Traitor in chief

iamnothere 2012/03/29 23:40:05
We have now gotten many conservative leaders to notice that Obama's so called "mic slip" while in private conversation with Russian President Medvedev was evidence of Obama's treachery. After our report on Monday former Ambassador John Bolton weighed in:

"American voters should ask Obama: What was it you wanted to share privately with Medvedev that you weren't willing to share openly with us? Is there something about us that makes us untrustworthy? Or is there something about your agenda in a second term, Mr. President, which makes you unworthy of our trust?"

Now that people on our side are waking up to Obama's true loyalties, we think it is time to start informing the rest of America. We are working on a television ad right now that will string together some of Obama's anti-American statements such as when he proclaimed in Berlin that he is "a citizen of the world" and his multiple apologies for his presumed transgressions of the United States. The point of this ad will be to ask the question, "Doesn't America need someone to stand up for us?" This ad will resonate with independent and moderate Democrats, the very people we will need to defeat Obama in November.

Click HERE and help us get this ad on the air today!

This ad will have striking patriotic themes that remind everyone about American Exceptionalism and expose Obama's belief that there is nothing special about the greatest nation in history.

I know that the election seems far off from now but in politics our ability to raise money now is the difference between winning and losing in November.

In 2008, you will recall that we had a huge impact, but Obama still won because we did not get started until September with our "Shock and Awe Campaign." If we get started now, we can change the direction of this race, and it is going to be bloody, I can tell you now that the professional left-wing in this country is pulling out all the stops to get Obama reelected and to hold on to the Senate.


The Democrats are well funded, backed by billions of dollars from people who hate America and many who stand to profit from our demise, but WE HAVE YOU! I have always believed that right makes might and saving this Republic is the right thing to do. If we all pitch in, Obama's strategy of divide and conquer will fail.
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  • Kim 2012/03/30 00:47:26
    I would say impeach the bastard, but it is too late for that...lets get him out and throw his sorry no good for nothing black ass in JAIL along with his bitch wife....

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