The War on Apathy

irish 2012/02/01 15:11:46
The War on Apathy

Rick Bonath

Rick Bonath, Yahoo! Contributor Network

We have been led into a vicious cycle of apathy and we've welcomed it
with arms wide open. We've embraced little distractions along the way to
keep us feeling warm and fuzzy, safe and protected against our foes.
"We the people" have been desensitized to violence, death, destruction
and overall inhuman behavior. I ask you this, Why? From time to time the
people of an oppressed society must stand up. This is not a generic
message, not endorsing chaos or anarchy, not a blanket statement or a
sweeping generalization.

The United States was the role model of the international community
for decades and we truly stood for great values, morals and ethical
conduct. Something has happened in our glorious nation, something awful.
The people we elect aren't doing their jobs, they take 20 weeks off a
year, blatantly and publicly waste the money we're required to give to
them and they repeatedly with arbitrary power limit our rights as human
beings, not just as US citizens. We're told from a young age that we are
to comply with laws and respect authority, but where is the line drawn?
The answer is anywhere.

Congress has arbitrarily designated themselves as overseers of the
American people, but wait! I thought it was the other way around? The
knife cuts deeper than this, it goes as far to say that rational thought
and public descent is not only frowned upon, it is illegal. Freedom of
speech has turned into a feel good phrase, rather than what our
forefathers fought and many died for. We often over simplify our
problems, some things are just not 'fun' to talk about and therefore not
necessary. What on Earth has happened to the mentality of people?

Apathy is a war being waged upon us, it is an enemy with no face and
no name but rather than fighting it to the death we choose to embrace
because it is the 'safe' choice. We've begun fearing our leaders and the
people in charge of "order" instead of flexing our intellectual
muscles. "We the people" has turned into "We the consumers", numbers on a
spreadsheet as opposed to rebels on main street. Individuals in charge
of our safety have turned a blind eye to the people. This is like a call
center not answering calls, a grocery store not selling groceries or a
news paper not printing papers.

We are not the problem, we are the solution. We are not assets or
resources, we are human beings who demand a standard of living that does
not include skipping meals and being homeless. Darwinian Capitalism
promotes a system of greed, the requirement to step on the spines of
others to get ahead in this world. Dehumanization is not right but it
has become a requirement to be at all successful in this country. We
tend to only get angry when things instantaneously affect our wallets,
do we really want to wait until it is too late?

I say this unto you all, please stand up for your fellow people, they
are not your enemies but rather your friends. There are many good people
out there, and we are truly products of our environment and will act
like oppressed people and develop Stockholm syndrome
when we are perpetually restricted, too busy to think let alone work on
fixing this country. Let us change our mentality from victims with no
options to exceptional and motivated people who won't stand for fear
induced apathy any longer.

Be there for your brothers and sisters, so much good can come of this. Until next time..

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  • Autarchic 2012/02/01 16:11:18
    People need to quit treat these people as the Wizards of America. They are Americans that want a paycheck for doing nothing! They are only people not Gods.
  • irish Autarchic 2012/02/02 12:00:22
    well said!
  • Tom 2012/02/01 15:14:14
    Apathy now!
  • irish Tom 2012/02/01 15:24:58
    you prefer to stay in the matrix?
  • Tom irish 2012/02/01 15:28:26
    Blue pill, red pill, I get them confused.
  • irish Tom 2012/02/01 16:00:13
  • Tom irish 2012/02/01 16:11:59
    But do I want to go on eating perfect Filet Mignon, or start eating thing sour gruel?
  • irish Tom 2012/02/02 12:00:53
    lol lol take the gruel at least its real.

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