UK minister: Can't rule out intervention in Syria. Will this drag the US in to it as well?

CCRNRT 2012/06/10 17:55:12
I hope not
Maybe. No sitting POTUS lost election if we were in war or conflict
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LONDON (AP) - British Foreign Secretary William Hague said Sunday that
he couldn't rule out a military intervention in Syria, saying the
situation there was beginning to resemble the violence that gripped
Bosnia in the 1990s.

Hague told Sky News television that time was now "clearly running short"
to implement international envoy Kofi Annan's ceasefire plan in Syria,
and that Britain was already turning its eye toward what it would do if
the plan failed.

Asked if his government had ruled out the use of force, Hague said
Sunday that the country was "on the edge of collapse or of a sectarian
civil war so I don't think we can rule anything out."

is looking more like Bosnia in the 1990s, being on the edge of a
sectarian conflict in which neighboring villages are attacking and
killing each other," he added.

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  • sockpuppet 2012/06/10 18:35:55
    I hope not
    I think Obama will have to be very careful to avoid breaking our back with another expensive military maneuver that doesn't bring our troops home where they belong.
  • john Kills 2012/06/10 18:08:40
    I hope not
    john Kills
    The UK has it's own military and they can use them for their own missions. We have enough problems and debt and should stay out of any more engagements.
  • firebird 2012/06/10 18:06:30
    I hope not
    Keep in mind that UK is one of our very FEW remaining allies! ( thank to Obama we have lost several) We will be obligated to help the UK if they go to war.
    Also, As bad and as ANTI AMERICAN and as ANTI CONSTITUTION that Obama is it may not matter if he is sitting president during a war or conflict ! He has shown his colors one to many times and its not RED WHITE AND BLUE !!! ANOTHER FACT: Same was said about a GOVERNOR in a recall election as NO GOVERNOR WON A RECALL ELECTION... WELL FOLKS IT HAPPENED ! IN A DEMOCRAT STATE THEY REELECTED THE REPUBLICAN GOVERNOR !!!!! The WINDS OF CHANGE ARE SHIFTING AND BLOWING IN STRONG WITH MORE AWARENESS AND A NEED FOR CHANGE!!! KICK OUT THE WANNA BE DICTATOR !!!
  • CCRNRT firebird 2012/06/10 18:09:43
    You are right about our allies! I would hate to see us in combat again, I have been 3 times. This one doesn't involve us, the Arab world should take care of it

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