Two part question: A. Were you raised by your Blood Mother and Father? B. Are you more Conservative, moderate or Liberal on social issues?

CAPISCE 2012/11/24 13:44:47
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  • burningsnowman 2012/12/22 23:40:41 (edited)
    A. Technically both but my mom pretty much raised me.

    B. Generally extremely conservative. Don't care for Reaganomics though.
  • JET 2012/11/29 01:29:38
    No & conservative.
  • Woof 2012/11/28 06:52:34
    Raised by mother, grandmother and not my father at all.
    My grandmother was a republican, our family spoke about politics around the dinner table. We were exposed early to the dangers of communism & socialism.
    We were taught that capitalism is only one step away from communism, it can be a quick slide from capitalism to socialism and death which is Communism. Then we got to watch California rent control take over our rental properties and render them useless investments, controlled by progressives, socialist. By 17 I got it, Reagan came along and I really got it. I love reagan. He's the top dog.still, Alzheimer's and all he is still better than what we have now.
  • vis_viva 2012/11/27 02:58:46
    A: Yes, raised by both biological parents and they are still together
    B: I am liberal on most social issues.
  • EvilMonkey 2012/11/26 15:31:18
    Parents divorced at 6, raised by dad. Conservative personally, libertarian societally.
  • Ashley 2012/11/26 15:04:59
    Raised by my blood parents, conservative.
  • Mrs.B 2012/11/26 11:37:12
    I was raised by both my birth parents, I am much more conservative than liberal
  • CWOO10 - PWCM 2012/11/25 21:17:22
    CWOO10 - PWCM
    A: YES

    B: Conservative, unless moderate is the better choice.
    Liberal? I have not the full frontal lobotomy which is mandatory for a Liberal.
  • wolf sloan 2012/11/25 14:10:08
    wolf sloan
    A. yes B. moderate on most social issues.
  • P. Sturm 2012/11/25 13:04:09
    P. Sturm
    A. Yes
    B. Moderate.
  • Christine/Rest in peace Pet... 2012/11/25 08:35:39
    Christine/Rest in peace Peter Br
    Raised by both parents. Although my mother started out democrat and love JFK, over the years she turned conservative. My father always was.
  • Avi Rosen 2012/11/25 08:35:03
    Avi Rosen
    Yes, Moderate
  • HillaryLover 2012/11/25 08:02:13
    A. Mother and (paternal) grandmother. Parents were divorce.
    B. Liberal to Moderate, depending on individual issue.
  • ARMANDO 2012/11/25 03:57:32
    Raised by both biological parents. On a personal level I am more conservative, but I'm a libertarian so I don't let my personal views dictate what I think others should do.
  • jcadla 2012/11/25 02:34:41
  • DDevlin780 2012/11/25 01:35:16
    I was raised by my birth mother and father. I consider my self moderate and register as an independent.
  • Charles White 2012/11/25 01:31:42
    Charles White
    I was blessed to be born in a loving Christian two parent family home as well as having six handsome brothers and five beautiful sisters. Everyone in my family are proud to be Liberals and a Democrat.
  • jcadla Charles... 2012/11/25 02:36:14
    You really should think about the "Christian" label you put on yourself. Jesus never killed babies...
  • Charles... jcadla 2012/11/26 04:53:37
    Charles White
    Christ never kill anyone, but Christian have kills babies, children, men, women, death roll inmates and senseless wars. I am a Christian and I support a woman right to choice, handguns and high power rifle ban, life in prisonment and end wars.
  • EvilMonkey Charles... 2012/11/26 15:38:44
    So you are for killing the most innocent. Disarming and leaving helpless the law abiding. I don't care about death penalty, our system it might as well be life imprisionment. Muslims will be happy to subjugate us and make us dhimmi, so you can have no wars? When a country goes to war, it only takes one. If you don't fight, you are the loser. Who has a no war strategy worked for? Tibet?
  • Charles... EvilMonkey 2012/11/26 21:56:00
    Charles White
    Killing is killing all life is valuable. The so called "laws abiding citizens" are kill everyday by someother law abiding citizens. The death penalty should be banned. There is no winners in war just losers, innocent people die just so some elite group can get their EGO stroke and control other people property. Why can't people on this planet just come together, respect each other support each other??? There is enough resources on this planet far all of us to share and live a productive happy save life.
  • EvilMonkey Charles... 2012/11/28 16:45:30
    Too many people in this world want to take what isn't theirs. Big governments are greedy, just look at how a politician like Obama talks about giving wealthy people tax breaks, he's not giving them anything. If I don't rob you in a dark alley, I didn't give you the money thats still in your wallet. How can you justify killing the unborn babies by the millions but preserve the lives of unrepentant killers, and then tell me all life is valuable? History disagrees with you about there being no winners in war. Defeating the Axis powers in World War 2 made the United States a hyper power in the world. Our GDP after the war grew to become half the entire worlds economy even our enemies during the cold war based their currency on the Dollar. Law abiding citizens don't use their guns on other law abiding citizens. Nearly all violent gun crimes are commited by criminal with previous felony convictions which would prevent them from legally owning a firearm. The fact about gun crimes in the US are readily available. Crime statistics correlated with gun ownership stats show that where more guns are owned fewer crimes occur, including gun crimes. The heaviest number of gun crimes happen in communities with the most strict gun control laws. NY, NJ, Chicago, Washington DC are the most restrictive to your gun rights and they have the most violent crime.
  • Charles... EvilMonkey 2012/11/28 21:10:14
    Charles White
    Again, not everything is about President Obama. President Obama want to raise taxes on millionaire and billionaire and not give them tax breaks but to close loops holes in the tax codes that benefits the rich. President Obama want to lower taxes on the working class and give the working class benefits to stimulate the economy. I am not here to judge any one, I am here to tell the people the true about Yahweh love for them. It is Yahweh job to bring judgement upon those who break his law. Men, women and children are killed everyday by a family member, friend, co-workers and stranger either by accident or over some stupid. About world war one and two, American became a superpower, more like an empire and like all great empire our spot at the top is fading away as we chat. America is the world superpower yet we are still at wars with other nations and our youngmen and women are dying by the thousands not far patriotism but far the interest of corporate america and politics. That why I say there is no winners in war. War do not create peace just more wars.
  • EvilMonkey Charles... 2012/11/29 00:28:26
    The power to tax is the power to destroy. You enslave others when you tax them and give the money to another for "charitable" reasons. Jesus didn't order us to give at the tip of a Roman spear. God doesn't use armies to compell us give to help our neighbors does he? Charity is given freely. Welfare is given for political gain. They steal from us to give to people who will vote for them, it is unChristian and unAmerican. Wars create peace when they are allowed to reach a conclusion. Have we had any Nazi suicide bombers? Any kamakazi's from Imperial Japan? Any rebels from the Southern States? We don't fight the wars against the people who support the armies that fight against us. We kill soldiers, sometimes a few civilians are killed but we haven't given them war, killed their children and burned their cities and towns until they have no stomach for war anymore. Total war solves the problem. Surgical strikes and commando raids leave a festering wound we will be forced to fight again. We are too kindhearted and it causes prolonged misery not peace, war comes because the enemy sees us as weak.
  • Woof Charles... 2012/11/28 06:57:53
    Wars aren't going anywhere, its a nice thought but very unrealistic.
  • Erok 2012/11/25 01:10:21
    Raised by blood parents. I lean a bit more to the conservative side.
  • charles nelson 2012/11/25 00:46:25
    charles nelson
    Conservative blood, liberal heart.
  • illinoyed 2012/11/25 00:23:20
    Raised by blood mother and father.

    Liberal to moderate on social issues.
  • Mytstar ~PWCM~JLA 2012/11/24 23:42:02
    Mytstar ~PWCM~JLA
    Raised by my Blood parents... although ... I didnt know until I was about 27 or 28 that my father was not my blood father... I would say that I tend to be on the conservative side
  • realityjunkie 2012/11/24 22:43:00
    Raise by blood parents and I am liberal on social issues.
  • User Deactivated 2012/11/24 22:32:20
    User Deactivated
    Raised by natural parents. Mostly a fiscal conservative, social conservative, minus the new conservative tendency to try to enforce their beliefs by rule of law.
  • Mamaknows 2012/11/24 22:14:08
    I was raised by my mom with a dead beat dad that I never met. All of my family is VERY liberal and during (very liberal)college I became VERY con and have been every since.
  • goatman112003 2012/11/24 22:08:21
    I was raised by my parents and became more conservative on social issues from my employment with the police force where I saw first hand what liberal policies do to the fabric of society.
  • Fashionable60s 2012/11/24 21:48:12 (edited)
    In my birth country, abandoned by both parents at age of 3, raised by various relatives, reunited with parents on and off from age of 11 to 16, then re-reunited at age 17 when we arrived en famille in the US. Didn't get along with natural parents, left on my own when got a 4-year scholarship to college. Was on my own until I got married very late in life. Never once relied on the social welfare system. Very conservative on social issues but am willing to help those less fortunate than I am to get them "off their feet" and to teach them how to be independent.
  • Kurt 2012/11/24 21:33:24
    yes, and depends on the subject.
  • lowcountry70 2012/11/24 21:20:02
    A. Yes
    B. depends on the issue. On Abortion Conservative, Constitutional Authority Conservative, issues like gay marriage I'm liberal.
  • Mike J. Hirak 2012/11/24 21:15:47
    Mike J. Hirak
    No. Conservative.
  • Claybern 2012/11/24 21:14:42
    A. Yes I was. B. Conservative.
  • Lulu's Mom 2012/11/24 20:26:48
    Lulu's Mom
    A. Yes B. I am more in the middle on most issues.
  • GOP Poison 2012/11/24 20:04:20
    GOP Poison
    Raised by both blood parents and dad was a union man as were all of the boys in the family and one sister. If my grand children ran for office on an anti union platform they could not get my vote. We are therefore social liberals.

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