:46:10
    In no way do I justify people who commit horrific crimes, and I would have no problem telling any person that the death penalty is nothing more than revenge and does nothing to prevent horrific murders in the United States.
  • Schläue~© Samantha 2012/04/28 20:02:52
    "In no way do I justify people who commit horrific crimes"

    Ummm,..... yes, you do.
    It appears there's a lot you don't know about yourself and I find it rather disgusting.
  • Samantha Schläue~© 2012/04/28 20:10:25 (edited)
    Why did you find it necessary to lie? Conservative and military? No wonder.

    Opposing the death penalty doesn't mean I support murderers. The death penalty is barbaric and places our nation in the same league as Saudi Arabia and China.
  • ehrhornp Schläue~© 2012/04/29 16:07:12
    Our system is so successful. We have the prisoners to prove it. We are number one in the number of US citizens behind bars. Not a good statistic. Why do we have so much more crime than countries that don't use the death penalty? Because the death penalty doesn't solve anything.
  • Schläue~© ehrhornp 2012/04/29 16:23:51
    The death penalty is extremely effective in preventing repeat offenders. Ever see a dead man rape, molest or kill again?

    Our prisons are packed because of bleeding heart activists and slick attorneys that plea bargain vicious crimes down to lesser charges and the criminlas know this.
    Why do you think certain crimes are concentrated in states that don't invoke stiff sentences?

    We have high crime because we have open borders, not like other countries who throw your butt in jail and deport within 72 hours. We have high crime because the criminals don't fear the justice that other countries dish out.
  • ehrhornp Schläue~© 2012/04/29 17:01:14
    When society wastes its resources killing its own citizens, it does not deal with the underlying causes of crime. Texas puts a lot of people to death but its crime record is not that great.

    You don't think Europeans are bleeding heart liberals? lol Yet they manage without the death penalty and without as many prisoners. Why is this?

    Do you have a link that shows certain crimes are concentrated in states that don't invoke stiff sentences? Just curious what you are referring to as this is the first I heard of it.

    So now it is the immigrant's fault. I doubt this but if you can show a link that shows immigrants do far more crime than Americans, then perhaps. Of course I am talking about real crime and not just being illegally here.
  • Schläue~© ehrhornp 2012/04/29 18:32:20
    Years of research and no, I don't have the time nor inclination to look it all up for you. I'm sure your device is capable of utilizing Google.

    Europe is full of bleeding heart liberals but there's a helluva lot of conservatives too, that may just beat you to a bloody pulp before calling police. Close nit communities have a way of deterring crime in their own way.

    Ever been to Texas? Arizona? Both states are over-run with illegals, drug and human traffickers.
    Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas is the anchor baby capitol of the USA.
    Phoenix had the highest number of kidnappings for ransom a few years ago until Sheriffs Arpaio, Dever & Babeau started cracking down. Dupnik is a complete fool.

    Yes, criminals to choose to rob banks and commit rapes in states that have lax laws and no capital punishment.
    Once you take the capital punishment option off the table, Life w/o parole gets bargained to life w/parole, and so on, and so on down the line.

    Charles Manson should have bee executed in CA. years ago. His sentence was commuted to life w/parole when CA. abolished the death penalty.
    When they reinstated it, his sentence remained the same instead of him going back to death row. How insane is that?

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