Tough Times for Radical Islam

SCOOP--RIP, MY DEAR MAX 2011/05/13 13:47:11
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  • jeane 2011/06/01 17:55:37 (edited)
    Just received this from a SH friend in the British Isle on Sharia/Islam:

    Sadly, I think it is already halfway there, partially. We are now goverened by sharia law already, although only the 'so-called-savoury-aspects.' That is a joke. Now they are agitating for the rest and our government will give it to them. They have already allowed them to have halal meat in schools, hospitals, resturants, shops.... in fact, none of us have a choice. They allow special consessions at swimming baths, shut it off for hours for them, do not have to wear a uniform at work anywhere, the police cannot raid a muslim house, they have to knock, take off their shoes, go into a bedroom where there are women, they do not have to submit to airport security, can ignore the laws and rules, and pretty much get away with most things.
  • jeane 2011/05/14 22:20:27 (edited)
    We have only just begun to fight. When I look at Europe I am deeply saddened. I know that they have only just begun to wake up - it isn't going to be pretty. Their resolve to take back their countries will have to be strong! I expect a lot of bloodshed because the Muslims won't give up control easily.
  • SCOOP--... jeane 2011/06/01 22:04:52
    If we don't wake up soon, we are going to be living under Sharia law in America.
  • jeane SCOOP--... 2011/06/01 22:07:06
    I have always thought of myself as a non violent person but I believe that I could do whatever is necessary to protect my family from this threat.
  • SCOOP--... jeane 2011/06/01 22:08:25
    I feel the same way. If we don't defend our family and nation, who is going to.

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