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steven 2012/02/12 19:23:50
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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Arm Yourself

by Lynda Wilson
activists southwest washington saturday february 11 2012 arm lynda wilson
Holster by: Soteria Leather
Our second amendment is being attacked. On many levels we see anti-gun rhetoric that touts how guns cause deaths, that guns should be banned, that crime is going up. I find these statements to be rather profound. Profound and also not true. I’ve done a bit of research and found actual statistics based on fact (what a concept). Let me show you.

Regardless what anti-gun zealots tell you, there is a big correlation of gun ownership and crime rates. The more guns- the less crime. Seriously. In recent reports from 2010 (FBI), it shows a 5.5% decrease in number of reported violent crimes when they compared that to 2009. Even property crimes dropped by 2.9% nationally. Overall, murders have decreased steadily since 2006 from 15,087 to 12,996. Those murders cause by firearms (well, people using firearms) amounted to 67% in 2010 decreasing by 14% since 2006. An interesting FACT here is that while crime has dropped substantially, gun sales have surged. In 2009, FBI background checks increased by 30% over the previous year. (There’s a correlation to some occurrence about that time, just can’t think what that is). Gun sales showed a 40% increase in large retail outlets as well.

This last December, there was a record breaking statistic in gun sales and FBI background checks. There were 1,534,414 inquiries in November of 2011 and with a few days left in December, that record was broken. In just the last 6 days before Christmas, there were almost half a million checks. That’s a lot of background checks. Two days before Christmas, NICS (National Instant Criminal background Check System) ran 102,222 checks, which was the second busiest day in history. It was Black Friday the month before that broke all records with 129,186 searches. The next closest NICS check record was on November 28, 2008, with 98,000 requests. These spikes indicate people feel the need for guns for self-defense, says the NRA. The Brady Campaign (anti-gun) begs to differ. They think less people own guns. I’d like to see their research on this argument. Maybe it’s just something they just feel.

While we continue to fight state by state to keep our Second Amendment rights in tact, there are those states that are becoming even more lenient with their laws. Vermont and Alaska used to be the only 2 states not requiring permits to carry your gun. In the last year, Arizona and Wyoming have amended their laws to allow carry of guns with no permit.

In a recent Angus-Reid Public Opinion Poll, 85% believe the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution means that individuals have the right to keep and bear arms. Over half (51%) support the idea of allowing citizens to carry concealed weapons if they meet specific criteria laid out in the law. Of that 85% total, the average comes from the 3 different political arms; Democrats at 80%, Republicans at 92% and 86% Independents. With respect to handguns, rifles/shotguns and semi-automatic firearms, 73% think every American who is eligible to own firearms should have access to handguns, 72% access to rifles/shotguns. But, only 30% think those eligible should have access to semi-automatics. Personally, I’ll bet most who think semi-auto should be restricted are those that don’t truly know what a semi-auto firearm is. A semi-auto still only fires a single cartridge each time the trigger is pressed. It “automatically” extracts the spent casing and prepares to fire another. A revolver does not eject the casing, therefore is not a semi-automatic.

spent casing prepares fire nbsp revolver eject casing semi-automatic nbspBack to the states and their gun laws. As much as the Brady Campaign has tried to twist the facts to fit their agenda, it just ain’t happenin’. In the part of the USA that has the strictest gun laws, crime by far has the highest rate of occurrence. The area having the highest murder rate would be Washington DC. Go figure….. There are 16 murders for every 100,000 people. The next closest is Louisiana at 7.75/100,000. Washington state is 1.38/100,000. We can be thankful for that.

Interesting that guns are used 2.5 million times a year in self-defense. This calculates to about 6,850 times per day. So, consider that this means people use their firearms 80 times more often to protect lives than to take them.

I have to cover the ladies side of this as well. While attending the SHOT show in Vegas (conference for manufacturers of gun and accessories and outdoor gear) this last month, I was keenly aware how the gun industry is catering more and more to women. There were lots of pretty colored guns-pink, orange, sapphire blue, red. Many were smaller (easier for us to hold and maneuver) but still had plenty of firepower for those of us women wishing to carry concealed. The gun industry understands that more women are becoming interested in the 2nd Amendment. They have decided that they have the right (and the duty) to defend and protect themselves and their families as well. They are educating themselves on their firearms and the laws that go with them. (Right On Girlfriends!)

I’ve only covered a small amount of gun information that’s out there. Sorry for all the statistics, but I’m a nerd that way. Either way, it seems clear to me that the statistics back up the facts that there are more gun-totin’ people out there than some wish for you to believe. The more memberships in different gun clubs and foundations, the more concealed carry permits we have collectively will make it harder for the government to disarm their citizenry. We’ll just let them call our bluff.
Stay safe…..and remember….. When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

gun owner

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  • ScoutLdr 2012/03/13 13:20:40
    Progressive "scholarly" research into gun control generally makes two equally salient points: 1) the aim of gun control legislation is to control people (mainly disenfranchised minorities and the poor), not guns and 2) in countries with strict gun control laws, the use of deadly force is restricted to the police and army, as ordinary citizens aren't trusted to play any role (including self-defense) in maintaining law and order.
  • Bronti 2012/02/19 02:32:18
    When they make a gun that matches my Manolo's, then I'll buy one.
  • Michaelene 2012/02/17 12:59:40
    I have always been pro 2nd Amendment but chose not to own guns myself.
    Life experience changed my outlook. After being a repeat victim of violent crime, the last involving a good pistol whipping, I became desperate with the need to protect myself and my family.
    Anyone who denies that there is an orchastrated long term attempt to remove the right to bear arms has obviously not paid attention to the news. Not what is said on TV but the hudreds of bills passed city by city taking away that right.

    Then there's that unconstitutional UN treaty that I believe Obama will sign. His record on gun control speaks for itself. If he signs it, Americans should rally to have him removed from our house.

    God Bless the NRA for fighting for Americans rights.
  • ur XLNC-PWCM 2012/02/13 23:32:57
    ur XLNC-PWCM
    Nice find! Some people just flat-out REFUSE to understand. Cops carry guns and believe it or not....they do NOT carry them to protect the citizen....they carry them because there are people that the cops encounter routinely, that would be delighted to bring harm to the cop. Cops are usually too far distant to be of assistance when a citizen is being confronted by a bad guy. It's too bad, but cops have been relegated to the tasks of 'investigator and revenuer'. They are hardly ever on-site while the criminal is "CRIMINALIZING"!
  • Patric ur XLNC... 2012/02/15 12:30:26
    police , in Pa. , have NO legal responsibility to protect us.

    the police do not have to come to your , my , our aid in time of need..

    that is the law,,, personal protection is a personal responsibility..
  • ur XLNC... Patric 2012/02/15 14:47:32
    ur XLNC-PWCM
    'ZATLY! AND more effective!
  • Patric Patric 2012/02/17 11:14:21
    and just for the one's on the fence post about firearms...

    police carry a firearm .... to protect them selves..

    not you,,, not me ,, not your next door neighbor ,,

    the Glock on his / her hip ... is for their own personal protection...it is a tough world out there , and the police officer personal protection is the first thing they think of...

    the same reason for my 1911, my safety
  • HL 2012/02/13 20:16:24
    You guys can have all the guns you want, just remember you make a mistake and shoot someone that was inocent, you may end up in a place that the only people that have guns are the guards to keep your azz in prison. And if someone wants to get you they will no matter how armed you are, it's best to know how to defend yourself without weapons because they can be used in the outside and in the inside.
  • steven HL 2012/02/13 23:10:35
    Did you note the statistic that arms are used 80 times MORE to PROTECT life than to take it?
  • Kara 2012/02/13 11:22:29
  • LAAD Gunner - USMC 2012/02/13 08:08:06
    LAAD Gunner - USMC
    Once again Steven, great great post my friend. Awesome job. Personally I don't think there's been a time in American history when every American needs to be armed more than now.

    When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When people fear the government, there is tyranny. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.
    Thomas Jefferson

    That statement will remain forever true.
  • steven LAAD Gu... 2012/02/13 23:13:33
    Jefferson knew human nature. He advocated an overthrow of government every twenty years and said that when you go for a walk, take your closest friend--your firearm. AQs for the post, it isn't my words, but it is my sentiment.
  • TheTruth1313 2012/02/13 06:36:31
    or be prepared at the very least.
  • aneed2know 2012/02/13 05:14:20
    What a bunch of BS no one is talking about taking your guns, no one is saying you cant on guns, so where are you getting this crap? Now if you are affraid that people are talking about guns and the harm they cause just admit it and say " hey any talk about guns is out of bounds" but then you will have some problems because the first admendment grants freedom of speech it does not say some speech, but you are not talking about taking away people's right to speech, are you?

    Or maybe this will be the next red herring issue that the right will lose, since they cant win on National Defense, and it looks like the economy is turning around, it just seems to me that republicans cant win without bringing out the old faithfulls like, abortion, Birth Control, Gays and now Gun laws, wow this is when you know the right is scared, you arent scared are you?
  • TheTrut... aneed2know 2012/02/13 06:39:04
    In all fairness, both sides, (R) and (D) like to hide behind these secondary issues rather then talk about the truly essential ones. BTW, how have you been?
  • aneed2know TheTrut... 2012/02/13 10:36:11
    i am great, but the problem with your argument is no one is talking about taking away anyone's gun. So i dont understand why this guys or gal is posting this.
  • TheTrut... aneed2know 2012/02/14 07:18:44
    Glad to hear that you are doing well. I guess with all that is going on, people can get a little worried about the possibility of infringement of our essential constitutional rights(myself included-lol). BTW, always glad to chat with you my friend
  • steven TheTrut... 2012/02/13 23:25:03
    Liberty and protection of life is never a secondary issue. It is but ANOTHER ISSUE of concern when tyranny threatens to enslave us all to government and global elitists.
  • TheTrut... steven 2012/02/14 07:22:28 (edited)
    I'm not disagreeing with you, I'm simply saying that there are more pressing issues(economic, welfare, illegal immigration, etc) that the politicians seem to avoid discussing. I realize that we need to be ever vigilant to protect our constitutional rights as well. Oh and thank you for the friend invite.
  • steven aneed2know 2012/02/13 23:23:03
    I guess you've been asleep when the news was on. Several efforts have been made in DC and Chicago and Atlanta suburbs, etc. to reverse the takeover of personal liberties to defend ones self by use of firearms. If you think this is a red herring issue, you are more ignorant of facts than I care to address. Infringements (against the second amendment in this case) have been taking place for decades now. New York and New Jersey consider a BB gun to be an 'assault weapon'. Bans on magazine capacity and types of arms are common (and unconstitutional). Bans on types of cartridges are common. If a person is abiding by common courtesy and consideration for his neighbor, what does it matter if has a Sherman Tank in his backyard? He is not the man you need to fear. The one to fear is the one who would by fraudulent 'law' disarm a man or woman and prevent them from defending their families against armed invasion--rapists, murderers, thieves. When the police are needed, they always arrive too late. I do advocate handgun courses for all owners, however. As for you, I would recommend you bring yourself up-to-date on the attacks on liberty that occur everyday in our nation.
  • Theresa steven 2012/02/14 01:01:19
    That is what a well regulated Militia is meant the citizens are well trained in the use of their weapons!
  • aneed2know Theresa 2012/02/14 05:15:55
    Bull Shiat, it meant that we did not have a standing army and until one could be called up to services it is up to the malitia to hold the line, guess what we have a standing army and that army is funded way to much.
  • Theresa aneed2know 2012/02/14 07:45:20
    Wrong! Armies are totally different than Militias! Armies create soldiers. Militias are citizens first!
  • aneed2know Theresa 2012/02/14 08:12:17
    yeah so you say, yadda, yadda, yadda.

  • ScoutLdr aneed2know 2012/03/13 13:43:20
    The General Court moved with the charter to the Bay area in the summer of 1630 as large migration started. The first General Court (legislative session) in the New World took place on 25 August 1630 (ref. Records Mass. 1:73-4; Johnson, Wonder Working Providence, p. 37). On 22 March 1630/1 the General Court established the first military legislation,a simple requirment for universal military service phrased as a requirement for all adult males (except ministers and magistrates) to possess arms; towns were to furnish arms (and later collect the costs) to indigents (ref. Records Mass. 1:84). This law implemented a concept fundamental in England since the Assize of Arms (1185), and marked the first of a long series of laws attempting to enforce this requirement (for ex. on 12 April 1631 a basic load of ammunition was specified; see Records Mass. 1:85). http://www.history.army.mil/r...
  • aneed2know steven 2012/02/14 05:14:50
    Oh please, take that BS some where, no one is saying anything about taken away your guns, so please stop acting like a child.

    Hey Psst over here, gotta tell you something, guess what they are comming for you, better look under the bed in your closet, those mean gun takers are coming for you. Man grow the hell up.
  • WGN 2012/02/13 03:46:47
    I am a liberal who owns guns and hunts. I am strongly supportive of the second amendment.
    If you want to take away the guns, then take them away from everyone, police and military included. Then we would just use bows and arrows.
  • TheTrut... WGN 2012/02/13 06:37:32
    Well said
  • steven WGN 2012/02/13 23:26:50
    I agree with you. As that will never happen, we will then be making shivs from toothbrushes and spoons and eventually need to have rocks and sticks taken from us by Big Brother. When you get the MAN right, the world will take care of itself--fix the man, not the tools of defense.
  • reaper 2012/02/13 02:59:16
    all coming from a right wing blog
  • aneed2know reaper 2012/02/13 05:14:58
    yep and its all BS read my post

  • steven aneed2know 2012/02/13 23:28:52
    Sleep on, my friend. For as long as you can.
  • steven reaper 2012/02/13 23:28:11 (edited)
    If the same info had come from a government agency (it did, actually--FBI, did you notice?), would it make ANY difference to you? Go back to sleep.
  • reaper steven 2012/02/13 23:34:25
    it would help if there was links going with the story
  • Theresa 2012/02/13 02:15:42
    Yes if you can obtain a gun then get one!
  • Arinn 2012/02/13 01:16:22
    How many people already have them?
  • steven Arinn 2012/02/13 23:29:41
    Many more since Obama has taken office and women as gun owners has gone up dramatically in the last two years alone.
  • Arinn steven 2012/02/13 23:34:10
    Really? that is a lot. This reminds of that article where that young mother had to defend herself and her baby when someone tried to break in to her house. Did you hear about that?
  • I'm History 2012/02/13 01:11:04
    I'm History
    Sounds logical, but only to logical people, and alot of people arn't!
    Every time some street thug, gang member, or drunk jerk goes and shoots someone the public screams for gun control, and you can't blame them because their children are being killed. Our political leaders think by taking everyones guns away they can impact that problem, but my thinking is then only the criminals will have guns, because they get them now being illegal, they are already breaking the laws and they are still out there!
    So gun control would only work to disarm the innocent people.
    Hell if I were a gang member I would be in favor of gun control, lol, less competition, lol!!

    What we need is military convoys roaming the streets of the worst neighborhoods, so their people will be safe, and the gangs will eventually leave, or be killed off if the military stays there.
    Worked in the middle east while we were there, now it's going back to the old ways because we are gone.
    We need to hammer down on gangs and criminals who use guns for violence, because that is what will get our guns taken away, stupid people who don't care about YOUR rights!
  • steven I'm His... 2012/02/13 23:30:55
    I have to agree, although I hate to admit it would be needed in America.

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