The “U.S.” House of Representatives Again Promotes Israel Over America

irish 2012/05/12 12:22:56
The “U.S.” House of Representatives Again Promotes Israel Over America

Eric Cantor speaking at the American Israel Public Affairs convention.

by Bob Johnson

In yet another sickening display of gutless obedience to the Israel lobby and the Jewish dominated media, the “U.S.” House of Representatives has passed
legislation which promotes Israel’s interests over the interests of
America and Americans by passing the United States-Israel Enhanced
Security Cooperation Act of 2012.

This treasonous bill was sponsored by Zionist and Israel-firster Eric
Cantor and Goy Boy Steny Hoyer. Only two Congressmen voted against it,
Ron Paul and John Dingell!


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  • Rick Armin 2012/05/15 04:00:07
    Rick Armin
    We haven't fought a war for America in at least a century. First we fought for Mutha England and now we're fighting for Israel. But, in the final analysis, I think they have all been wars to make the world safe for the international bankers and multinational megacorporations.
  • irish Rick Armin 2012/05/16 11:58:30
    you are correct!
  • Rick Armin irish 2012/05/16 14:08:31
    Rick Armin
    You don't have to tell me that, Irish. I've been fighting these bastards for 40 years.
  • DeeB 2012/05/12 13:05:30
    This will continue until the people stand up and put this treasonous government behind bars where they belong. They are not there for America and it's people and I think we all know that.
  • irish DeeB 2012/05/13 11:09:35
    exactly. america comes 1st or they are out of a job!
  • DJPanicDC 2012/05/12 12:40:37
    No shock our blind backing of Israeli war crimes are why we have so many enemy's in the middle east, and we send billions to isreal (which has national healthcare) well saying we can not afford national welfare

    The only thing I want to mention though is it is not a "Jewish " dominated media that is an issue In fact many Jewish in media are critical or against Israel(Jamie Kilstien, Jon Stewart )
    It is a Zionist dominated media that is the problem
  • irish DJPanicDC 2012/05/12 12:45:11
    exactly,thank you!

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