jt 2012/09/24 18:55:47
Obama administration totally failed
Romney will do a better job as President
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  • mrdog 2012/09/25 07:30:25
    Obama administration totally failed
  • gtorborg77 2012/09/24 21:43:11
    Obama administration totally failed
    actually, the first and second choices are appropriate.
  • dallasjoe 2012/09/24 19:43:40
    Lets see bebe Not a Voter, Watchers of the View Voters Millions of them You are a Pol you make the call. Four out of the Five Woman on the View will write you a Check Bebe has his hand out like a Pauper YOU MAKE the call!!
  • Mara Mi... dallasjoe 2012/09/24 21:23:57
    Mara Miranda
    Exactly what do you mean by "Bebe has his hand out like a pauper"?
  • dallasjoe Mara Mi... 2012/09/24 22:47:43
    He comes here to BEG for Money OK
  • Mara Mi... dallasjoe 2012/09/25 05:22:56
    Mara Miranda
    Israel doesn't realize it, but we're going to need them before they need us!
  • dallasjoe Mara Mi... 2012/09/25 19:30:37
    NO we will never Need Israel or its help..
  • Mara Mi... dallasjoe 2012/09/26 00:08:07
    Mara Miranda
    You see, Israel has God by them,we turn our back on them on them, God help us and He won't, that simple!!
  • dallasjoe Mara Mi... 2012/09/26 00:51:01
    Sorry to tell you this there is NO GOD NO SANTA NO EASter bunny
  • Mara Mi... dallasjoe 2012/09/28 03:03:36
  • dallasjoe Mara Mi... 2012/09/28 04:50:08
    Please no quotes from a fairy tale
  • Howler 2012/09/24 19:38:33
    Obama administration totally failed
    There should be a word to describe failing that exceeds "totally".

    That would be Obama...And it would also fit him nicely to measure what a disgrace of a human being he is.
  • No nons... Howler 2012/09/24 20:17:58
    No nonsense NanC...don't BS me!
    I don't know what the word would be, but this is the perfect image.

    obama epic win to epic fail
  • Sylmkael 2012/09/24 19:21:03
    What I think is ...
    There are too many issues. Trying to achieve as much as possible
    I would also think the President would have had a 'debrief' with Senator Clinton prior to the U.N. Assembly. Therefore his opinion is being presented

    It is an 'election' year so ...
    The U.N. Assembly is already being addressed but the public at large is not

    I would also think the President made a decision only after careful consideration on what needs to be represented.
    Nothing wrong with trying to address as many issues as possible from different angles
    .... as long as you have correct representation
    Bottom line he cannot be at two places at the same time
  • Ken 2012/09/24 19:11:44
    Let's see ... Obama chooses to meet with three attractive, adult women rather than a lying bore who pouts when he doesn't get his own way.... Tough choice isn't it? What red blooded American male would chose differently? Maybe a wimp; afraid avoiding Netanyahu will cost him the Jewish vote.

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