Donald Trump has the money, the celebrity, and the jewels to attack Obama, really the only person with any fame at all that has.
John Boehner (how ever you spell this losers name) can't(or won't), and if he won't stand behind Paul Ryan when he is attacked by the Hack In Chief..who out there will.
No one except the people of this country, who like on SodaHead, and, or any website, are attacked for speaking their minds. I don't mean the idiots that call for harm to anyone(but lord the left sure did it to B&C;), but one's that are outraged.
I think the party is almost over for our once great country. I think freedom will become a thing of the past, and our economy is going to crash. It can't help but happen.
And the people that did it, the politicians, seem to be bulletproof(both GOP and DEM)
I do not see a future any longer..if there is; someone tell me.. freedom economy crash people politicians bulletproofboth gop dem future goodbye USA