Top US Federal Judge Assassinated After Threat To Obama Agenda

steven 2011/01/11 04:25:25

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This is something worth taking seriously. Ever hear of 'killing two birds with one stone?' Maybe that is what happened here.

A Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR)
report circulating in the Kremlin today states that the top US Federal
Judge for the State of Arizona was assassinated barely 72-hours after he
made a critical ruling against the Obama administrations plan to begin
the confiscation of their citizen’s private retirement and banking
accounts in order to stave off their nations imminent economic collapse, and after having the US Marshals protecting him removed.

According to this SVR report, Federal Judge John McCarthy Roll
was the Chief Judge for the United States District Court for the
District of Arizona who this past Friday issued what is called a
“preliminary ruling” in a case titled “United States of America v.
$333,520.00 in United States Currency et al” [Case Number: 4:2010cv00703 Filed: November 30, 2010]
wherein he stated he was preparing to rule against Obama’s power to
seize American citizens money without clear and convincing evidence of a
crime being committed.

The case being ruled on by Judge Roll, this report continues, was
about bulk cash smuggling into or out of the United States that the
Obama administration claimed was their right to seize under what are
called Presidential Executive Orders,
instead of using existing laws. The Obama administration used as
support for their claim before Judge Roll, the SVR says, the seizing of
all American citizens’ gold, in 1933, by President Franklin D.
Roosevelt’s signing of Executive Order 6102, which was ruled at the time to be constitutional.

Should the Obama administration win their argument to seize their
citizen’s money by Executive Order without having to abide by the law
was made more chilling this past week when reports emerged from the US
stating that President Obama and his regime allies were, indeed, preparing to rule America by decree
since their loss this past November of their control over the US House
of Representatives, and in the words of the Washington Posts columnist
Charles Krauthammer: “For an Obama bureaucrat … the will of the Congress is a mere speed bump”.

Since taking office in early 2009, Obama has completely overturned
the once free United States through his use of Executive Orders that
asserts his power to put anyone he wants in prison without charges or trial forever and his right to assassinate any American citizen he deems a threat.

The most chilling of these powers Obama has asserted for himself, however, are contained in Executive Order 13528
he signed nearly a year ago (January 10, 2010) creating a Council of
Governors he has hand-picked to rule over the United States in place of
its elected representatives when their next “disaster” strikes and orders them
to begin “synchronization and integration of State and Federal military
activities in the United States; and other matters of mutual interest
pertaining to National Guard, homeland defense, and civil support

Going from the chilling to the outright scary, about whatever
“disaster” the American regime is preparing their people for, is Obama’s
Homeland Security Department, through their Ready.Gov organization, beginning to air this past week a public service television commercial titled “World Upside Down
that shows a typical family sitting in their home suddenly losing all
of its gravity and warning all who watch it to begin preparing.

Note: In our previous reports US Descends Into Total Police State As 2012 ‘Solar Chaos’ Fears Grow, Pole Shift Blamed For Russian Air Disaster, Closure Of US Airport and Poisonous Space Clouds Slamming Into Earth Cause Mass Bird And Fish Deaths
we had detailed some of fears the US government are most worried about,
but which they still will not be truthful to their citizens about.

Interesting to note about the assassination of Judge Roll is that it
is being blamed on a “lone gunman” said to be mentally unstable (aren’t
they all) said directed at a US Congresswoman named Gabrielle Giffords, who survived this mass killing, and that killed at least 5 other innocent people, including a 9-year-old girl named Christina Taylor Green “curiously” born on September 11, 2001 (9/11).

Equally interesting to note about the assassin, a 22-year-old man
named Jared Loughner, is that he is being described by the propaganda
media organs in the US as an “anti-government” type individual who prior to this mass killing is said to have left “crazed rantings” on the Internet, but whose “handler”, described as a white male between 40-50 years old with dark hair, is still being sought after.

The circumstances surrounding Judge Roll’s assassination by Loughner, also, mirror those of Farouk Abdulmutallab
(aka The Underwear Bomber) who “used cash to buy a one-way ticket to
the United States at the last minute while carrying no luggage and being
on a terrorist watch list. Incredibly, his father had communicated to
the US Embassy in Nigeria in November that Abdulmutallab had been
radicalized and may be planning a terrorist attack.

At least one witness—passenger Kurt Haskell—claimed that a
well-dressed Indian man had escorted Abdulmutallab to the ticket counter
and told a ticket agent that Abdulmutallab didn’t have a passport but
needed to get on the plane.”

To if this Loughner is able to join the long list of CIA/US Military
“mind controlled” assassins there appears to be no doubt as his actions,
past, present and future, shows his fitting the “profile” of these
maniacs as detailed in the massive lawsuit currently wending its way
through the US Federal Court system [United States District Court Northern District Of California, San Francisco Division Case: CV-09-0037] filed against the US government by hundreds of veterans, and as we can read as reported by the Raw Story news service:

“It’s well known that the CIA began testing substances like LSD on
soldiers beginning in the 1950s but less is known about allegations that
the agency implanted electrodes in subjects. A 2009 lawsuit claimed
that the CIA intended to design and test septal electrodes that would
enable them to control human behavior. The lawsuit said that because the
government never disclosed the risks, the subjects were not able to
give informed consent.”

To if the American people will ever be told the truth about Loughner
and his assassination of Judge Roll there seems little doubt as the
Obama regime is fighting with everything it has to keep the information
on these “mind controlled” assassins secret, and as we can read as reported by the Courthouse News service:

“The Central Intelligence Agency in January (2011) will argue for
dismissal of Vietnam veterans’ claims that the CIA must provide them
with information about the health effects of chemicals used on them
during Cold War-era human experiments. The CIA also claims it is not
obligated to provide the veterans with medical care for side effects of
the drugs. It’s the CIA’s third attempt to get the case dismissed.

“In a 2009 federal lawsuit, Vietnam Veterans of America claimed that
the Army and CIA had used at least 7,800 soldiers as guinea pigs in
“Project Paperclip.” They were given at least 250 and as many as 400
types of drugs, among them sarin, one of the most deadly drugs known to
man, amphetamines, barbiturates, mustard gas, phosgene gas and LSD.

Among the project’s goals were to control human behavior, develop
drugs that would cause confusion, promote weakness or temporarily cause
loss of hearing or vision, create a drug to induce hypnosis and identify
drugs that could enhance a person’s ability to withstand torture.

The veterans say that some of the soldiers died, and others suffered
grand mal seizures, epileptic seizures and paranoia. The veterans say
the CIA promised in the 1970s to compensate those who were made guinea
pigs, but the 2009 complaint states that the government “never made a
sincere effort to locate the survivors.”

In its 32-page motion to dismiss the group’s third amended complaint,
the CIA claims it has no legal obligation under the Administrative
Procedures Act to provide the veterans with notice of the drugs’ health
effects and that the veterans’ notice claim “rests solely on state
common-law duty.”

The CIA claims that the law on which the veterans base their claim
for health care compensation stems from the Department of Defense and
Army regulations, “which do not purport to have a binding affect on the
CIA.” And it claims that the Defense Department “never intended nor
committed to providing medical care for service member participants in
the test programs.”

Based upon the CIA’s assertion that the US Defense Department “never
intended nor committed to providing medical care for service member
participants in the test programs” clearly shows their knowing of the
existence of these “mind control” assassins, like Loughner, leading one
to wonder how many more of them are out there, and even worse, when they
will strike next.

One can only hope that there is some “power” in America today able to
stop the madness currently taking over that once great nation before
all is truly lost, we hope it is much sooner than later for all of the
worlds sake.

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  • mavericky $$*gat*... 2011/01/12 01:15:36 (edited)
    As well it should. If Einstein were still alive, he's say you were a dumbass too.
  • THE LEF... mavericky 2011/01/12 22:22:53
    If Einstein was alive, he's say you're an idiot.
  • mavericky THE LEF... 2011/01/12 22:27:54
    Seriously, if you are going to attempt to insult me, you should try being original. Echoing my words back is pretty pathetic.
  • Account Closed 2011/01/11 10:30:42 (edited)
    Account Closed
    This site eutimes is a lying website, go ahead look through it, you will see some obvious lies like this one.

    This my my favorite, the Eu times runs a story about an Arizona Rancher being under siege, to the right is a picture that shows the rancher but the rancher is none other than Tommy Lee Jones, the picture was taken from the movie 3 burials of Melquiades Estrada.

    I now know where a lot of these so called stories are coming from by people on Sodahead, a good portion of the stories posted by individuals here under News and Politics are coming from this website, this site is given World News Daily a run for its money.

    Also noticed how many of the stories are supposedly are coming out of the Kremlin, people will believe anything.


    money noticed stories supposedly kremlin people httpwww eutimes net20100 three burials
  • JCD aka... Account... 2011/01/11 14:15:03
    JCD aka "biz"
    eutimes.net also claimed last year that the Gulf oil platform had been destroyed by a North Korean torpedo, and today "report" that Peruvian citizens in Lima have captured a UFO. Seems to be quite the right source of information for Right-Wingers.
  • Account... JCD aka... 2011/01/11 14:21:57
    Account Closed
    I question if they are actually right wingers, since I am a right winger, people who post this crap could be considered irrational, delusional, dumb, stupid, hell you name it.
  • JCD aka... Account... 2011/01/11 14:33:29
    JCD aka "biz"
    I just corrected my statement, but I have read several times comments by Right-Wingers using the same eutimes source.
  • Account... JCD aka... 2011/01/11 16:20:37
    Account Closed
    I have to and I pay it no attention after looking at the source but this one I could not just let go.
  • DanaR Account... 2011/01/11 15:02:24
  • Account... DanaR 2011/01/11 16:22:35
    Account Closed
    I disagree with some of the Presidents policies but I am not about to call the President a murder or conspirator.
  • DanaR Account... 2011/01/11 17:12:33
  • Account... DanaR 2011/01/11 19:35:15
    Account Closed
    Pot calling the kettle black? It is people like you on the far side of Conservatives who can't debate coherently and resort to lies propaganda misinformation anything to get your way. I would never consider anyone like you a Conservative you soil the name.
  • DanaR Account... 2011/01/11 22:33:16
  • Account... DanaR 2011/01/11 22:45:37
    Account Closed
    I'm leftist? Sorry far from it. But I do know an instigator of misinformation and lies and that is you. Don't you have a picture of Joseph Goebbels you need to hug, please quit calling yourself a conservative your anything but.
  • DanaR Account... 2011/01/11 23:14:10
  • Account... DanaR 2011/01/11 23:52:05
    Account Closed
    I'm not but I do know a fascist when I'm talking to one.
  • DanaR Account... 2011/01/12 02:39:08
  • THE LEF... Account... 2011/01/11 15:25:30
    Moderated. Hate talk.
  • DanaR Account... 2011/01/11 15:00:17
  • Account... DanaR 2011/01/11 16:28:07
    Account Closed
    Yes I do, if you are talking about that site using Tommy Lee Jones as the rancher I most certainly do.

    talking site tommy lee jones rancher
  • DanaR Account... 2011/01/11 17:13:26
  • peggy c... Account... 2011/01/11 15:40:15
    peggy collins
    Even Tommy Lee is looking smirky at this one!
  • DanaR Account... 2011/01/11 22:31:05
  • Account... DanaR 2011/01/11 22:53:30
    Account Closed
    Why do you call me a leftist, I am a conservative, but unlike you I am a very educated conservative, now go back and read weekly world news for your daily reports.

    conservative educated conservative read weekly world news daily reports weekly world news
  • DanaR Account... 2011/01/11 23:15:18
  • Account... DanaR 2011/01/11 23:54:37
    Account Closed
    What lies? Pointing out to you we do not need to be lying about someone to promote our goals, is that I lie, this post by the author is a lie and you are adding to it. You are as bad as those on the left for trying to blame the right for what happened in Arizona.
  • DanaR Account... 2011/01/12 02:40:09
  • Account... DanaR 2011/01/12 03:43:41 (edited)
    Account Closed
    Yes there are people lying on the left its obvious but why even put up a thread that is disingenuous and obviously a total lie like this one. Why do it? Do you really think Conservative Independents like me or even moderate Independents would be swayed or even believe something like this?
  • Boudica Account... 2011/01/12 16:27:46
    I'm loving how DanaR calls you a RINO. She'd be one of the people who's tried to purge moderates from the Republican Party and, in general, the conservative movement. Your statement about the website used in this discussion is correct. In any political movement, be it right, left or middle, there's no place for the use of outrageous lies.

    Thanks for the comment.
  • Account... Boudica 2011/01/12 16:47:44
    Account Closed
    Thank you, I appreciate your comments.
  • Boudica Account... 2011/01/12 17:01:09
    You're welcome; you'll learn I'm not an ideologue.

    I don't know your thoughts on the issue, but another issue that undermines the conservative movement is the birthers. This is a non-issue.

    If you disagree with President Obama's policies, there are ways to do it without bringing in all the dumb conspiracy theories we see floating around.

    I'm not a political expert but I do try to keep informed and vote for the candidates I think can do the best job. With my political views, I more often than not do vote for liberals but I appreciate the fact there's another side to an issue.

    What I'd like to see is the new Speaker of the House to create a true opposition party that is willing to engage in robust yet civil debate. We have important issues; let's work together to solve them.
  • Account... Boudica 2011/01/12 17:17:02
    Account Closed
    I agree with you I am a conservative but I am not a whacked up right wing nut job or a left wing nut job, the crap I see on here from both sides mostly on the far side of the political spectrum is a testament to the lunacy out in our population, its time for those of the left and the right who are "sane" to see this for what it is.

    BTW, Birthers are like the 9-11 truthers conspiracy theorist out to make a buck on the gullible.
  • Boudica Account... 2011/01/12 17:30:23
    I agree there's lunacy on both sides; the nation needs sane political leaders to step forward. I see it this way. The leaders of the House and Senate should meet with President Obama and Vice President and vow to remove themselves from the crazy rherotic. A better to put it is the four should be statesmen instead of political ideologues. That would go a long way, I think, to toning down the craziness.

    "Birthers are like the 9-11 truthers conspiracy theorist out to make a buck on the gullible."

    You hit the proverbial nail on the head.
  • Andrew 2011/01/11 08:57:10
    This is a rediculous scenario as the judge just happened to be at the location and the shooter could NOT have known he was going to be there and he (the shooter) was way too deranged to be this calculating. I am a conservative and those of us who make such irrational consiracy theories are not helping the cause of the truth. Stick to the facts and stop looking to blame liberals for this one as they shouldn't be blaming conservatives.

    GROW UP and stop playing the blame game!!!!
  • Revenge Andrew 2011/01/11 11:49:25
  • Latham Revenge 2011/01/11 13:46:03
    One of the kids favorite books was the communist manifesto, I have heard absolutly nothing about ANY tea party connections! What a pig you are to play this game you are playing!
  • peggy c... Latham 2011/01/11 15:42:38
    peggy collins
    And it is NOT FUNNY !
  • KennethJamesAbbott 2011/01/11 08:29:20
    Goodness knows I'm no fan of Obama, but I'm gonna have to see a good deal of evidence before I believe that Obama is secretly plotting to take over the country, or that they're got brainwashed, mind-controlled agents out there making assassinations.
  • NidStyles 2011/01/11 07:47:30
    Interesting situation we have in the US at the moment.
  • Gregaj7 2011/01/11 07:13:19
    Instead of "Where's Waldo", it's "Where's Oswald". Makes me curious as to who's next.

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