There's no getting around the fact that conservatism is evil.

THE SOCIALIST PARTY 2011/07/26 00:26:36

I'm old enough to remember that some of the very same kinds of people -- and in several cases precisely the same individuals -- who regularly invoked God to fiercely resist racial civil rights and women's equality a few decades back, are now thumping the Bible in a wicked attempt at keeping homosexuals from marrying.

They also believe young girls impregnated by teenaged date-rapists who often come from "proper" Republican families commit murder by wisely choosing abortions.

They piously see themselves as pro-life, when they aren't salivating to strengthen the death penalty, or cheering the bloody carnage of our latest aggressive war on foreign innocents (many of whom are pregnant, by the way).

And when was the last time they ever supported a living wage or the labor unions without which Americans would be far lower in those international quality-of-life comparisons than we already embarrassingly are?

Thank a conservative for the U.S. being 29th on this planet in infant mortality!

Wherever there's a greedy boss growing filthy rich by shamelessly exploiting poor workers, you'll find a gaggle of conservatives excusing it all with glorious free-market "justifications".

Or scapegoating immigrants to smokescreen their own complicity in social theft.

There are many such bosses, and millions of consequently impoverished toilers, which explains why a new baby is born into poverty in these United States every 33 seconds.

They'll also pump poisonous pollutants into our environment, cut corners on plant-floor safety, and sell us harmful consumer goods, all in a constant, shameful drive to maximize personal gain at the expense of public welfare and the common good.

Thanks again, rightwing reactionaries.

Imagine, too, their consternation if we ever got the single-payer, universal health care that's far superior to our broken medical status quo, and which greatly benefits the rest of civilized, developed humankind.

Conservatives want us to remain sick, stressed, and helplessly hopeless, just so private pharmaceutical firms and insurance companies in which they're profitably invested can continue making an obscene killing.

It's the same way with other issues, and here's a prominent example:

While incessantly railing against teachers' unions, conservatives also seek to scuttle public education, having the audacity to claim it'd be for the good of kids. Privatize our schools, they demand, because profit (their own) supposedly generates quality.

But in Finland, one of those terrible, purportedly "socialist" countries that Republicans love to hate, children don't start classes until they're seven. Nevertheless, by age fifteen, they lead the world in math and reading. What sort of system do they have? Yup, public...

And so it goes, ever rightward in illogic, absurdity, and unequivocal ethical depravity.

Conservatives are socially irresponsible, narrowly selfish, mean-spirited, bigoted, staggeringly hypocritical, sad excuses for humanity whose full measure of absent moral fiber is exactly what the Sermon on the Mount sought to rectify.

And yet they have the gall to consider themselves "Christian"!

Yeah, and Hitler was just a cuddly bunny...

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  • AL 2011/07/26 04:41:03
    Sure is nice when people try to get all the facts before they make stupid assumption,Because this guy never said he was a Christian or a real conservative either!
  • jackolantyrn356 2011/07/26 02:59:18
    You are getting scared when you start acting like this. .... The Norway Shooter called himself Evolutioinary/Pagan.. A Darwinist.... Now that is set. to talk Let's have you prove what you say has an ounce of truth in it. Sounds as if you are real LIARS.
  • Big brother 2011/07/26 01:14:49
    Big brother
    Right Wing Evil.
  • abubincrazy 2011/07/26 00:50:54
    Hitler was a SOCIALIST.
    And you bitches is crazy.
  • THE SOC... abubinc... 2011/07/26 00:57:01
    Hitler was a fascist. he was as much a socialist as north Korea is a peoples republic.
  • abubinc... THE SOC... 2011/07/26 00:59:14
    Fascism IS socialism.
  • AL abubinc... 2011/07/26 04:42:50
    And National Socialism is still Socialism as well!
  • AL THE SOC... 2011/07/26 07:11:38
    Have you ever heard the term Nationalist Socialist party before! Please note the word Soclialist.
  • sctvgirl abubinc... 2014/04/30 11:38:38 (edited)
    Socialist? No, Marxism is defined by class war, not race wars. He was the most powerful cult leader to ever do harm to a thought or belief system forever polluting it so that even the good parts have been tainted.

    Hitler was a master manipulator who used the titles and terminology of Marxism while eliminating differences in order to create an alliance between labor and capital in the form of corporatism – with the express purpose of preventing class war. He was good at saying and preaching one thing while getting his people to practice another. He was evil, a dictator who used the terminology of a political belief system to trick others into doing horrific evil that was in not way part of the belief system.
  • Freedom4 2011/07/26 00:36:13
    Yes, the democrats and socialists are all about stealing yet it is conservatives that are evil. What nonsense. By the way, isn't it the socialists that always end up murdering their own by the hundreds of thousands. That is what I thought
  • abubinc... Freedom4 2011/07/26 00:50:12
    They usually kill millions if they can.
    But I'm with you.
  • THE SOC... Freedom4 2011/07/26 00:50:59
    According to the CIA World Factbook, nine European countries place ahead of the United States in terms of per capita Gross Domestic Product — Luxembourg, Norway, Iceland, Ireland, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Netherlands — all socialist countries with very low crime rates.
  • Freedom4 THE SOC... 2011/07/26 01:14:25
    In reality our poor have more cars, bigger houses, bigger televisions and are more likely to be fat than the average person in any of those countries
  • Freedom4 Freedom4 2011/07/26 01:15:12
    Not to mention their leaderscome here for health care

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