Trayvon Martin Shown Holding Guns, Blowing Smoke– – What was it Obama said about Trayvon Martin?

Max 2013/05/23 21:48:23

Trayvon Martin horse

Trayvon Martin

In an apparent attempt to
smear dead Florida teenager Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman's defense
team has released photos and text messages from Martin's cellphone ahead
of a hearing next week that will determine whether they're admissible
in court.

BuzzFeed has posted some of the photos and text message logs, and more are available at the George Zimmerman legal case website.

Martin family attorney Natalie Jackson vented her anger about the release on Twitter, saying the defense team is appearing "desperate and transparent."

Last year, Zimmerman shot the unarmed 17-year-old

a confrontation in a Florida neighborhood. Zimmerman claims he shot
Martin in self defense and is pleading not guilty to charges of fatally
shooting the teenager. His trial is scheduled to begin next month.

The photos released by
Zimmerman's legal team appear to show Martin blowing smoke, riding a
horse, and holding a gun. Text messages discuss Martin's mom apparently
kicking him out of the house.

"If the state puts at
issue Trayvon, who he was. If the state makes that an issue, we get to
respond to that," Zimmerman's attorney, Mark O'Mara,
told the Associated Press.

Prosecutors have previously requested a gag order against

The order would have prevented attorneys from discussing evidence in
the case and opinions about Zimmerman's guilt with news organizations
and on social media. A judge
denied the request.

So far, the subjects involved in the case haven't been shy about discussing it.

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  • Bella 2013/05/29 15:40:22
    Where is the picture of Trayovn holding a gun? What's wrong with blowing smoke?
  • Shifting Piece 2013/05/27 23:46:38
  • Clay Slayer *Shotgun Guru 2013/05/24 15:43:14
    Clay Slayer *Shotgun Guru
    And Just how was he? seems like a pretty typical teen ager of 17.. how many teenagers in the USA smoke pot?? how many teenagers have held a gun? Did he have an arrest record. unlike Zimmerman.. who was arrested several times...I have pictures of many 8-18 year olds holding guns.. does that make them criminals???
  • Jeff Clay Sl... 2013/06/24 22:57:16
    I agree. I hate it when people try to blame the victim. I wonder what Zimmerman was like when he was a teen? An angel?
  • gvc 2013/05/24 04:46:54
    Why shouldn't the defense have the ability to show the real Trayvon? The media has shown us the child, let's see him as he really was.
  • HiYa 2013/05/24 04:19:47
    Of course those who support this murder of an unarmed, unoffending youth by a private citizen are doing any and everything to malign Martin, but they won't be successful because the facts remain:
    1. George Zimmerman was not a law enforcement professional.
    2. Zimmerman was told by the police not to pursue Trayvon Martin.
    3. Zimmerman chose to ignored a directive by the authorities, and pursued Martin anyway.
    4. Martin was NOT somewhere he shouldn't have been. He was visiting his father who lived in the community.
    5. Martin was unarmed and didn't approach Zimmerman.
    6. Zimmerman picked a fight and got beaten up by Martin, so the fat punk shot him. No real man does that.
    7. Zimmerman is a sad, racist, slob who will be prosecuted for his actions. While in jail I am certain, and not at all saddened, that Zimmerman will pay over and over again for killing that unarmed, teenaged kid. He will also pay in the larger scheme of things, because God is a just God. He sits high and looks low. Zimmerman will pay deeply for what he's done.
  • Jerry 2013/05/24 03:27:09
    ............ " .......... another upcoming murder trial, coming up........ the outcome for the Jodi Arias verdict......... unanamous decision........ deadlocked, hung jury, when the truth was that 1 out of 12 jurors, was adament not to participate in final deliberations, hence, the whole jury came back to the courtroom with a No, Verdict........ the woman that resisted continuing deliberation, the press reported, looked very much like Jodi Arias's mother....... coincidence......... { I don't think so } .......... " .........
  • Deborah 2013/05/24 03:13:23
    So what? he wasn't holding one when zimmerman murdered him, neither was he blowing smoke, and zimmerman didn't know what was in his cell phone when he murdered him. What does Obama have to do with this murderers lawyers smear campaign?
  • Souless In The Abyss 2013/05/24 02:55:35
    Souless In The Abyss
  • GoDucks5 2013/05/24 02:52:57
  • coolguy GoDucks5 2013/06/11 02:45:48
  • Katfish 2013/05/24 02:35:57
    Trevon on a horse is the only picture showing for me.
  • Herbtheman 2013/05/23 23:50:22
    All that matters is there is one less thug roaming the streets of Florida thanks to Mr Zimmerman.
  • EllaBella 2013/05/23 22:04:32
    please tell me how Mr. Zimmerman was aware of any of this information prior to murdering this kid? also, please show me some photos of Mr. Martin doing something other than what hundreds of thousands of other 17 yr old CHILDREN have posted on Facebook.

    there was an overly-zealous probation officer who murdered a 20 yr old young man not too long ago where I lived. this was the type of evidence that his attorneys put out there for the jury, facebook pics of the kid with a gun, the fact he was on probation for possession of marijuana, etc. I expect the jury in Florida is going to see through this crap just like a jury in Missouri did.

    but keep on keeping on there buddy.
  • Max 2013/05/23 21:53:31

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