Top 10 Things Obama is Not Releasing

Welshtaff 2012/08/02 11:13:07


Joel Pollak of Breitbart.com released a top 10 list: Top Ten Things Obama Has Not Released in response to the fact that Obama suggested Romney may be a felon.

Here is a summary:

  1. Fast and Furious documents. Obama used executive privilege to save AG Eric Holder's behind.
  2. Health reform negotiations. Obama made back-room deals worth millions with lobbyists and legislators.
  3. FOIA requests. Obama is "the worst" at complying with Freedom of Information Act requests.
  4. Real White House guest list. Many visits are secret. Met with lobbyists off-site.
  5. Rashid Khalidi tape. Obama attended a 2003 party for Rashid Khalidi in which a lot of anti-Israel rhetoric was featured. Nobody is releasing the tape. LA Times story.
  6. Small dollar donors. Obama refused to release names of contributors who donated less than $200 even though he's accused of receiving illegal foreign contributions. McCain did this in 2008, why couldn't Obama?
  7. Medical records. John McCain released thousands of pages of medical records. All Obama released was a one-page doctor's note even though he has a history of drug abuse and smoking.
  8. Book proposal. Obama's literary agent said he was "born in Kenya". Why hasn't anybody released the original book proposal.
  9. Academic transcripts. Can Obama prove his merit?
  10. State senate papers. Obama never produced any papers from his eight years as a state senator. He says "they could have been thrown out."

Read More: http://www.reagancoalition.com/articles/2012/20120...

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  • keeper 2012/08/03 21:59:55
    I believe those are just the tip of the Mountain!
  • WhereIsAmerica? ~PWCM~JLA 2012/08/03 04:58:20
    WhereIsAmerica? ~PWCM~JLA
    Obama should put up or shut up.
  • Boris D. 2012/08/03 01:27:40
    Boris D.
    Obama is transparent. You can see right through him.
    obama transparent
  • Temlakos~POTL~PWCM~JLA~☆ 2012/08/03 00:19:56
    I'd like to see that stuff, too.
  • Lady Willpower 2012/08/03 00:19:02
    Lady Willpower
    Romney should release nothing until Obama releases all his paperwork, including his real birth certificate.
  • Welshtaff 2012/08/02 11:54:00
    Bill Clinton has not been a staunch Obama supporter as can be evidenced by some of his past statements.
    1.In 2008, he said Obama played the race card on him.
    2.SuggestedObama doesn't meet the qualifications threshhold to be President.
    3.Said Obama needs to extend all of the Bush tax rates now while Obama has been advocating increased taxes on the wealthy.
    4.Defended Bain Capital.
    5.Said we are in a recession.

    Dick Morris has a theory. Bill Clinton wants Mitt Romney to win.

    “I guarantee you, Sean, based on what I have heard from third parties or I have spoken to, that William Jefferson Clinton is going to cast his ballot for Mitt Romney,” Morris said. “However, he’s going to open his mouth for Barack Obama because his wife is hostage. They have her under lock and key as Secretary of State, and he is scared that Obama will lose and blame him if he undermines Obama. So he will do everything he asks him to do, and then he will jab him whenever he can.

    Read more at http://www.reagancoalition.co...
  • mal 2012/08/02 11:14:03
    Time for a new president..

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