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FanOreilly 2012/09/20 01:42:28
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“Freedoms of expression should be and must be guaranteed and protected, when they are used for common justice, common purpose,” Ban told a news conference.

“When some people use this freedom of expression to provoke or humiliate some others’ values and beliefs, then this cannot be protected in such a way.”

“My position is that freedom of expression, while it is a fundamental right and privilege, should not be abused by such people, by such a disgraceful and shameful act,” he said.

United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon.

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  • Fef 2012/09/20 01:57:33
    The UN should not try to protect free speech anywhere -- because nobody should trust this conglomeration of unelected thugs.

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  • texasred 2012/09/23 20:06:28
  • RICK 2012/09/21 23:23:21
    free speech is just that,free speech.Not just when you agree with what they say but also when you dont.
  • Irish little 2012/09/21 00:10:20
    Irish little
    Maybe we should protest their teachings. What is good for the goose is also good for the gander.They can burn our flags and Holy Books, but we so much as say one bad word or burn their book by mistake all hell breaks loose.FARE ????????
  • quantix 2012/09/20 22:51:45
    Freedom of speech should always protected unless in the case of fighting words, slander, or threats
  • santa6642 2012/09/20 21:19:36
    TS & BS
  • Leprachaun999 2012/09/20 21:16:46
    I agree with him , not you. Or are you suddenly OK with Christian bashing?

    Christian bashing Christian bashing
  • mikeeonly 2012/09/20 21:05:30
    he's just disproved his own theory
  • exhon2009 2012/09/20 20:38:41 (edited)
    MIsclicked. Ban Ki Moon is full of $hit. Even my Korean wife agrees.

    Edited to add that under Ban the U.N. passed resolution 16/18 which essentially makes illegal criticism of Islam but not other religions.
  • Hawkeye 2012/09/20 20:06:11
    HA HA HA HA ..

    FREE SPEECH is inviolate,, it's sacrosinct,, it's the voice of freedom.. UNTIL and unless,,, WE disagree with you..

    THAT is the Free Speech of TYRANTS..
  • Hawkeye Hawkeye 2012/09/20 20:10:22
    THIS guy sounds like he should be from NORTH Korea and NOT South Korea..
  • EllЕ 2012/09/20 19:52:26 (edited)
    There is Fredom of Speech or Censorship.
    You can't have both.

    UN wants to be a "Censor" Police on global scale?
    It's time to dismental this monster before it's too late.
  • Gohmert Pyle 2012/09/20 18:36:13
    Gohmert Pyle
    Those who believe in Freedom of Expression are in the minority. There are many who would be willing to restrict freedom in the name of a "common good" or "moral decency". Freedom of Speech should not be restricted because it offends a person's religious, social, nor moral values.

    You have the right to your opinion, as do I. You do not have the right to stifle my opinion.
  • Brendakp 2012/09/20 18:19:49
    Sorry folks, it doesn't work that way. Can you imagine the chaos in determining what is "good" Free Speech and what is "bad" Free Speech? The UN needs to go away!
  • Studied 2012/09/20 18:16:12
    This is the first step in them trying to take away our freedom of speech. This is America, not China, Iraq, Egypt or any other coutry that bans free speech. If we loose free speech, we loose everything else.
  • rightside 2012/09/20 18:10:58
    Even if I don't agree with people, I respect their right to say what they feel. As long as it doesn't turn violent, I'm fine.
    If I want to disagree with someone, I'll do it. Don't try to stop me.
  • us 2012/09/20 17:55:25
    I believe free speech, but I do believe people have personal responsibility to respect other, but we can not stop free speech.
  • fishgod3 2012/09/20 17:53:57
    I will never agree with the UN on anything. Korean "police action" put me on disability.Now they want to take my guns,limit my speech,own the continental shelf of the US and dictate where and how much fishermen can take from the oceans.NWO can kiss my fuzzy butt.
  • Pedro Doller ~Inc. 2012/09/20 17:48:33
    Pedro Doller ~Inc.
    When do I get to vote in the United Nations Elaections?
  • zionosphere 2012/09/20 17:12:42
    This is nothing more, nothing less than a thinly-veiled law to prevent non-Muslims from blaspheming. The rest of the world can shut up while Muslims can continue to chant death to democracy, death to our countries, death to our religions.

    In the above quote, he demonstrates that he really doesn't believe in free speech, since it is superseded by his religious beliefs.

  • zionosp... zionosp... 2012/09/20 17:15:08
    Also, the wording of this question is going to end up with people choosing agree or disagree when they have the same opinion. I just went with the flow.
  • beavith1 2012/09/20 16:41:45
    oh brother. then why have free speech at all?
  • 4570GOVT 2012/09/20 16:41:19
    No Matter How Disgusting , Free Speech Should Remain FREE . Only in " VERY RARE AND LIMITED CIRCUMSTANCES " should this right be violated . We can't pick & choose .
  • Sir_Smo... 4570GOVT 2012/09/20 16:55:39
  • Sir_Smoksaloth 2012/09/20 16:37:31
    Worst than hot air, it's bordering on dangerous...

    Free speech serves to protect the dissident voices, the critical voices, not to protect the unanimous (or the majority) point of view which by definition doesn't need protection...

    Seems like intimidation is an acceptable form of politics at the UN... Screw that!
  • 4570GOVT Sir_Smo... 2012/09/20 16:42:18
    I AGREE !
  • Lanikai 2012/09/20 16:26:43
    Free speech, is free speech.

    Our constitution doesn't insure that a person never gets their feelings hurt and never has to hear a prayer or a point of view they don't believe.

    Man up people, kick the UN out of the US and get the US out of UN membership.
  • 4570GOVT Lanikai 2012/09/20 16:42:41
    AMEN !
  • boo63 2012/09/20 16:21:42 (edited)
    Freedom of expression is just that.if you don't like it leave, turn it off or walk away. That is part of our cornerstone of America..love it or leave it
  • mike j 2012/09/20 15:47:36
    mike j
    What country is the UN Chief a citizen of ? Well, that may be great back in where ever he is from , so when in his country do as the customs of his country say that you should. But , if you are American , We The People have a Constitution that rebukes his personal small minded ideals. I would tell him (UN Chief) a line from that old country song " Mind your own business and don't be minding mine."
  • ronbo51 2012/09/20 15:08:06 (edited)
    get out the UN and stop giving $$$ to it.

    waste of money and its rife with corruption.

    they are so full of $HIT, i cant even bear to listen to anything that comes from them.

    all AZZWIPES! un sucks
  • 4570GOVT ronbo51 2012/09/20 16:43:44
    BRAVO - Well Said !
  • ManBearPig 2012/09/20 14:59:42
    and why are we still in the UN?
  • Lanikai ManBearPig 2012/09/20 16:28:52
    Because so many of our "leaders" believe in the NWO that will be headed by the US. Plus, NOT one of them have the balls to tell the UN to shut the eff up and get out.

    The UN owes NYC millions upon millions in traffic fines but refuses to pay, syaing NY should eat that as the privilege of having the UN there. Meanwhile, they are supporting known terrorist nations and demanding we agree to give American level welfare benefits to third world citizens.
  • 4570GOVT Lanikai 2012/09/20 16:48:17
    BUSH Sr. - Clinton - Bush Jr. - Obama are " ALL " New World Order Supporters !
  • 4570GOVT ManBearPig 2012/09/20 16:46:49
    It began with an idea as The League Of Nations and Woodrow Wilson . It failed back then and it is a BIGGER failure now . The U.N. is FULL of corruption and people who hate us .
    G.T.F.Out .............. NOW !
  • DuncanONeil 2012/09/20 14:51:14
    Actually it is worse than "HOT AIR". It is a direct attack on free speech!
  • Mark 2012/09/20 14:45:52
    He is trying to teach people to think before they speak. Good luck with that one.
  • change? 2012/09/20 14:44:47
    Tell me one thing that someone can say that doesn't provoke or humiliate someone else's beliefs? When you live in a society where people are worshipping God, Satan, Trees, Aliens, Themselves, Nothing at all, how can you say anything? The UN is such a joke. Freedom of speech should be protected, however, the freedom of expression should be guaranteed and protected unless it is violent. But hey, "we offended them" right? So no outrage over property destruction or murder....idiots!
  • Sayer Stewart 2012/09/20 14:22:54
    Sayer Stewart
    That is not freedom of speech.
  • whitewulf--the unruly mobster 2012/09/20 14:20:37

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