Trump Backlash: Groupon Announces It Will Stop Sponsoring The Apprentice

Wilde~MoonChild ™ 2011/04/28 23:26:04
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BREAKING: Facing Trump Backlash, Groupon Announces It Will Stop Sponsoring The Apprentice

Potential GOP candidate Donald Trump has been peddling false and malicious attacks on President Obama. He gains much of his prominence from his prime-time NBC show The Apprentice. This morning at 9:30 am on Twitter, ThinkProgress urged concerned citizens to ask Groupon to stop sponsoring the show.

Dear @Groupon: Are you going to continue to sponsor The Apprentice and support Donald Trump + his malicious attacks on our President?less than a minute ago via TweetDeck support donald trump malicious attacks president minute nbspvianbsp tweetdeck nbsp Favorite trump malicious attacks president minute nbspvianbsp tweetdeck nbsp nbspfavorite nbsp Retweet attacks president minute nbspvianbsp tweetdeck nbsp nbspfavorite nbsp nbspretweet nbsp Replypresident minute nbspvianbsp tweetdeck nbsp nbspfavorite nbsp nbspretweet nbsp nbspreplyThinkProgress

Moments ago, a Groupon representative announced that, in the future, they will block their advertisements from appearing on The Apprentice website.

Read More: http://thinkprogress.org/2011/04/28/groupon-dumps-...

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  • CaliGurl 2011/04/29 02:56:10
    Good. The American public is smarter than these clowns that are publicity whores. Glenn Beck was dissed by his advertisers. Trump's are following suit. Why would anyone want to be associated with these jokes?
  • flaca BN-0 2011/04/29 00:09:35
    flaca BN-0
    First Glenn Beck and now Donald Duck.
    Ain't freedom of advertising wunnerful?
  • Phyl *In God i Trust* 2011/04/29 00:00:39
    Phyl *In God i Trust*
    So you now start in on Trump.Trump is a far cry to the other GOP you drive in the ground.Say what you want .Trump can win in 2012. He is not like Palin look how you did her. Here is one for ya TRUMP & PALIN 2012 .
  • Wilde~M... Phyl *I... 2011/04/29 00:11:46 (edited)
    Wilde~MoonChild ™
    I'm sorry that you're missing the point. Trump said China was raping America WHILE he gave jobs to people in China to make his clothing line.. but I'm starting in on Trump?
    Palin drove herself into the ground... every time she opened her mouth...
    Oh & FYI.. Trump won't run and if he did he wont win the general election...
  • Phyl *I... Wilde~M... 2011/04/29 02:45:59
    Phyl *In God i Trust*
    Trump has to wait till his show is over before he can tell everyone he is runing.I would like to here more on his plans on china.Thank's for telling me.
  • Wilde~M... Phyl *I... 2011/04/29 03:21:45 (edited)
    Wilde~MoonChild ™
    Its hilarious that you're serious.
    Since you're all for Trump/Palin .. what are trumps foreign policy? I haven't heard it maybe you can enlighten me. Also, could you tell me why you think he'd make a good president WITHOUT bashing Obama? This isn't about him....

    And I stick to my original statement.. he may say hes running but when it comes down to it... he wont. Romney has this general election over trump big time....
  • GOP Poison 2011/04/28 23:34:50
    GOP Poison
    While i don't think the loss of a sponsor will hurt the donald,if his show tanks that will hurt his ego badly.Do you see that Maher has bet Letterman a weeks pay that trump will run?
  • Wilde~M... GOP Poison 2011/04/28 23:39:36
    Wilde~MoonChild ™
    No I missed Letterman!
    Yea this may not hurt Trump, there maybe more in the future. Who knows
    Trump won't run
  • Phyl *I... Wilde~M... 2011/04/29 00:04:12
    Phyl *In God i Trust*
    Trump will win 2012...sound sooo good.
  • Phyl *I... GOP Poison 2011/04/29 00:03:00
    Phyl *In God i Trust*
    Cool good news.
  • Gยเtคг Plคאєг ( JFK Democrat )
    thats great news

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