Time to Get Out of Afghanistan

Alexander 2012/03/19 15:36:17

In the American Thinker this morning I explain why:

The Afghan mission is imploding, and the Obama administration is covering for Islamic jihadists. Last week, Marine officials revealed that a Marine killed on February 1 in what the Pentagon called "combat operations" at the time was actually murdered by a jihadist in the Afghan army. The cover-up of this latest jihad attack from a supposed ally is emblematic of a failed mission. It is long past time to end the mission in Afghanistan.

Hamid Karzai has said that he wants Afghan forces to take control of the nation's security in 2013, not 2014 as American officials are planning. Karzai is a scoundrel, but he is right about this, albeit for the wrong reasons. This mission is foredoomed. There is no clearly defined goal, and in any case, any goal worth reaching is impossible to achieve. There is no bringing democracy or humane values to a sharia state, and in any case, we already gave the Karzai regime a sharia constitution, so we aren't really even trying to do anything effective for women or non-Muslims or the freedom of speech or the freedom of conscience. We're fighting against an enemy that the vice president of the United States says is not an enemy, and that our client president of Afghanistan threatens to join. How long is this madness going to continue?

In ten years, American troops (through no fault of their own, although the same cannot be said of their superiors) have accomplished little or nothing in terms of establishing a stable and democratic government in Afghanistan. This is true despite the loss of thousands of lives of noble and courageous American military personnel who deserved better from those in command, and the wanton waste of billions of dollars. The Taliban is still a potent force -- so strong that both Karzai and Obama have made overtures to it. The Taliban's claim of Islamic authenticity strongly resonates with the Afghan people and provides an ever-renewable wellspring of material, financial, and moral support for these vicious thugs as they bomb girls' schools, music stores, and other outcroppings of jahiliyya -- the infidels' society of ignorance.

The Taliban are thoroughly repulsive and reprehensible, but Karzai's regime is little better. Two American administrations have spoken about bringing democracy and freedom to Afghanistan, and yet neither has been able or willing to face the fact that the foremost obstacle to those goals is Islam, which respects neither....

There is more.

Posted by Robert on March 19, 2012 12:12 AM by Robert Spencer
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  • skip 2012/03/19 19:55:49
    please send one fo mitt boys if we stay any longer
  • Roger47 2012/03/19 15:53:57
    Alexander, are you really Robert Spencer? I am confused. But as to the article, I agree. We should bring our troops home now. There is no way to build a lasting government from a nation of corrupt tribes who have warred against each other throughout all history
  • Alexander Roger47 2012/03/19 21:26:52
    No not Robert Spencer.
  • JoeBtfsplk 2012/03/19 15:53:19
    Sadly the Marine that alledgedly 'murdered' innocent civilians plays right to Obama's band.
  • Striker JoeBtfsplk 2012/03/19 16:26:08
    Yeah, MSM is making noise about that while never mentioning the stoning of 90-some muslim kids with too-long haircuts.
    We should never have gone to Afghanistan except to get bin Laden, not to engage in a war with no possible good to America.
  • Kane Fernau 2012/03/19 15:47:14
    Kane Fernau
    Obama will go down in infamy as the president that lost the Middle east.
  • Striker Kane Fe... 2012/03/19 16:23:36
    In Obama's view, he has "won" the Islam crowd, which seems to have been a part of his plan from the beginning.

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