This is a early picture of erwin rommel with his wife. why did the insane hitler have this leader of the afika korps, german general, and top leader killed.

yoda boy 2010/07/11 21:16:25
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  • TheJoker 2010/07/12 13:29:56
    There are a couple of reasons. As many people have already stated, there was a link between the Stauffenberg failed assassination & Rommel. He wasn't involved in the plot as many here have indicated, but he was loosely associated with the plotters. More than enough to be convicted in Nazi Germany. However, you have to examine Hitler's opinion of Rommel. He felt personally betrayed after Rommel's final actions in North Africa in which he attempted to save as many of his men as he could. & This was on the backdrop of HItler believing his top Generals were either incompetent or actively not carrying out his orders....... I mean, why else were the Nazi's loosing the war eh?!
  • Zuggi 2010/07/12 04:02:14
    Because he joined in the assassination plot against Hitler.
  • Anselmo1 2010/07/12 02:16:06
    He was in the plot to assassinate Hitler and had an impeccable image with the military and the German population. At one time, he was Hitler's favorite general during the war. Before the war, Rommel even commanded the troops to protect Hitler's headquarters in the East and West.

    He was even immortalized by the British as being the "Desert Fox". General Patton even read Rommel's book "Infantry Attacks" which as resource for battles. He was a superior leader well liked by his men and feared by his adversaries.

    rommels book infantry attacks resource battles superior leader feared adversaries
  • wolf sloan 2010/07/12 01:50:52
    wolf sloan
    I think he was involved in a plot to assasinate Hitler
  • Kronan_1 2010/07/11 21:36:44 (edited)
    Rommel had the respect of his men and knew Germany was in decline and would be defeated if Hitler were left in command. Rommel could have taken the Chancellery away from Hitler and negotiated an equitable surrender for the German people. He also understood that armies are for the national defence only . Not for an offensive war of the magnitude Hitler had undertaken.
  • Keith 2010/07/11 21:25:33
    As I understand, Rommel became a much revered German general among the average German enlisted man and Hitler saw him as an ultimate threat to his rule.
  • boboflo... Keith 2010/07/11 21:37:06
    well said. saved me typing :)
  • yoda boy 2010/07/11 21:18:16
    yoda boy
    i think hitler didnt care anymore who he had killed
  • Keith yoda boy 2010/07/11 21:27:01
    because Hitler became paranoid of anyone.

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