The very first slave in Virginia was owned by a black man.

foznots 2010/08/19 21:25:57
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Here is a little bit of history that you will not hear during black history month nor will it ever be taught in any school.


Anthony Johnson was an Angolan African captured and sold as a slave but held as an indentured servant by a merchant in the Colony of Virginia
in 1620, but later freed to become a successful tobacco farmer and
owner of an African slave of his own. However on his death in 1670 a
court ruled that: "as a black man, Anthony Johnson was not a citizen of the colony", and allowed his lands to be seized.

Early in 1620, Johnson was captured by slave traders in his native land of Angola and sold to a merchant belonging to the Virginia Company.[1] He arrived in Virginia in 1621 aboard the James. At this time he was known in the records as "Antonio, a Negro".[2] Johnson was sold to a white planter named Bennetto work on his Virginia tobacco farm.

During this time in the Virginia colony, the Africans were held in
indentured servitude and were often released after a set period.[3]
Many of the more fortunate slaves even received land and equipment
after their contracts for work expired. Bennet allowed Johnson to own
his own plot of land to be used for farming.[4]

In 1622, he almost lost his life due to a Powhatan Indian
attack on his farm. The Powhatan's, who were native to Virginia, were
upset at the advance of the tobacco planters on their business and
planned an attack on Good Friday. Of the fifty-seven men on the farm
where Johnson worked, fifty-two died during the attack.in 1622, 30
Native American nations attacked James town to defend the death of one
of their leaders.

The following year (1622) "Juana, a Negro" arrived aboard the ship Margaret
and was brought in to work on the plantation, where she was the only
woman. They were married and lived together for over forty years.[5]

By around 1635 Anthony and Mary were free, and Anthony changed his name to Anthony Johnson.[6]

Because Johnson had a servant of his own, he claimed 250 acres of land based on the headright system.[7] He is recognized in Virginia court documents when he pled for tax relief after a fire destroyed much of his plantation, [8] and in a case in which he contested the freedom suit of a servant, John Casor. Johnson won the suit and retained Casor as his servant for life, the first true slave in Virginia.[9]

In the tax-relief case (1653) the justices noted that Anthony and Mary
"have lived Inhabitants in Virginia (above thirty years)" and had been
respected for their "hard labor and known service".[10]

In 1657, Johnson’s white neighbor, Edmund Scarburgh, forged a letter
in which Johnson acknowledged a debt. Even though Johnson was clearly
illiterate and couldn’t have written the letter, the court granted a
substantial amount of Johnson’s land (100 acres) to pay off his "debt".[11]

In 1665, Anthony Johnson and his family moved to Somerset County,
Maryland, and negotiated a lease of a 300 acre plot of land for ninety
nine years. Johnson used this land to start a tobacco farm which he
named Tories Vineyards. [12]

After Johnson’s death in 1670, a court ruling set a precedent that
would be an important factor in determining the social status of freed
black men in the colonies. A white Virginian planter was allowed to
seize Johnson’s land because a ruling by a local court that said, "as a
black man, Anthony Johnson was not a citizen of the colony." [13]

Johnson’s children were only able to hold on to enough land to become independent farmers.

The forty remaining acres of Johnson’s original property was
inherited by his grandson John Johnson Jr.. He named the farm Angola, as
a tribute to his grandfathers birth country, but after an inability to
pay taxes lost the land. He died in 1721. [14]

Slavery was officially established in Virginia in 1654, when Anthony
Johnson, a black man, convinced a court that his servant (also black)
John Casor was his for life. Johnson himself had been brought to
Virginia some years earlier as an indentured servant (a person who must
work to repay a debt, or on contract for so many years in exchange for
food and shelter) but he saved enough money to buy out the remainder of
his contract and that of his wife. The court ruled in Johnson’s favor,
and the very first officially state-recognized slave existed in
Virginia. Johnson eventually became very wealthy and began importing his
own black slaves from Africa. [15]



Read More: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anthony_Johnson_%28Am...

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  • Stillamazed 2013/12/29 22:13:05
    He was not the 1st slave owner in VA. This was the 1st time the states court documented someone being designated a slave for life. There is a difference. If I have to explain then you aren't an adult
  • nhloons 2010/11/27 23:55:44
    learned this from watching Glenn Beck on fridays
  • foznots nhloons 2010/11/28 00:25:06
    It blew my mind when I learned it.
  • *Danno* JYD - SWMTPP 2010/08/20 21:36:50
    *Danno* JYD - SWMTPP
    I'll bet that makes 0bama jealous. /sarc

    ill bet 0bama jealous sarc
  • foznots *Danno*... 2010/08/21 02:34:05
  • *Danno*... foznots 2010/08/23 05:21:57
    *Danno* JYD - SWMTPP
    Think about it. Do you believe owning SLAVES is beyond 0bama? I certainly do not. ;o)
  • foznots *Danno*... 2010/08/23 08:00:40
    He owns us now.
  • *Danno*... foznots 2010/08/23 18:48:26
    *Danno* JYD - SWMTPP
    That IS what BaLack believes, but soon he will know what getting 'own'd' is all about. ;o)

    balack believes ownd
  • nhloons *Danno*... 2010/11/28 00:04:45
    We need to return to our founding fathers both party's it is the progressive cancer that has destroyed the blue dogs amd moderate democrats. we are Americans first not party's when it comes to doing the right thing.. www.http.//songoftruth.ning.com
  • foznots nhloons 2010/11/28 00:27:03
    Learning history is important to stay true to American values.
  • *Danno*... foznots 2010/11/29 03:38:00
    *Danno* JYD - SWMTPP
    Standing by your convictions is important if you want your values to count for anything. ;o)
  • *Danno*... nhloons 2010/11/29 03:37:17
    *Danno* JYD - SWMTPP
    You are in too much of a rush to throw out the bath water with the baby.

    Like it or not, political parties are the best vehicle to get decent representatives installed in our government. The TEA Party people realized that they would become irrelevant in 2010 UNLESS they infiltrated the party that came closest to representing their/our interests, thus we've managed to not only figure into the election results but also to get our people put in place within the state GOP leadership councils.

    Do I need to give you the link that shows the polling results of Conservatives being the BIGGEST voting block in America today, or to start a VERY lengthy discussion of why moderates ALWAYS fail in the end? BTW, Bush worked to be a moderate. How do you feel about him today? ;o)

    lengthy discussion moderates fail btw bush worked moderate feel
  • jerrbear 2010/08/20 01:17:06
    I wonder what what Al Sharpton would have to say about this?
  • foznots jerrbear 2010/08/20 06:32:30
    Funny you should ask because I happen to have a direct quote right here.

  • Hellno~POTL~RWAC~FUCU 2010/08/19 22:24:40
    They leave a lot of stuff out in history books.
  • foznots Hellno~... 2010/08/19 22:28:38
    Yes... They do leave a lot out of history books like the history for exampled.
  • foznots 2010/08/19 22:19:13
  • ImageBandit ~ American Patriot 2010/08/19 22:12:25
    ImageBandit ~ American Patriot
    this dosent prove that slavery is right (it is definitely not) it just proves that it isnt white mens fault at least not all of it so black entitlements are hogwash
  • foznots ImageBa... 2010/08/19 22:13:49
    Again, nowhere in that post do I say that it is right.
  • ImageBa... foznots 2010/08/19 22:17:13
    ImageBandit ~ American Patriot
    I know that - it is a good post - I like history - it clarifies things - they dont teach history now
  • foznots ImageBa... 2010/08/19 22:22:29
    In order to control the people, you must control their history.
  • ImageBa... foznots 2010/08/19 22:32:51
    ImageBandit ~ American Patriot
    that is true
  • ὤTṻnde΄ӂ 2010/08/19 21:48:19
    And that makes slavery okay?
  • foznots ὤTṻnde΄ӂ 2010/08/19 21:50:26
    Where in the above post does it say that?!



    Take you Xanax and relax.
  • ὤTṻnde΄ӂ foznots 2010/08/19 21:52:26
    You remind me of a hysterical child who makes up stories to see what kind of reaction they would get. You're not worth talking to.
  • foznots ὤTṻnde΄ӂ 2010/08/19 21:54:05
    Then why are you still babbling on if I weren't worth talking too?!

    Also, I dare you to disprove this fact... GO ON... I'll wait...
  • Phillip 2010/08/19 21:33:11
    The slave market was and is a Muslim operation, and the tribal chiefs were selling their subjects and neighbors for profit.

    Nothing much has changed in Islam or Africa in 400 years.
  • foznots Phillip 2010/08/19 21:34:57
    It may be 400 years old but it is new info to me and of course you will not see this taught in any school nor is it mentioned during black history month.
  • Green is a color 2010/08/19 21:27:28
    Green is a color
  • foznots Green i... 2010/08/19 21:31:44
    I bet they didn't teach that one in school.

  • Green i... foznots 2010/08/19 21:34:01
    Green is a color
    Lol. Nope, or atleast not that I've ever heard!
  • foznots Green i... 2010/08/19 21:38:08
  • Green i... foznots 2010/08/19 21:38:55
    Green is a color
    Lol. That is great!
  • foznots Green i... 2010/08/19 21:43:31
    Take and print that off and bring that to your history teacher and watch their head explode.

    Then to get them going even more, have them try and disprove it. They can't because it is a fact.

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