This is the REAL Reason for the Rush Limbaugh - Sandra Fluke 'Controversy'

Balladeer-PWCM-POTL 2012/03/05 05:15:32
OK it's Manufactured..so what the Leader NEEDS to be protected
gas prices going up  highest Feb. since 08..no wonder he needed a distraction
It's Bush's Fault..always has been always will be
OTHER :(Courtesy of your Friendly Neighborhood Balladeer)
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During the reign of the second most corrupt president in American History....that's Bill Clinton to you JAKADs we learned about the 4 Ds


This manufactured outrage against Rush Limbaugh is DISTRACT so WHAT does the obama admin. need to keep the People from seeing and what are the bootlickers that comprise the Main Stream media conspiring to conceal?

Just This..
Gas prices: 'Most expensive February ever'

That's NOT hyperbole that's FACT That's News that's an embarrassment to the Obama admin and the rest of the socialists
They are hoping that we don't use the internet and establish that in 2008 gasoline on average nationally was $1.87 a gal and at THAT price the socialists were crying "gouging" and 'The president is owned by big oil"

The national average price for a gallon of regular gas rose 5.9 cents to
$3.287, motorist group AAA said Friday. That marks the third day in a
row that prices have risen, and brings the national average to the
highest level since October 2008.

THAT people is a 56% jump....so where is the outrage against OBAMA ???

lets listen...(crickets chirping)

we have a manufactured outrage a 30 year old 'violated virgin' wants John and Jane Citizen to finance her partying . YES I say MANUFACTURED. tell me how many of us in the real world have a complaint against some system or institutions? when's the last time any of us has been able to sit in front of a Congressional Committee and a camera to 'urinate' and moan? anybody? but a 30 year old law student CAN...especially at this time when it distracts from yet another failure of the obama Admin

Read More: http://money.cnn.com/2011/02/25/news/economy/gasol...

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  • teacham... Ev Rom 2012/03/05 15:54:20
    I think it goes something like this :

    Deploy our military to stop terrorism abroad
    Depend on the reason and decency of the American people - and remind them of both
    Defeat the threats to America, both foreign and ESPECIALLY domestic, like Alinskyism/leftism
    Defer all decisions to the wisdom of our founders, and to the grace of the Almighty - and be thankful for that wisdom

    I may be off a little, but those concepts define the service of the last truly great President, Ronald Wilson Reagan
  • Ev Rom teacham... 2012/03/06 02:00:23
    Ev Rom
    you forgot to include... lie to the American people
  • teacham... Ev Rom 2012/03/06 15:23:38
    President Reagan did lie - to the USSR ... he convinced them that we had created a satellite-based missile defense shield, and that any further nuclear missle building, as well as all the building they'd already done, was futile ... this threw their economy, such as it was, into absolute crisis and eventually caused the collapse of the world's largest, most repressive, and most dangerous regime ... so you're partially right - he did lie - but to our enemies, not to us ... since you're likely to support communists, socialists, and any other freedom-repressing form of collectist statism that comes down the pipe due to your inherent hatred of and emnity toward America, you probably didn't notice the difference ...
  • Ev Rom teacham... 2012/03/06 22:28:51
    Ev Rom
    he lied to the American people ALSO.
  • teacham... Ev Rom 2012/03/06 22:34:01
    thanks for proving me correct in my assessment of your character ...
  • Ev Rom teacham... 2012/03/06 23:10:46
    Ev Rom
    yes, your welcome, I Iike honesty.
  • Bella 2012/03/05 06:38:22
    It's Bush's Fault..always has been always will be
    Gas prices are just returning to bush era prices, $4 a gallon in 2008
  • Mel the... Bella 2012/03/05 12:06:44
    Mel the Witch POTL PWCM~JLA
    You really are not very bright are you???

    Gasoline up 100% under Obama
    ← return to Water Cooler
    By James S. Robbins

    March 30, 2011, 12:39PM

    Feeling pain at the pump? Gas prices have doubled since Mr. Obama took office. According to the GasBuddy gasoline price tracking web site, the price of a gallon of regular gas was around $1.79 when Mr. Obama took office. Today the national average is $3.58. The lowest average price in the continental United States is $3.31 in Tulsa Oklahoma, the highest is $4.14 in Santa Barbara, CA. Four-dollar-a-gallon gas has arrived on average throughout California, and a number of other states are headed in that direction.
  • Bella Mel the... 2012/03/05 14:20:36
    Life didn't start when Obama became president. When demand for gas went down due to massive job losses in 2008 the $4 a gallon gas prices also went down. Now that people are returning to work the demand has gone up and so the price of gas has returned to bush era prices.
  • Defend ... Bella 2012/03/05 13:54:47
    Defend Western Civlization
    i see more propaganda
  • Bella Defend ... 2012/03/05 14:22:42
    Don't like facts? Gas was $4 a gallon in 2008 until massive job losses reduced the demand. Obama's recovery has put millions back to work so the demand for gas has returned the cost to Bush er's prices.
  • Defend ... Bella 2012/03/05 14:46:43
    Defend Western Civlization
    No Capitalism has put Millions to work
    on GWs Last Day in office gas was 1.79 a gallon
  • Bella Defend ... 2012/03/05 14:55:49
    We were losing 700,000+ jobs a month at the end of GW reducing the demand for gas. It was $4 a gallon before losing all those jobs. Less demand reduced the cost (job reduction under GW) and increased demand (increased jobs under Obama's recovery) has returned the cost to Bush era costs because more people are working increasing the demand
  • Defend ... Bella 2012/03/05 15:19:46
    Defend Western Civlization
    i see more propaganda from the Jew Hating Obama Regime Americans know the truth and do not need your propaganda
  • Bella Defend ... 2012/03/05 15:23:14
    We Americsns lived the truth...massive job losses and recessions under GW followed by job creation under Obama's recovery. Reduced labor force = reduced demand for gas and price goes down...increased labor requires more gas consumption resulting in a return to $4 a gallon gas prices first seen uner GW. Americans don't forget that easily.
  • Defend ... Bella 2012/03/05 17:15:48
    Defend Western Civlization
    obama has not created any Jobs Capitalist have
    Americans know obama is a Terrorist Anti Semite
  • Bella Defend ... 2012/03/05 18:51:18
    Just last years alone...February_______+220,000 (gained)
    March.________ +246,000 (gained)
    April__________ +251,000 (gained)
    May.___________+54,000 (gained)
    June.__________ +84,000 (gained)
    July____________+96,000 (gained)
    August_________+85,000 (gained)
    September_____+202,000 (gained)
    October_______ +112,000 (gained)
    November______+157,000 (gained)
    December______+203,000 (gained)
    January________+243,000 (gained)

    Source bureau of labor and statistics...only right wingers believe in that mythical Obama.
  • Defend ... Bella 2012/03/06 02:16:01
    Defend Western Civlization
    thanks to Capitalism God bless Capitalism
    GM Shuts down Volt Production and Lays off 1300 employees
  • Bella Defend ... 2012/03/06 02:29:46
    America has socialistic-capitalism, doesn't work without taxpayer dollars. Obama's recovery is the best thing that's happened to the country.
  • Defend ... Bella 2012/03/06 10:10:59
    Defend Western Civlization
    America has Capitalism only
    Why don't you go tell the Cubans in florida how good socialism is i dare you
    Tell me about that wonderful Volt obama promoted
  • Bella Defend ... 2012/03/06 16:10:08
    It's very unAmerican to tell someone to leave this country just because you disagree. Learn a little Americanism.
  • Defend ... Bella 2012/03/06 16:46:28
    Defend Western Civlization
    Why don't you go tell the Cubans in florida how good socialism is i dare you
  • Ballade... Defend ... 2012/03/06 02:31:58
    Belladonna's reply to you make me want to say 'get out the waders the dung is getting deep in here'
  • Defend ... Ballade... 2012/03/06 10:11:39
    Defend Western Civlization
    probably so now the liberals are blaming rush for the VOLT being a Failure
  • goatman112003 2012/03/05 06:31:40
    It's Bush's Fault..always has been always will be
    Its Bush's fault as he didn't give out enough permits for oil drilling as this idiot won't give out any. Its Bush"s fault because while she was going to undergraduate he didn't ship her ass to Gitmo for the good of the nation as this idiot wants to anyone who speaks out. Its Bush"s fault he won the war in Iraq which this idiot gave up and they are killing each other again. It Bush's fault he said what he meant and meant what he said. This idiot apologizes to everyone and they walk all over him.
  • judge 2012/03/05 06:25:43 (edited)
    OTHER :(Courtesy of your Friendly Neighborhood Balladeer)
  • judge judge 2012/03/05 06:27:30
  • Wolfman 2012/03/05 06:01:54
    gas prices going up highest Feb. since 08..no wonder he needed a distraction
    Fluke will be forgotten next week. The price of gasoline will go up even more.

    obama fail
  • Ballade... Wolfman 2012/03/05 06:17:26
    let's hope so...i have a feeling (probably wrong)..that the Obama Admin will keep this farce going BECAUSE gas prices will keep going up...
  • Wolfman Ballade... 2012/03/05 17:20:59
    I'm sure that the press will help Obie as much as they can but I don't see a long story-lifespan.
  • Ev Rom Wolfman 2012/03/05 06:46:42
    Ev Rom
    The only reason I want a republican president is for all the new pics like this of him and his wife. LOL Newt and his Chicken lady wife would have been the best.
  • SunShine Wolfman 2012/03/05 07:41:13
    I forgot the fraudulent phoney political activist already.. what a show that was.. she even had tears in her eyes.. poor little sexmaniac thing..
    ah.. our friends know how to settle those things baby wolves and mother
  • Rodney 2012/03/05 05:53:37
    OTHER :(Courtesy of your Friendly Neighborhood Balladeer)
    Just in case anyone is interested. Historically, January, February and March are when gas is typically the cheapest because there is less travel in those months. What is it going to be April to September when usage goes up or December when is peaks again? But Barry says there is NOTHING he can do. Question, what CAN Barry do? Anything? Aside from being a major screw up that is?
  • Ballade... Rodney 2012/03/05 06:18:09
    good to have you back my friend and duelist...been a tad worried about you
  • Rodney Ballade... 2012/03/05 06:35:54
    I had some 'puter problems. Ever since I got hit by a virus a year ago it has been one thing after another.
  • Ballade... Rodney 2012/03/05 06:52:12
    Good to have you back
  • SK-pro impeachment 2012/03/05 05:45:07
    OK it's Manufactured..so what the Leader NEEDS to be protected
    SK-pro impeachment
    She's a fake and an obama plant to set all this up.
  • Brian Tristan MacQuillan 2012/03/05 05:44:38
    gas prices going up highest Feb. since 08..no wonder he needed a distraction
    Brian Tristan MacQuillan
    The Obama Administration wants gas prices to go up, and up, till they finally reach European levels of cost; they are an record as saying exactly that. Obviously, nice high gas prices would call for more government control of oil, and things that use oil, it is a very basic Boris and Natasha (from the Bullwinkle cartoons plan). And is just one of many policies that would move us toward more government controls.

    Of course if they can keep debates going on about nonsense, such as the government making religious institutions pay for birth control. That particular argument is one the Obama Administration thinks is a winner with the general public, and rolled it out to bring support for "Obamacare". There is a particular insanity to that line of thought obviously, and that is clearly demonstrated by the Catholic Church's reaction, as well as other denominations that are supporting the Catholic Church. But it can certainly draw attention away from the rising gas prices at this time.

    All bets on stuff like that doing much of anything are off of course, once gas prices get close to five dollars a gallon. But the Obama Administration thinks a game of chicken is a winning strategy, which aside from being insane, should concern everyone should it be successful, since that would give these lunatics another four years to continue their mission.
  • Ballade... Brian T... 2012/03/05 05:46:38
    I am impressed ..very well said
  • Brian T... Ballade... 2012/03/05 06:13:12
    Brian Tristan MacQuillan
    Thank you.

    There is something very disingenuous about Obama supporters who between 2001 and 2009 sounded the alarm about Bush43 being an overlord. Obama takes the cake on that, as well as many other categories (most corrupt, most left-wing, and so on).

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