Thoughts on the Feminist Movement - Why I Don't Clap along. By Lisa Giuliani Sott.net Sun, 01 Apr 2012 13:19 CDT

"Abe" 2012/04/03 00:29:41
Why do you think TPTB wanted women to go to work in the first place? It generated even greater tax revenues... but hey, nobody minds that the rich patriarchs so many claim to despise were behind the women's movement, right?

With MOM out of the house, the influence over her children slowly began to erode, and with it, the nuclear family - by design, of course. It's worked magnificently over the years for the diabolical powermongers at the root of it all. It has worked too well in their favor. Our families lose. We lose. Big Pharma wins. The banker wins. Psychopaths win.

Women think they're FREE now. What a joke. You're not free if you're feeding into an illusion. Big damn deal. We got the right to vote. So what? The vote is bogus. Rigged. It means Zip, nada, zero. but we've got the 'right' to pretend it means something and we're engaging in something 'important'. Yup, We're now equal with men. We're equally screwed. We're equally ripped off. Equally deceived, equally oppressed. We're slaves with richer slave-masters. We've traded the health and well-being and sanity of our selves and our families for the worthless promissory note that isn't even valued as high as the paper it's printed on. We've traded our own thoughts for THEIR thoughts, our minds for illusion.

We've fought long and hard for all these so-called 'rights' for women all these years, and the powerful 'women' at the forefront of this so-called 'movement' in the beginning were working right along with those rich patriarchs they so claimed to despise, and wanted you to despise too. But it wasn't just rich, powerful men they wanted you to hate. It was ALL men. And everybody calling themselves 'woman' burned their bras, marched off to work and left their kids alone with the TV... OH BOY. What great strides we've taken. Backwards.

The TV has been a TREMENDOUS teacher. We blame everything wrong with our children upon everyone and everything else but ourselves. Where were we? Chasing the almighty worthless dollar. 'Finding ourselves' at the expense of all that used to matter. The 1% didn't even give us a kiss. Gloria Steinem didn't give us a kiss. Men don't dare give us a kiss. Men don't know WHAT to do anymore. If you want to thank Steinem for something, thank her for the enormous amount of bullshit she exhaled right up our collective ass. Hooray for us. Now we stink too.

Have we found ourselves yet?

But HEY. No worries. All that damage to our dysfunctional families and our mentally disordered french-fry chomping kids is so easily fixed with a growing assortment of expensive little pills. All kinds of colorful little pills to fix us and plenty of 'experts' to tell us how wonderful we'll feel and how much we need them. How much our children need them. And the new and improved version of 'woman', the 'enlightened modern-day' mothers everywhere are scooping them up and making their kids eat this brain poison. We're pimping our kids out as guinea pigs to Big Pharma. Eat your pill and fade into that quiet, compliant Stepford zombie, my little one. Mommy is too distracted by her panic attack to deal with you right now. Mommy needs a pill and a drink and a nap. Meanwhile, Big Pharma is laughing. Cha-ching, cha-ching, cha-ching. And the so-called leaders of the feminist Movement aren't exactly screaming for us to STOP this. I don't hear them making any noise at all. Are they eating these pills too?

The bean counters are smiling. Cha-ching, cha-ching, cha-ching. and we must keep our kids on these pills for life, they say. Cha-ching, cha-ching. and WE need to get ourselves MORE pills too. Cha-ching, cha-ching. If you don't like it, well then, enlightened modern-day woman, go out and... USE THAT VOTE and change it. Only problem is, that vote of yours never really changes anything for the better, does it? You're not going to get the change you 'vote' for. You will get more ILLUSION. And your discontent will continue to grow, that uneasy, unsettled feeling in the pit of your gut that something is very OFF here, something is way wrong.

And HEY, while we're at it, let's just keep on sucking down the backwash that ALL MEN are the enemy, because that feeds into this Hegelian divide and conquer strategy, this socially engineered school of thought we've allowed ourselves to be herded into, that most of you don't even know exists, because you only think about entertaining yourselves, about gathering more dollars, about your appearance, about sex, about whatever Lady Gaga wore last night, and whatever your TV tells you to think. Most of you are too distracted: by your iphones, by stupid cell phone games, by the whole concept of the empowered whore, an 'ideal' promoted and encouraged by the fake Feminist movement and by watching these sluts on the idiot box who struggle with their image of 'self' while juggling casual affairs like they're in a circus. Women seriously relate to these bitches? And we have the nerve to get pissed off when men don't respect us? Try wearing some panties. It's a start.

But HEY. We have CHOICES now, they say. You bet. We've 'enjoyed' the choice of abortion-on-demand, and we've supported the institutions that want to kill our babies for us, for a charge. We support Planned parenthood, another one of our 'enlightened non-decisions'. See, now we can have sex all the time, not use protection, and 'take care of the problem' if the 'accident' happens. We have convenience. Planned parenthood has our backs, sista. After all, eugenicist Margaret Sanger had no love for the idea of women breeding more children. Oh, enlightened feminist woman, have you ever pondered the origins of Planned Parenthood? Have you ever heard the word 'eugenics'? Indulge me. Look it up.

The feminist movement is an illusion. More smoke & mirrors. Fronted by individuals with agendas once again telling you what you wanted to hear. Telling you what to THINK - about yourself, about your loved ones, about your role in this world. Redefining your purpose and your very essence.

The Feminist Movement only represents women who THINK LIKE THE Movement. It does NOT represent ALL women. Let's see how many feminists support my right to express ideas that run counter to their group think. Because they sure as hell don't represent women who think like me. I am no bible-thumping christian, and I am no deluded false political paradigm swigging 'Democrat or Republican'. The Feminist Movement does NOT support or represent women who CHALLENGE its group think or its agenda.

I am just a woman. I do not hate men, in spite of and despite any of the bad experiences I've had with men or because of the bad men I've been involved with, or because of my bad choices and poor decisions overall. And I am a mother, who has seen the negative effects of joining the workforce in my own life - and the irreparable toll it took upon my family over the years. I see what a lot of these feminist ideas have wrought upon the world, and how they've flipped this country inside out and upside down.

I don't think the trade-off was worth it. What have we really gained? More self-respect? More worthless money? A 'right' to a bogus vote? More meaningful relationships with the opposite sex? A surefire way to get rid of unwanted pregnancy even as we continue having more irresponsible sex? Wow. So many 'choices'. How impressive.

Men are so leery of women now, it's a wonder anyone tries to date us at all. But that's okay, right? We don't NEED to date men anymore. We can date each other. Terrific. And while that appeals to a lot of women these days, it does NOT appeal to me. So I'm left to navigate the screwed-up dating world, full of messed up, broken people who present themselves as shiny, happy, successful, shallow, perfect and plastic.

I really think women have been pimped out by the 'feminist movement'. Pimped out and suckered en masse and the whole family has paid the price. Our whole society has paid the price. Man, woman and child. The psychopaths win. What a fun game this must be for them. They never seem to lose ground. But we, the people, have lost something immeasurable. We forfeited because we refused to think for ourselves. We picked a fine time to do it... I am not and have never been a feminist.

The feminist movement does not influence my life or my thinking.This is another socially engineered pen I refuse to be herded into. Much has been broken, too many people have been systematically deceived, betrayed, ripped off and misled. Too many families ripped apart, children destroyed, minds shattered.

We are a country full of fragile, broken, apathetic, dumbed-down, zombied-out, unthinking people who don't see beyond ourselves, who do not understand ourselves, who do not know ourselves, who do not think our own thoughts, can't remember who we were and refuse to admit who or what we've become. If we can't recognize ourselves, how can we identify the problems outside of ourselves? How can we understand any of these things that matter and who is behind them and WHY and what to do about them, if anything can be done? We have become slaves with wealthier Masters. The Feminist Movement helped to destroy the family from within. Is this an achievement?

It's about that time, right? Time for someone to remind me, in no uncertain terms, of how far we've come.Yeah, we've come such a long way, baby. Cha-ching, cha-ching, cha-ching...

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  • Leah 2012/04/11 03:07:28
    To me, the trade off is worth it. I am a very strong supporter of the Feminist Movement.
  • Simmering Frog 2012/04/03 00:50:47 (edited)
    Simmering Frog
    woman s movement evil

    No single element has contributed more to the break up of the traditional family unit than radical feminism. No other movement has been more destructive to men, women, boys, and girls. The sexual revolution has exploited women. It opened the doors for men to have one night stands and for exploitation of girls. Feminism is evil.
  • "Abe" Simmeri... 2012/04/03 00:57:19
    Well said~!! Thank you. :)
  • Chase 2012/04/03 00:47:42
  • "Abe" Chase 2012/04/03 00:57:36
    Thank you. :)

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